Valorant, ARB4 & Tienas - RAJA Lyrics

Valorant, ARB4 & Tienas – RAJA Lyrics

Looking at the world
From the eye of the Horus
If you were Alexander the great than I’m the Porus
Coming straight from the mud, like I’m a Lotus
100 Haathiyon ka bal kaise sakega tu mujhe Rok ab (‘I have the strength of 100 elephants, how can you stop me now?)

Dekh tu kaise main Ladu, (‘Watch me brawl’)
Tum logon se Aisa na Daru (‘You don’t scare me’)
Taru main jabse main Tarun (I am as big as a Tree since I was a Teen)
Pani pe chalu main Jaise main Varun (‘I walk on water like the god Varun’)
Chahe main jiu ya Maru (‘doesn’t matter if I live or die’)
Jo karna chahu main wahi toh Karu (‘I will do what I want to’)
Aata hai tu na Kareeb tu betе cheekh (‘If you come near me, you will scrеam’)
Jabhi tak katena teri yeh Jeeb (‘til your tongue gets ripped off’)
Better believe you gonna bleed
Pick up a seat, Get all your team
I’m the king of kings, Brother in arms in a Battle
You all gon die if you act like a Vandal
Bring the realm to reality from every angle
This is a public service announcement from
Mumbai to the rest of the World
I am a raja

I’m the Raja (‘I am the king’)
Bhidega toh uthega Janaaza Na (‘You will die if you confront me’
Tu meri taraf aa na (‘Don’t come near me’)
Aa gaya toh hoga fir Tanaaza Na (‘If you cross my path, you will create a strife’)
Yeh Bharatiye Bhaasha (‘This is the message from India’)
Fir Duniya sunegi yeh Tarana Na (‘Now the world will listen to this song’)
Cuz I’m the Raja
Cuz I’m the Raja
Put your back down on your knees, won’t you kiss the ring
Put your back down on your knees, I am the
Put your back down on your knees, won’t you kiss the ring


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