Deborah Omowumi - I Love You Lord (MP3 DOWNLOAD)

Deborah Omowumi - I Love You Lord (MP3 DOWNLOAD)

Welcome to wikilyrics, where we're thrilled to share the exciting news about Deborah Omowumi, a talented gospel artist whose music resonates deeply with the hearts of believers worldwide. Today, we're excited to introduce her latest masterpiece, "I Love You Lord," a soul-stirring anthem that will captivate your spirit and draw you closer to God.

Deborah Omowumi's Passion for Worship:

Deborah Omowumi is a gifted gospel artist known for her soulful voice, heartfelt lyrics, and unwavering passion for worship. She already had two songs blessing lives everywhere. Her music reflects a deep connection with God and an unyielding desire to spread His love and message through her songs. With each release, Deborah continues to touch lives and uplift spirits, creating an atmosphere of genuine worship wherever her music is heard.

"I Love You Lord": An Inspiring Journey of Love and Devotion:

On June 18, 2023, Deborah Omowumi unveiled her latest single, "I Love You Lord." Produced by the renowned Palmstrings, this exceptional collaboration brings together the distinctive talents of both artists, resulting in a melodious masterpiece that transcends boundaries and reaches straight into the core of the listener's soul.

The song "I Love You Lord" is an expression of deep adoration and devotion to God. Its powerful lyrics and captivating melody convey a heartfelt message of love, gratitude, and surrender. As you listen to Deborah's soulful vocals, you'll be transported into a place of worship, connecting with the divine presence and experiencing the overwhelming love of the Lord.

Where to Find "I Love You Lord":

Deborah Omowumi's single, "I Love You Lord," is available on all major digital platforms, including [list the platforms where it can be streamed or downloaded]. Whether you prefer streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, or downloading from Amazon Music, you can easily access this inspirational song and add it to your personal worship playlist.

How to Support Deborah Omowumi:

As an independent gospel artist, Deborah Omowumi greatly appreciates the support of her fans and listeners. You can show your support by streaming and sharing "I Love You Lord" with your friends and family, spreading the message of divine love and devotion. Additionally, don't forget to follow Deborah on social media platforms [list her social media handles] to stay updated on her future releases, events, and personal journey.

Her Social Handles:

Facebook: Deborah Omowumi

Instagram: Deborah Omowumi

Whatsapp: +2347063055278

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Deborah Omowumi's new song, "I Love You Lord," produced by Palmstrings, is a remarkable testament to her unwavering faith and her deep passion for worship. This soul-stirring anthem is set to touch hearts, uplift spirits, and draw believers closer to the divine presence of God. Be sure to listen and experience the profound message of love and devotion within this exceptional musical offering. Let Deborah Omowumi's inspiring music be the soundtrack to your journey of faith and worship.

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