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42 Dugg & CMG The Label – SOON Lyrics

SOON Lyrics by 42 Dugg & CMG The Label (feat. Arabian)   Tell me you love me (I got Hitman on the beat) Tell me you need me I been trippin’ in here everyday N**** in a box I ain’t shit without you Tell me you love me, you need me Nothing can change your mind neither On my way to Drekk, to beat, jet, twenty-five seater Can’t find her in Louis or Saks, shit, not Revive either Care enough to rub on her back, might put a son in her Fuckin’ her, she fuckin’ me back, I’m havin’ fun Anyway, where was y’all when I was distressed? Couldn’t put my head up Seventy-five drivin’ my best, I’m gettin’ fed up All these n***** wanna get blessed, havin’ they handout This is me, the five different bitches, oh, you my mans now? Fully made a way for the trenches, that’s why I stand out Nashville all in the kitchen, like where was you? Pressin’ down on Fetty with cut still on the spoon Soon, I’ll be back to my myself Soon, I won’t need nobody else Who gon’ be there for me when I need? Help me live, fulf

42 Dugg, Coi Leray & CMG The Label – Hold Me Down Lyrics

Hold Me Down Lyrics by 42 Dugg, Coi Leray & CMG The Label   Who made this shit? (TayTayMadeTheBeat) Me and Mozz’ gon’ ride to the Me and Mozz’ gon’ ride (Yeah) Me and Mozz’ gon’ ride ’til the wheels fall off Duffy doing too good, n***** stealin’ my sauce Told my bitch, “It don’t get no better than this” Forty for a verse, I want fifty for a brick I know, I know I ain’t stoppin’ shit ’til my n***** all home Still keep it on me, put a n**** on a shirt quick And you’ll never hear the truth on my hurt, bitch First off, fuck what I’m doin’ for mine How much that purse cost? Fuck who I put in that house, how much you worth dawg? It’s a couple Ms around this bitch And I got enough water to drown this bitch Youngin from the bottom, get it poppin’ Kept it solid, he the one now Came from bein’ stressed out, I’m havin’ fun now Right knee, bro ain’t had a license, he was nineteen And I gotta take the blame for it I was thinkin’ Hellcats, they thinkin’ Range Rovers And I ain’t gotta sell weight

Yo Gotti, 42 Dugg & CMG The Label – Dog House Lyrics

Dog House Lyrics by Yo Gotti, 42 Dugg & CMG The Label (feat. DaBoyDame)   (Helluva made this beat, baby) Fuck the judge, fuck the lawyer, bring my n***** home Write the plug, tell him I miss him, think I’m comin’ home Dog out if my bitch say I’m in the dog house Dog drought if my lil’ n***** movin’ dog out My bitch pissed off, she say I’m in the dog house (Dog house) Keep fightin’ that shit until they let your dog out (Dog out) A pill after pill, already blew a mill’ (Uh) Go broke for my dog, that’s how real n***** live (Beep) I’m on the East Side ridin’ in the Rolls truck with two FNs (Two FNs) Richard Mille, that’s worth two Hellcats and a CL Benz (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt) I see y’all haters, I’m lookin’ at you n***** through Cartier lens (Cartier lens) I DM bitches, like, “Fuck somethin’, ho, I don’t need no friends” Cuban (Cuban) two-tone (Two) Money (Money) too long (Frrt) Team (Team) too strong (I am) Way at the top where I belong (Belong) Dope boy rockin’ that Vlone, big bruh sm

42 Dugg & EST Gee – Can’t Be Fucked With...

This a young n**** world Free them boyz Yeah, n****, we them boyz No cap We still go on missions, call ’em walk-thrus, charge who I can still get you 80 for a gram my dog for We can not be fucked with Can’t shit fit in this car, bust sticks Bitch, the feds cannot stop none of this I’m cool with havin’ hoes, baby, I don’t want a bitch R Ms on my wrist, on my wrist 2 Ms is nonsense, I’m 5 in Forgiatos on my Benz My dime red Tell that hoe to give me space, word to my n**** Sed In the DM she screamin’ no pictures please Come and get her Y’all know y’all can’t fuck with these n***** Don’t call my phone Barely in the city, got used to hitting the road Tell my youngins send ’em, bitch, Doggy back in that mode I grew up blowin’ that pole, I know you n***** be hoes I’m tryna get me a A I’m probably sippin’ the A I know I’m turnt but sad, I ran it up off a mag Free Bandz, n****, free Tez My youngins know how to play it They catch ones we out Them boys ain’t gotta ride, what y’all selling? 95% of

42 Dugg – Of Course Lyrics

Of Course Lyrics by 42 Dugg (feat. Tae Money)   Bag touch, now rap bitches wanna act up Fast somethin’, I wanna fck btch like @ss up Six ten, ashes and this the big Benz Switched friends, I fcked ha, I wanna fck ha You cuffed her, gave her your last but I fucked first Top ten, too many dubs, I don’ dropped ten Drop pins, watch out for Shep and watch us show out You got yours, I got mine, let’s have a blowout I know why, n***** hatin’ on me but before I Slow down, I’mma burn this bitch up then Turn this btch up, three-fifty cash for like six months Bitch what? Get off my ass, I might take somethin’ Tripp saw you, that’s a neck, that’s a neck Apple had it, never gave it back, n****, no cap I was doin’ 80 out the trap, this before rap I retired killin’ in ‘010, you should know that But I’ll go back, shout out that pole, bitch, I blow that What’s up with cuz? What’s up with blood? I still fck with thugs Me and Wod, both out the window, “N****, don’t move” We want greens, I want blues, we b

42 Dugg – Whole Gang Buss Lyrics

Whole Gang Buss Lyrics by 42 Dugg (feat. 42 Cheez, REAPER & Tae Money)   Shit been crazy for us Still gettin’ to it Turnin’ shit up with the music Whole gang buss, ain’t lie the hoes, we gon luss ‘Cause there’s a lot of hoes, we done fucked Bro this dick on a huss Come through, shittin’ like Russ Plus I keep an arm like muss Big bitch, I’m a star See this plank flip on a car Fucking with this bitch in a bar See the blitz on a var Bet he won’t get to tomorrow Send a n**** shit up to Mars All I need is a car, I spin that bitch till tomorrow Know I got my hands in the dark I ain’t never did fraud Hey, got the address, switch the car How you wanna kill your own partner? I don’t need no bars This why I occasion, I park Pull over, fuck her in the car This a cat not a track I done lost it all, then got it back Doggy tellin’ me re-rack Man, y’all n***** soft This beef a walk through the park I do a drill as an artist Know I .55 my target This a locked beef, no bargain Thump a n**** down, d

42 Dugg & EST Gee – Gave It Back Lyrics

Gave It Back Lyrics by 42 Dugg & EST Gee (feat. Tae Money)   Bag touch Now rack bitches Wanna act up 5 sum I want a fo bitch Like pass em 6-10 Ask them Is this the big Benz Switch friends I fucked her I wanna fuck her You cuffed her Gave her your last But I fucked first Top 10 Too many deals I done dropped in Drop in Before I chop a shuttle Watch I show out You got yours I got mine’s Let’s have a blow out I know why N***** hatin’ on me But before I, Slow down Ima burn this bitch up Yeah turn this bitch up 350 cash for like 6 months Bitch what Get off my ass I might tip some Tricks on you That’s a nat That’s a nat Apple had I never gave it back N**** no cap I was doin’ 80 out the trap This before rap I retired killing in 010 You should know that But I’ll go back Shout out that pole Bitch I blow that What’s up with cuz What’s up with blood I still fuck with thugs Me and What Both out the window N**** don’t move We want greens I want blues We both want food Bro you a fool Think I ain’

42 Dugg & EST Gee – All 100s Lyrics

All my life I wanted to get money Tend these pockets, feel right, these all 100s Lose your life, no eyes on these bullets Black Glock 9s with the switch, you like fullies Last 4, 5 years we served our state Ten bows cleared, 10 green and raw H I don’t piece out shit no more, I’m into whole sellin’ I don’t really trip bout’ sellin’ records ’cause my dope sellin’ You just sit and talk bout’ how I live, now to my ole selly Send some shots and call somethin’ back, four in my lower belly One in my face and shit That’s why we’ve been facing shit Cold case and shit Takin’ shit I been taking risks Shoulda been richBut I pop percs and sip Free lil bruh, he burn up shit Night and day, Finn and K Chasin’ paper, leave E.K. All my life I wanted to get money Tend these pockets, feel right, these all 100s Lose your life, no eyes on these bullets Black Glock 9s with the switch, you like fullies Last 4, 5 years we served our state Ten bows cleared, 10 green and raw H Pints and weed, oxys, benz I sell i

42 Dugg & EST Gee – Skcretch Sum Lyrics

Skcretch Sum Lyrics Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah stretch sum Lately I been dreaming Puttin’ this heater on the next one Lil bro want me to sign him I can’t sign him til he catch one He say I’m the reason this shit is But then I stepped up Fuck whoever next up Tell em send they best one We gon’ send him back Holdin’ his hat with these compressed lungs God help me relax I throw 2 back Help my depression These n***** ain’t steppas They too sleepy And they messy eaters Ecstasy ass bleeding Tryna —– N***** wanna be rappers badly Ok cool let’s book a feature He kept hollerin’ screamin’ “Help me Jesus” When that choppa squeezin’ People need to learn how to take heat this time Cause I might not get you til I tool And all your people dyin’ I was quiet Puttin’ it on the line Every day for mine N*****, bitches All on IG lyin’ No that thing slidin’ You ain’t never run or walk nothin’ down Bitches sum to rhyme Ask about me way before I sign I patch with a 9 With a button on the back You sl

42 Dugg & EST Gee – Spin Lyrics

Tell my brother if I’m missing I got set up by a bitch Oh what? Hands all in the kitchen I don’t think I hit the tan enough Young dog throw them bands for nothing I got two hundred pants for nothing Rick ain’t whack your mans for nothing Bitch you know he had that coming I still sell them gram 200 I might move to Houston Monday I don’t pay my shooters nothing They all do that shit for free Exotic how them bricks is cheap They front me 4, ’bout 6 a week That pape for AP, them pics for Ric She suckin’ dick, you cuffed the bitch All in n***** DM’s We know I said you couldn’t trust a bitch My n**** lie, we beefin’ now I told him not to hit my line Yeah I still Be fuckin’ with them pills Yeah we spin I’ll spin your shit again N**** fuck will And everybody told R.I.P to all my n***** Free my motherfuckin’ bros Yeah I still Be fuckin’ with them pills N***** we spin I’ll spin your shit again N**** fuck will And everybody, yeah And free my motherfuckin’ bros Doin’ life up in the feds Put a red

42 Dugg & EST Gee – I Never Judged You Lyrics

I Never Judged You Lyrics by 42 Dugg & EST Gee   Yeah I ain’t never asked What’s —- I guess it messed with him Police come I ain’t offer em nothing Not even the mexican Hit his thot Let him know And I stop fuckin’ this n**** bitch City shit Ask all the killers Who got the city lit I don’t do no hate outta jealousy I’m not stretchin’ shit Plan it carefully Cut out But a hundred times I measure it You tellin’ me Cause it’s shooter street shit Overlook it Ain’t right after they took him Like you ain’t nobody’s pussy Whenever I pop outside N**** I be wide And they be lookin’ If a n**** I don’t like ever blow up rapping Then I’m gon book em If it’s up with us You can’t quit We gon’ spank shit like the —- This street shit ain’t no age Cause —— I know n***** pussies 6 thousand for the black cherry gelato This ain’t cookie A hundred thousand A couple of bottles Who want Duggy Hey I boogie Still miss the —- No I ain’t fuck her But she was lookin’ On both my brothers I got truffles The real

42 Dugg & EST Gee – Ice Talk Lyrics

Who got the ups on us Strap across your shirt Like n**** buckle up You came in So I send you on that hit Might die you fuck it up Clip hold got like T trimmers Real street n**** My money up Wave this bitch Like hey what’s up Soon as fat boy Get close enough N***** don’t want bums They punks On IG Up I post em up I’ll talk to them bodies late at night When I be rollin’ up They know it’s us Go with all that flaggin’ Bitch you braggin’ now Choke on bruh 40 that’s the caliber The magazine the 17 I got this from Medallin 18 times 33 I hope he ain’t sellin’ dreams Might go back to mailin’ keys I don’t want no good bitch Make Dugg bitch a felon please Maurey’s Methamphetamine You know this that ice talk Cop I don’t fool that pipe off Yellow tape White chalk OT gettin’ this ice off 400 hundred mounds Every country town around We beat it down Used to bag up pieces Sittin’ up east Listenin’ to ‘Wipe Me Down’ I know they don’t like me All your brothers, sisters, cousins Feds ever hit the house Pu