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A Wilhelm Scream – Downtown Start II Lyrics

Oh, when I seize the day Somethin’ in the ether turns me up When the goings get rough You care too much about anything for too damn long It runs you ’round eventually What I become I fail to it And I wanna tell ya The war that surrounds you It’s not your friend And with that I’ll slip back into the shadows again I was where you are What’s self doubt do? Stomp your livin’ soul out ’til it’s dead and gone, to that grey beyond To a shallow grave in some park it tries to put you in The gory details (Downtown) Sent back on a rail (Better now) Spent all this time survivin’ on the edge of a knife I’ll tell ya all about it in another life (Downtown) The rottenness inside of me dies by the time I see you downtown I was young and dumb and drunk with wanderlust No love, all love, where I come from Tryin’ to keep myself from floating off to the grey beyond What else could I do? Sail on, sail on Hey, yo Craig, thank you so much Yeah, this place got some saints that hold it down Right near you Let y

A Wilhelm Scream – Lose Your Delusion Lyrics

I’ve been grittin’ my teeth, always workin’ on a dream Heard you got sold out for greatness Avarice sucked off antipathy And I’m all lost in the grocery Wherever the bogeyman be As for me, I’m a loyal one Dance with the one that brung ya I’ll be your huckle pariah Spit bad words with a band on fire Wherever they’ll have me Wait for Deus Machina’s to return ya back to dirt Or you can live it out But you don’t give up, no, you don’t give up And that’s just what I loved about us When there’s an awful lot of awful things tryin’ to kill you and me It’s so silly to believe some cursin’ words could really fuck with your heart It’s hilarious It cracks me up It sucks I had your back, but when you talk like a kook Man, that transmission don’t compute I can’t relate to you Dark fantasies, conspiracies, the riddle-rhymes to prove I pay no never-mind to whatever you’re on about, mate Gives me the shakes No way, no thanks Here in the land of the hater You go to sleep with the light on “I’m afraid of

A Wilhelm Scream – I’m Gonna Work It Out Lyrics

Life spit out a heart ungrateful A measly, miserable fuck I left that grudge hooked up at the hospital ‘Cause I won’t let it die And that meant war for you and I Unlisted in the middle In the middle of a life Bet you could walk alone like a house on fire Listen to your heart, fuck all the liars I don’t know how you got this heartache Been off the grid on a bone ride with Kenny and them While you were fighting them demons in your head When it came to you, I said I’m gonna work it out, I’m gonna work it out I’m gonna work it out, no matter what No matter what And I just can’t wait to see you again With the same wide grin, like you never left This disaster ain’t that bad in the end I’m gonna work it out, I’m gonna work it out I’m gonna work it out, no matter what I’m gonna work it out, I’m gonna work it out I’m gonna work it out, no matter what No matter what

A Wilhelm Scream – Yo Canada Lyrics

I ain’t goin’ to sleep, we got tour tomorrow Band’s all international now, 95 Northbound We’ll be giggin’ in the town of Three Rivers London, Brampton, Guelph Belle scene genial up in Thetford Mines Moneen and Choke But in the morning we woke up to the terror An unthinkable sorrow A sick fanatic with an axe to grind left a world in smoke Jonny, are we in a war now? Can we still do what we love? Hell yeah, better have your bags packed ‘Cause you know that we’ll be rollin’ six heads deep when it opens up Van’s comin’ in hot, Smallman’s got the shots Which Trash’ are we rockin’ tonight? You can bet Marge and Gordie got the basement all sorted And that Andy’s got a joint to light These crazy days I always say, “Big love to Canada” My show clothes froze up We need chains for the tires And chili combos all around The van smells real tired So you can give shotgun to banana and call the office just to say “Raise ’em up for Gord Downie and Chi Pig, rest in peace” I’m channeling the greats Prist

A Wilhelm Scream – …And Big Nasty Was Its Name-O Lyrics

Yeah you can count on me No in-between, ’cause I’m a son of a gun Ringin’ out in these cobbled streets, goin’ off I object Your clown court, it’s outta order I don’t want it Scene’s weak Yeah, you can keep it I don’t want it I’m gonna stomp it out like a heart-beat I’m givin’ the business the business, is what the fuck I do A dirtknap to salt the Earth I fool no one My word is good I’m tellin’ you, I’m gonna stomp it out My word is good All these vultures showin’ up, it’s bullshit to me Pickin’ the bones, you gotta be kiddin’ me Character hacks, they stab ya in the back, stab ya in the back Are we here to have fun? Relax There I was, outside, dumbfounded in the streets Thinkin’ what the hell does that mean, to you or I? Let those petty rivalries The stink of jealousy permeating, die a death We don’t trip out on fantasy in this wounded world of make believe I came to have fun, I came in peace I fool no one, my word is good I fool no one My word is good These critics start beef, so weak

A Wilhelm Scream – The Enigma Lyrics

He came into the gang like a warm, soft blanket of wool Teaching us friendliness, cleanliness, brought by the meaning of love Silly me countin’ losses, vindictive, spiteful and vain You been listening to tales written by never-been’s and never-were’s That voice that keeps telling you you’re worthless A golden soul to everyone he meets A friend I remembered to call bullshit (Bullshit) Call bullshit on ya, right? You know I did When we saw you sinkin’ in that ocean, we jumped right in Wish you could’ve seen in yourself what we all did And would you believe it? You came out the other side Lucid to dead eyed Sayin’ things I cannot abide An enigma, you Got to hatin’ yourself Blame it on the new world Antisocial’s what it is Relax, you fit in Felt the pain of everyone and got sick, ya know Everyone I’m talking shit about your new best friend ‘Cause I’m just like that I call bullshit (Bullshit) Called bullshit on ya, right? You know I did And there’s a big, bad, beautiful world That we got to

A Wilhelm Scream – Acushnet Avenue At Night Lyrics

I got up, spotted a seagull draggin’ trash up the way Fresh outta lung darts, suckin’ on an energy drink Start of a hell of a good day in New Beige But eventually the villain came to show its face Embarking on a slow speed chase up Mechanics Lane Sore eyes look forward to bitter days, bitter days You know me better than that, than to fall for some shit, mate You know me better than that, than to believe a single word that you say Calling out a search for you Up and down Acushnet Avenue at night, I’m Thinking ’bout what it did to you, to face the world from a position of pain See, now I’m on that vigilante tip Kill the headlights in the van like I’m Frank Castle and shit Yeah, I’m ’bout to find out where your master is and end his life today Nah, for real, I only wanna be the hero again Half a world away when things got fucked, as I was The teeth were deep in ya when I got wise It was the rush of a spike I got a bullet for what corrupted you I’d put it in its fucking brain, I’m telling

A Wilhelm Scream – Figure Eights In My Head Lyrics

Blazin’ a trail out to Tallyrand Hopped the fence with the razor wire, sped off to Sassaquin Pits Nicky don’t care no better I wanna feel that way again, so Let’s go down to the river at night Go down to the river Are you ready? I’m ready Are you ready? I’m ready Climbed the tower to the tops Smashed the glass globes Laughed as they dropped I knew there was a reason I got up this morning I got to feel the glory Now I want it all the time Used to dream about this every day Now it’s standing right in front of me The mighty dirty dollar make a monster outta man Cloggin’ up the gutter, it’s enough to make ya mad Call me when you wanna take the fight to all of that You and I, my friend, we built this thing together I got that Mona Lisa secret sinner grin I got that Muddy Waters song stuck in my head I knew there was a reason I got up this morning Hope this feeling never ends I wanna mix it up while I still can It’s doing figure eights in my head It’s doing figure eights in my head Are you r

A Wilhelm Scream – Be One To No One Lyrics

I’ve been overwhelmed with doubt and stress I wanna make sense of this But I’m broken in the brain Depression’s got me, like a kick in the dick Feeling incredulous, defeated Like when Warren G said, “I’m like, damn, what’s next?” It’s called dwindling prospects (That fortune smiles on me) Back when you found me I was stuck in existential dread Said fuck it, now I smile back at the leviathan (Charmed by a snake’s toxicity) Learned that the hard way You got to be one to no one Now I’m alive (Now I’m alive) I feel your energy Look up, I’ll have ’em sayin’ “What’s that?” To furious applause ‘Cause I’m alive (Yeah, I’m alive) Appreciate the honesty But take whatcha think of me Hit the bricks, sayonara, so long I’m alive (I’m alive) No other would I wanna be Easier said than done for you and I Broken in the brain You’ve got to be one to know one (That fortune smiles on me) Some days you’ll find me undeniably knockin’ all ’em dead Sometimes I lie awake all night, I can’t get outta the bed But

A Wilhelm Scream – Apocalypse Porn Lyrics

I see the rats and vultures infiltrate and cause confusion. I’m ducking belly camping cowards, hoping to stay human. We can’t afford to give up or suffer through friendships lost, strained, or left to rot. Hey bud, Kick rocks. Fuck that loser talk. Anonymous bigot, race baiter, wanna call us names But know that we grow stronger in the face of threats and danger. We remain resolute in our position. Won’t be scared by petulant babies. Trying to relate to this disgusting game of hate No one ever wins but we play it all the same. It’s not too late; destroy the structure that rewards glut and decay. You wipe that conditioned, man on a mission look, right off your face. You told us we had better run away and find some shelter We took it to the street ‘cause we don’t really care no better. The millionaires that you defended, Weaponized teens that you protected. Come get your man, it’s fucking pathetic. Crippled by a lack of sack and constant indignation. Content to burn and bury facts, but no