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All Get Out – AA Almanac Lyrics

Finally moved I felt the scale of it This year was a benchmark Got my ego hit Being still cause I want it Not cause they tell me to Passing up on their offer For a better view Revelator revel in the old days Studying the old ways Elevator takes em to the top floor We’ve all had enough of that christian guilt Never been inspired to kill Ride it out dead on the inside And there’s your takeaway That it’s always been this way Summer goes away and leaves an empty space Everything informed feels all that waste Low hum of depression like singing along Untying everyone And so it goes into another pace Steady making eyes, wants to kiss your face Suspect all the way it had a shaky start I knew it felt cheap I found the watermark Bad luck on a good try And that’s the worst for you There’s no shame in the afterlife Unless they got to you Young buck tripping over dumb luck Trying to be a good kid Southern boy, loading up the birdshot Resurrect your momma in the parking lot Foaming at the mouth and

All Get Out – Sumter Lyrics

It’s wearing on your face Be angry at its place dig deep Be somebody else Pressing on the tide Wading through the barley I couldn’t stand any more of me A first draft parent just passing all the bad shit down Then they parrot you back Enough about me Let’s talk about you For a long while How it started out small Now it’s climbing the walls And it leaves nothing behind Tell me you’re scared I’ll tell you the same thing’s Pulling me down Say that you don’t mind You’ll blend in with the aftermath Small town did you rough You tell me it’s okay Baby, you’re a normie What made you feel any more than that? Gen pop visits Forgiveness felt so sure in the aughts Now I’m somebody else I miss it all a little The long walk to the middle I fear a part of me left behind Like when my mother lost her memory Choking out the family I wondered if she’d miss what was gone What happens when the luck quit Charm gave out, it don’t hit I won’t go back to South Caroline Where no one’s gotta love you No one’s go

All Get Out – Dfr Lyrics

I don’t feel right about it now Baby’s stepping out of the woods It rattled all the nerves Probably more than it should It’s less than you deserve Shaking hands in the dark It happens all the time, and I don’t feel so good Take you home to fix you up Just need to sit and dry Watch you talk to the books They know you more than I Exchanging hands in the dark They pass on who you are And what you’ve meant to me They treat me like a summary patient Let me burn on the pavement Waiting my turn all year Got me thinking I was somebody’s savior Out on behavior, unpacking what got me here Instead, I’m sitting parked on the sidewalk Yelling at mall cops Me, I’m the small talk king Leaning like a drunk on a lamp post Nobody knows, though No one addresses me And I don’t feel right about it now Start the day without the alarms It tracks with who you are Not to break both arms They’re sleeping though you’re not Wake and sum up the night Did anything get said that I can never hide? We’re pushing throu

All Get Out – Feeling Well Lyrics

It’s only half an hour to get me to the same place as you Where you were days ago and I’m convinced the Feds are looking through my car And all they found were cups of coffee everywhere From when I was trying to keep the pace of everything that you would say Do I feel slow to you? I think that no one ever says a word about the way that they were raised That always anchored me to money That always anchored me to money That always angered me What a closet of a mind that keeps me standing by and by I will not lie prostrate again And I’m convinced the clerk is talking to the cops about my birth I’m fucking thirty-five, alright? And I don’t look young enough for sure to lie for Nicorette I’m flattered now, but angry then Playing Yankee on a loop, there’s nothing new to listen to That always kept me from growing That always kept me from growing That always kept me Not a child of springtime filled with wild abandon I am not your local filming all the candid Weird shit in the southeast, where