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42 Dugg & CMG The Label – SOON Lyrics

SOON Lyrics by 42 Dugg & CMG The Label (feat. Arabian)   Tell me you love me (I got Hitman on the beat) Tell me you need me I been trippin’ in here everyday N**** in a box I ain’t shit without you Tell me you love me, you need me Nothing can change your mind neither On my way to Drekk, to beat, jet, twenty-five seater Can’t find her in Louis or Saks, shit, not Revive either Care enough to rub on her back, might put a son in her Fuckin’ her, she fuckin’ me back, I’m havin’ fun Anyway, where was y’all when I was distressed? Couldn’t put my head up Seventy-five drivin’ my best, I’m gettin’ fed up All these n***** wanna get blessed, havin’ they handout This is me, the five different bitches, oh, you my mans now? Fully made a way for the trenches, that’s why I stand out Nashville all in the kitchen, like where was you? Pressin’ down on Fetty with cut still on the spoon Soon, I’ll be back to my myself Soon, I won’t need nobody else Who gon’ be there for me when I need? Help me live, fulf

Big Boogie, CMG The Label – Meant Dat Lyrics

Meant Dat Lyrics by Big Boogie & CMG The Label   Eh, Boo’ (Yeah) (Damn, Mario, stop playin’) Big dude (Big dude, big dude, baby, big dude) I run this shit, you know? Frrt (Ayy, Carter Z, you goin’ too crazy) Check this bitch Bitch, I’m a rich n****, right now (Bitch, I’m a rich n****) I’m thankin’ my haters for keepin’ (Ooh), my name hot (Ooh), big dude livin’ it right now (Enlightenin’) Bad bit’ toxic, gon’ give enough backshots, had it drillin’ it right now (Oh-oh) She told me she love me, I told her “You movin’ too fast”, you killin’ me right now (Hol’ up, hol’ up) Bitch, I’m the hottest n**** in the country, I gotta feelin’ it right now (Ee-ooh) Not friendly with n*****, I’m friendly with triggers, don’t mean you can’t get this shit right now (Rrr) I’m talkin’ ’bout literally right now (Right now) Kung-fu chopsticks, fight now (Hwah) Backward aeroplane, kite now (Gone) I’m swingin’ my chains, no lights now (Ice) I’m throwin’ the meeting to tell all my n****’ to chill out, we ho

Yo Gotti, EST Gee & CMG The Label – Moral Of Da Story Lyrics

Moral Of Da Story Lyrics by Yo Gotti, EST Gee & CMG The Label   This shit perfect timing Yeah, yeah, yeah For real True story I’m just talkin’ shit (Helluva made this beat, baby) Look, look, look Young shiner, body full of diamonds Plug sent the pack, I’m like “That shit was perfect timing” Bust AP, plain Richard Mille Crib run like twenty mil’, swear to God that bitch silly ‘Tween me and you, I can still get you a load Between me and you, I be strapped at the shows Between me and you, when I be talkin’ to Hov I be having flashbacks of me in front of a stove That first million was challenging, I got that shit off the O’s Second million was alright, I got that shit off the road Then that third and fourth and that fifth and sixth Next thing you know, I’m at ten, I’m like, “It came too quick” Quarter mil’ in the hood, a n**** buyin’ them sticks Half a mil’ to my man, he’s bendin’, playin’ with bricks Bought a purse for a ho, bought a house for my bitch Just got a fifty from Interscope

42 Dugg, Coi Leray & CMG The Label – Hold Me Down Lyrics

Hold Me Down Lyrics by 42 Dugg, Coi Leray & CMG The Label   Who made this shit? (TayTayMadeTheBeat) Me and Mozz’ gon’ ride to the Me and Mozz’ gon’ ride (Yeah) Me and Mozz’ gon’ ride ’til the wheels fall off Duffy doing too good, n***** stealin’ my sauce Told my bitch, “It don’t get no better than this” Forty for a verse, I want fifty for a brick I know, I know I ain’t stoppin’ shit ’til my n***** all home Still keep it on me, put a n**** on a shirt quick And you’ll never hear the truth on my hurt, bitch First off, fuck what I’m doin’ for mine How much that purse cost? Fuck who I put in that house, how much you worth dawg? It’s a couple Ms around this bitch And I got enough water to drown this bitch Youngin from the bottom, get it poppin’ Kept it solid, he the one now Came from bein’ stressed out, I’m havin’ fun now Right knee, bro ain’t had a license, he was nineteen And I gotta take the blame for it I was thinkin’ Hellcats, they thinkin’ Range Rovers And I ain’t gotta sell weight

Yo Gotti, 42 Dugg & CMG The Label – Dog House Lyrics

Dog House Lyrics by Yo Gotti, 42 Dugg & CMG The Label (feat. DaBoyDame)   (Helluva made this beat, baby) Fuck the judge, fuck the lawyer, bring my n***** home Write the plug, tell him I miss him, think I’m comin’ home Dog out if my bitch say I’m in the dog house Dog drought if my lil’ n***** movin’ dog out My bitch pissed off, she say I’m in the dog house (Dog house) Keep fightin’ that shit until they let your dog out (Dog out) A pill after pill, already blew a mill’ (Uh) Go broke for my dog, that’s how real n***** live (Beep) I’m on the East Side ridin’ in the Rolls truck with two FNs (Two FNs) Richard Mille, that’s worth two Hellcats and a CL Benz (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt) I see y’all haters, I’m lookin’ at you n***** through Cartier lens (Cartier lens) I DM bitches, like, “Fuck somethin’, ho, I don’t need no friends” Cuban (Cuban) two-tone (Two) Money (Money) too long (Frrt) Team (Team) too strong (I am) Way at the top where I belong (Belong) Dope boy rockin’ that Vlone, big bruh sm

EST Gee, Moneybagg Yo & CMG The Label – Strong Lyrics

Strong Lyrics by EST Gee, Moneybagg Yo & CMG The Label   (Flexin’) Yeah, Percocets and Adderall together make me feel better Kiss her in her mouth last time I hit her, make her feel special (FOREVEROLLING) I ain’t one of them n***** out here wishin’ that he did better Although it’s still opps who need to go, you know we killed several I smoke n***** back to back, I can’t even tell which pack is better ‘Fore I had a rap dream, I had pounds of cheap and vacuum sealers See me pop out fly, but ain’t even notice me, a caterpillar I can look him in his eyes and tell that he is not a killer N***** know we knock shit out the socket off of Poplar Level Oxy’ help a n**** get a body off his conscience quicker That line ain’t for you, you ain’t like me, you ain’t never shot a n**** Stay out for three days buttered of jiggas, I’m tryna cash a ticket I’ma get up close, fuck from a distance, I got foggy vision Way that AR hit him, he won’t survive, it must’ve been God decision Only the strong sur

Big Boogie & CMG The Label – KeKe Lyrics

KeKe Lyrics by Big Boogie & CMG The Label   Big Dude (Run that up, EJ) I want KeKe Bitch, I’m Big Dude Grrt My lil’ bitch get money, pop her shit, they call her KeKe (KeKe) I ain’t never met no bitch like this, she like to lick me (Lick me) She gon’ bounce that ass on FaceTime if she can’t come see me Pussy water, Fiji, she got come back, huh, she repeat Pull up in that Trackhawk, knock her ass out ’cause she miss me She call me her pitbull, doggy, back shots, freaky KeKe love Boog, I’m her chocolate droppin’ Reese’s (Reese’s) And she got on pieces, diamonds in her teeth-es (Ice) KeKe brownskin, hustler and she dance She don’t like new friends, drive her big body a Benz She ain’t friendly, but she fuck with bruh ‘nem, shake they hand She got money too, she FaceTime daddy with them bands Fly her to Jamaica or somewhere she never been I ain’t trippin’, baby, I got money, bring your friends But I don’t got friends, I got brothers, bitch, we like kin My lil’ bitch, she pressure, mine,

Yo Gotti, Big Boogie & CMG The Label – Buss Down Lyrics

Buss Down Lyrics by Yo Gotti, Big Boogie & CMG The Label   Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Ayy, you know when it come to these hoes, man, I’m a— (I-I-I-I am) Different type of n**** (I am) And I mean that respectfully, not disrespectfully, you know what I’m sayin’? And I like different type of bitches too, you know what I’m sayin’? You know how we do it, CMG, baby, know what I mean? (What’s happenin’?) Pink riches and shit, you know what I’m sayin’? (What’s happenin’?) Pink colors and shit, you know what I’m sayin’? Hustle with you, invest in you, you know what I’m sayin’? (Yeah) Let’s get it I just bust my wrist down (Bust my wrist down, woo) Bust my bitch down (Bust my bitch down, yeah) Boo, grrt, boo, grrt, boo, grrt, boo Yeah, I’m up now (Yeah, I’m up now) Yeah, I’m up now, yeah (Boo, boo) I can’t come down I’m too far up now, yeah (Yeah) Big boss n**** in a Phantom with a bitch in the backseat (Woo, woo, woo) Real street n****, ball seven days a week like an athlete (I am, I am) Cut of

Glorilla & CMG The Label – Tomorrow Lyrics

Tomorrow Lyrics by Glorilla & CMG The Label   (Cheese, his name is Cheese) They say they don’t fuck wit’ me (Cheese), but I say they can’t fuck wit’ me Just like the air, I’m everywhere, how you say it’s up wit’ me? Poppin’ shit, you would think I went to school for chiropractin’ (Poppin’) Lookin’ good as hell today, just sent my n**** five attachments (Look at this) Why did you confront me ’bout a n****? Man, you bitches backwards (Stupid ass) They come at me ’bout n***** who I don’t even find attractive (Ugh) I don’t know that n****, I just seened him on the town before I can’t be up her face, I took her n**** down before (Nah) When I lose a n****, I just pop out and go find some mo’ (Easy) Soon as I feel like my time get waisted, then it’s time to go (Deuces) They say they don’t fuck wit’ me, but I say they can’t fuck wit’ me (On cunt) Just like the air, I’m everywhere, how you say it’s up wit’ me (Huh?) Them bitches should’ve stayed down, they could’ve been up wit’ me (Too bad)

Lehla Samia, EST Gee & CMG The Label – Hood Rich Lyrics

Hood Rich Lyrics by Lehla Samia, EST Gee & CMG The Label   Every bitch need a n**** that’s gon’ bust it up Walked inside a club looking for the plug Gotta be street if you wanna touch Yeah, they know we with the shits, man, they know what’s up Boss n****, you gon’ need more than just six figures Gotta put me in position to go get richer Brooklyn n***** pop shit, you don’t want smoke Memphis n***** get the bag, they ain’t never broke I like my n**** hood rich, I need him with the bands He just bossed me up, now I got the upper hand Broke n**** thinking he can fuck me, but he can’t If you ain’t from the streets, then you would never understand Shiesty n****, but he got some pearly teeth Whip stay clean, he in that SRT (Skrrt) Hood n***** want a pretty bitch like me I don’t want a lil’ boy, I need a real OG (Yeah) LA n***** got the best smoke That’s why I’m fucking with them n***** on the West Coast Heard them n***** out in Philly keep it thorough I heard about them big steppers from

Lil Poppa & CMG The Label – Pledge Lyrics

(Scotty just caught him a body) Scotty just caught him a motherfuckin’ body Scotty just caught him a motherfuckin’, uh Scotty just caught him a motherfuckin’ body When you said you love me, did you lie? Just be honest Baby, I can’t make no promise, I need hydros, I be on it Got a line that I ain’t pour up yet, flight that I ain’t board yet Couple cities I ain’t toured yet, Amiri’s I ain’t worn yet I think I’ve seen all fifty states, I just ain’t went foreign yet Brother got a phone under his doormat, son rich and he ain’t even born yet When I fuck her, I record that, come here, lil’ bitch, throw it back N**** say he tryna dodge his death, I say, “You can’t avoid that” I told him send me where the war’s at ‘Cause I’m a war vet, bars, I gave my boys that Give me my heart, I gave you yours back That’s your loss, so sad, but that’s too bad And they say I got my K with me, got back, you know I love that sound Spent 30K in ’bout a day on me, I ain’t trippin’, we can afford that now Is you go

Yo Gotti, EST Gee & CMG The Label – Paparazzi Lyrics

Paparazzi Lyrics by Yo Gotti, EST Gee & CMG The Label (feat. Blac Youngsta)   (Forever rollin’) He must thought this shit was sweet, but it’s a Sour Patch (Sour Patch) Yankin’ all through Tennessee, lost police like a hour back He gon’ get found hit up, if he diss us, that’s how I’ll react AR out the window, make this trigger clap like jumpin’ jacks It’s gon’ be a killin’ if we found out that you fuck wit’ that Get low, I shoot this pole, I make you limbo, no hittin’ back (Ain’t no hittin’ back) You heard somethin’ ’bout it, I can take you where they do it at (Take you where they do it at) They don’t want no ZaZa, this where snorters and them shooters at Raw, I mean, I started wit’ a ball and flipped to two, three zaps Silly fool, kickin’ it wit’ dude like you ain’t know he rat (You ain’t know he told?) You got picks and choose, I ain’t got no picks, all of ’em get this clip (All of ’em get this gun) I up this blick, I shoot, I ain’t gon’ miss now when he talk he spit (When he talk

Yo Gotti, Moneybagg Yo & CMG The Label – Gangsta Art Lyrics

Gangsta Art Lyrics by Yo Gotti, Moneybagg Yo & CMG The Label (feat. 42 Dugg, EST Gee, Mozzy, Lehla Samia & Blac Youngsta)   Days been cold just like my wrist I’ll be used to, I Yeah It’s CMG the album, n****, you know what I’m sayin’? (Paint these words just like my whips) History (What you know ’bout gangsters’ art?) You ain’t never seen this many gangsters in the same squad (Days been cold just like my wrist) You ain’t never seen this much money with no issues (I’ll be used to, I) Know what I’m sayin’? (Paint these words just like my whips) You ain’t never seen this many big dogs come together, n****, yeah (What you know ’bout gangsters’ art?) Extortion still exists (Yeah) Orchestrate the blitz When we was kids, I thought that corner’ll make me rich It’s forced until I’m torched ’cause that mean more to me than this bitch Give a fuck about your hustle, that don’t mean more to me than these skits (Yeah) Scorin’ up with these sticks, if you don’t pour enough, I ain’t sippin’ Th