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DDG – 9 Lives Lyrics

9 Lives Lyrics by DDG (feat. Polo G & NLE Choppa) (Makers) (Hey, McNab) These n***** thinkin’ I ain’t street, but they don’t know, for real I’m only who I am today because my bro, for real And they say time heal your grief, well, why I’m hurtin’ still? I seen my mama stressed all day, how we gon’ pay the bills? It’s only cold water in the sinks, I couldn’t take no bath You ever had to boil some water just to wash your back? My family leaning all on me, but I don’t sip no Act’ I’m out here taking care of nine lives like I’m a fuckin’ cat But for my family, that’s alright, I’m doin’ anything It’s to the point where I feel bad for buyin’ any bling I just got rich, so I’m a sucker for the finer things This Prada shirt and my new kicks with these designer jeans Is it weird that I miss the struggle? ‘Cause when you get the win, it’s like the feelin’ double And there’s more appreciating ’til the feeling crumble But I’ve been winnin’ way too much, so now the feeling subtle So every time I

DDG – Stay in My Circle Lyrics

Stay in My Circle Lyrics by DDG Yeah What? Hm, alright Off-White, Virgil (Off-White, Virgil) Look at my circle (Look at my circle) Way too high (Way too high) Can’t be verbal (I can’t) She too fly (She too fly) And she fertile (And she fertile) Made you mine (Made you mine) Stay in my circle (Stay in my circle) Yeah, skrrt off the lot (Skrrt, skrrt) Never outside (Never outside) Way too wavy (Way too wavy) That my baby (That my baby) Yeah, crack in the ’80s (Crack in the ’80s) I’m boomin’ like crack in the ’80s (Crack, crack) If you want me to rap, gotta pay me (Pay me) Wanna go to the trap, can you take me? (Trap, can you take me?) Bootcut jeans with the Off-White drip Never been afraid, let me talk my shit Stopped trustin’ hoes when I caught my bitch Cheatin’ on me, you a bum-ass bitch One on my side, I’ma flaunt my wrist My Maybach home, let me call my lift Took four shots of the cognac shit Now I can’t drive home ’cause I got too lit You switched up on me (Switch) You can’t come ba

DDG – Relationship Issues Lyrics

Relationship Issues Lyrics by DDG I’ll be back Where you going? I’m goin’ out Mm-mm, you’re going out again? I’m goin’ out, man, don’t start this shit, bruh, damn It’s been every fucking night At this point, you gotta be seein’ some bitches I’m not goin’ to see no bitches, you just insecure, what the fuck? Oh, okay, so if I go fuck another n****, then what? Okay, go fuck another n**** then Nah, bruh, you can’t be doin’ this again Go fuck another n**** then Okay, bet I can go out if I wanna go out Okay, bet, and if I do, then what? Alright, you—, then you go—, you gon’ be single, what the fuck? Alright I’m out

DDG – Not the Only One Lyrics

Not the Only One Lyrics by DDG (Mano) Girl, I hope you know I know I ain’t the only one (OG Parker, one) Girl, I hope you know I know I ain’t the only one (One), yeah And I know you got a man, you know I don’t care (Care) We can hop up in that Lamb’ truck, get out of here (Here) All these diamonds in my chain, you gon’ stop and stare Girl, I hope you know I know I ain’t the only one I got bad bitches on my line You know I can’t play, I can’t waste no time Coke bottle shape and her face so fine I got bad bitches on my line You know I can’t play, I can’t waste no time Coke bottle shape and her face so fine Girl, I hope you know I know I ain’t the only one You got your own online business doing your skin care N***** say they wanna help you out, but you been there Connected to his Wi-Fi, but you never been there I never question things ’cause I know you not sincere But you not mine, is you? It’s not my place But you fuck with me, so I know got a good taste Girl, you don’t whine, give a fuc

DDG – Love Myself Lyrics

Love Myself Lyrics by DDG (feat. Kevin Gates) Luca Brasi (DMac on the fuckin’ track) It’s just Kevin, you hear me? (Tuned up) Dealin’ with past traumas, patternistic in nature Healin’ to break the cycle Been a big commitment psycho I’m willin’ to make you my love (My love) You’ve been indecisive lately, I’m willin’ to make your mind up Know we all been through things in the past That make it difficult to even trust Hate for you to think that I don’t want you around I be in the streets, I’m in control right now Hit me when you free and you get flown out of town Luca Brasi throw that plaga in your soul, pipe down I never judged you for your past, I just want my turn with you You know that I’m turnt with you I’m a big old Muslim, I can have multiple wives And concubines, monogamy, monotony Ain’t gon’ work with you, way that I’m livin’, it work different My love come wit a career attached, I can’t love everybody It don’t cost you a thing to give me a call and tell me you care about me I pu

DDG – Remember Me Lyrics

Remember Me Lyrics by DDG I got really tired of lovin’ you (Tuned up) I’ll have to find another you (No way, Hozay) I will never ever fuck with you But I felt like I was stuck to you Uh, yeah, I gave you a call and it’s not goin’ through Uh, yeah, bae, answer the phone, I wanna talk to you Uh, yeah, wasn’t catchin’ feelings, then I started to Uh, yeah, I just wanna check in, see what’s up with you You remember me? Oh, we used to be in love You remember me? Oh, we used to be in love Yeah, uh, now I see you ridin’ with your other mans Huh, I might hit the mall and blow a hundred bands Fuck it then, spendin’ all this money feel like therapy I cannot live without you and it’s scarin’ me Yeah, I keep on checking my phone, I’m hopin’ that you will message me I’m reminiscin’ all of the times that you had sex with me And you’re the only one in this world that get the best of me You know I need you, why you keep leavin’? You always stressin’ me I’m lost When you’re not around me, I feel lost Wh

DDG – The Clinic Lyrics

The Clinic Lyrics by DDG (feat. Babyface Ray) (TreOnTheBeat, yeah) I’ve been rich for a minute I don’t ever no check no price, I just spend it Bae, we can fuck up in this Maybach, ’cause it’s tinted That Plan B not gon’ work, go to the clinic She want my baby ’cause she knowin’ that I got it I can’t be tied down, lil’ baby, I got options I want that pussy, but I think she want my pockets That pussy power, I’ma knock it out the socket I got problems, I don’t know what I’ma drive today I called my driver, told him, “Take me up a mile away” We in the Maybach If you wanna fuck with me, bae, just say that I fuck as soon as I touch down, run that playback Meet me at the hotel, not where I lay at I’ma fly her to L.A. and take her to the beach Exotic whips, I be fuckin’ on reclinin’ seats I told her put the curtain up, if she wants some privacy Rollin’ up exotics, ain’t nobody gettin’ high as me I told her, “Smoke a blunt and pass it to me while you ridin’ me” She kept on fuckin’ coughin’, she

DDG - Lusted Lyrics

[Intro] TreOnTheBeat, yeah Oh, oh [Chorus] My heart cold, I don’t know what real love is Hurt my soul when I found out you lusted Grab your phone, did my stroke, now you bustin’ You told me you want me as your husband Don’t trust nothin’, they betrayed me, I hate that You was zoomin’, I don’t, I state straight facts All that cash spent on you, I’m gon’ make back Got my mind movin’ fast like a race track (Oh) [Verse 1] Oh, I know you love me, too Come through and fuck once just to tease you And I hope you never thinkin’ that I need you I just DM’ed somebody else to delete you It’s too hard to do this on my own, I need some help I just need somebody new, somebody just like you Playin’ with your heart in the meantime When we break up, I just use that shit as me time And I focus on myself, focus on my health Focus on my wealth [Chorus] My heart cold, I don’t know what real love is Hurt my soul when I found out you lusted Grab your phone, did my stroke, now you bustin’ You told me you want

DDG - Midwest Flow Lyrics

  DDG - Midwest Flow Lyrics  [Intro] (TreOnTheBeat, yeah) Yeah, us [Verse 1] I was on the Westside, chillin’ with a chicken head She said she was single but that wasn’t what her nigga said She don’t wanna fuck, I told the bitch to give a little head Huh, yeah Give a little neck, I don’t really want a kiss, just a lil’ peck I ain’t got a AR, this a lil’ TEC, pew, pew-pew (DDG) [Chorus] Put a Patek on my bitch because her pussy good (Gang) I be ridin’ around in this bitch, I’m good in any hood (Soo) Nigga said he wouldn’t beef, I wish he would (Bitch) I be smokin’ way too much, I blew through fifty woods (Gas) I’m the hottest nigga out so all these bitches wanna fuck with mе Shawty got a nigga but I’m lit so she gon’ fuckin’ cheat Nevеr sweat a ho, I do not care if we in fuckin’ heat Pistol never leave a nigga side, that BB stuck to me [Verse 2] Bow, nigga, shoot him up Roll a wood, I’m zooted up Used to be behind but I got money then I scooted up Model bitches all up in my DM, told her,

DDG & Paidway T.O - No Kizzy Lyrics

[Intro] Devo this shit hard [Chorus: DDG] I know she miss me I be sippin’ on Henny, this shit got me dizzy Nigga no kizzy If it ain’t about money, my nigga don’t hit me Convertible top coupe, I grew up in the struggle but damn it I got through It’s me and it’s not you I did not want to leave, but baby I got to What you gon’ do when I leave for real? None of this shit you be doin’ for feel None of this shit I need to heal Shawty be trippin’, she need to chill (Mmmm) Pop this shit open, don’t need the seal Tired of the millions, I need a bill’ [Verse 1: DDG] She wanna speak, but I don’t want to chop it up Please don’t open your mouth ’till you top it up I get these bitches so wet I had to mop it up Said you know mе, but now I keep on poppin’ up I love like teenagers, I lovе me an ebony Kill the pussy, I caught me a felony These bitches want me, the drip is too heavenly This suit bad, I can rock it with [?] Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Don’t do relations All these niggas want to be my friend, ’caus