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Isaiah Rashad - Donuts Lyrics

Chorus: Isaiah Rashad & UMI] For forever You fuckin’ with the greatest (The greatest) You fuckin’, you fuckin’ (You fuckin’) … View

Happy Birthday (feat. Isaiah Rashad & Sza) Lyrics

Ain't nobody payin' attention Ain't nobody stoppin' to listen Ain't nobody care about your feelin's Ain&#… View

Isaiah Rashad - True Story Lyrics

[Intro: Isaiah Rashad] Imagine what a hundred gon’ be on your wrist It’s imaginable Yeah, uh-huh It’s on, bitch (Yeah, yeah) [Ver… View

Isaiah Rashad - Score Lyrics

[Intro] Woah, Kenny [Chorus: Isaiah Rashad, 6LACK & SZA] Play right, play right, god damn it (Oh) Don’t wanna hold up the nig… View

Isaiah Rashad - RIP Young Lyrics

[Intro] Mane, you know what’s goin’, you got cheese, I got dope For the nine hunnid strong, I got P’s, I got coke Mane, you know … View

Isaiah Rashad - Hey Mista Lyrics

[Intro] I’ll leave right now Kal I’ll fucking leave bro, ah-ha-ha-ha I’ll fucking leave I’m parking (Yeah) Don’t turn it off, jus… View

Isaiah Rashad - HB2U Lyrics

[Intro] Is there a Heaven? (Yes) How do you know that? (You don’t) [Verse 1] Yeah, yeah I hope it all makes sense to ball like th… View

Isaiah Rashad - Don’t Shoot Lyrics

[Intro] Smokin’ a killer, dodgin’ a killin’, makin’ a killin’ All right, check me out, ayy [Chorus] Southside say you ain’t got n… View

Isaiah Rashad - All Herb Lyrics

[Intro: Amindi] Fuck it, I’ma get it off my chest though Made a nigga perfect for his next hoe Fuck it, I’ma get it off my chest … View

Isaiah Rashad - Chad Lyrics

[Intro: Isaiah Rashad] Yeah, yeah [Chorus: Isaiah Rashad] If I wasn’t rapping, baby, I would still be ridin’ Mercedes My new whip… View

Isaiah Rashad - 9-3 Freestyle Lyrics

[Intro] Aight, yeah, yeah [Verse 1] The way you suck a dick, you get a B+ (You got it, ho) The way you suck a dick, you get a Pri… View

Isaiah Rashad - Wat U Sed Lyrics

[Intro: Isaiah Rashad] Whaddup bae And my bitch eat me up while I’m driving And I swear it’s a show, not a riot Uh [Verse 1: Isai… View

Isaiah Rashad - Lay Wit Ya Lyrics

Isaiah Rashad - Lay Wit Ya Lyrics [Intro: Isaiah Rashad & Three 6 Mafia] Big wheel (As we also smoke the ink, mane) Yeah, y… View

Isaiah Rashad - Junkie Interlude Lyrics

[Intro: Isaiah Rashad & ?] I get it, like yeah yeah Yeah man Lil’ boy graduate, know what I mean And livin’ life Yeah, what … View

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