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Jaden - We Were Fifteen Lyrics

[Verse 1] It’s 12 AM on the bright side, I’m in love for too long It’s high tide up in Hawaii so I just wrote you a song All of your stuff, packed in my trunk, I gotta get on my way Directions, they suck Traffic is stuck and I got nowhere to go [Pre-Chorus] So please come hold me darling I feel bad I’m calling, but I couldn’t wait till the morning (Sun is gone) I know you hate living alone ’cause you had a roommate Back in college I got collages of your pics on my wall Wrote these albums about you ‘Cause I’m still trying to process being out of your contact I’m so scared of the phone [Chorus] We were fifteen Naive with our dreams and now I’m thinking of you I’m about to be 23, how could it be that I’m still thinking of you [Verse 2] It’s 9 PM on a Friday and I’m still in my room Heard you got a house with your guy, out there in Malibu Oh, Beverly Hills, heartbreak, it kills when it comes out of the blue Emotions were spilled, I’m crying ’cause I’m still in love with you [Pre-Chorus] So

Jaden - Cabin Fever from The Hill Lyrics

Verse 1] 818 I’m on the way (I’m on the way) I’m thinking about you every day (Everyday) I think we should spend some time away (Stay on the beach) Stay with me in heaven everyday (Everyday) [Pre-Chorus] I wanna feel your body on me Tall palm trees and kaleidoscope dreams I’m at home thinking ’bout you and me [Chorus] ‘Cause, girl, I got that cabin fever You made me a believer Eating marshmallow pies, I can see it in your eyes Girl, it’s your speaking and I wanna believe ya, ooh Girl, I really wanna believe ya If you love me, how come I never see ya? Eating marshmallow pies while we’re flying through the sky Girl, I got that cabin fever [Verse 2] 310, we’re on the go (We’re on the go) Our life just like roller coast (Rollercoaster) I sip slow, you took too long (I sip slow) My heart and soul I call your phone, I’m on the road [Pre-Chorus] I wanna feel your body on me Tall palm trees and kaleidoscope dreams I’m at home thinking ’bout you and me [Chorus] ‘Cause, girl, I got that cabin fe

Jaden - Still in Love Lyrics

[Intro] I’m still in love [Verse 1] I just landed from Verona, yeah, I’m looking for ya, still in Arizona Young Yoko Ono, know you could’ve told a nigga Cryin’ in the club, dyin’ in the club, pants hanging low Don’t pull ’em up, think we give a— look (Still in love, still in love) Like it’s high school, the city hot ‘Bout to spin the block, ‘fore the cops do Jacquard vest, office fit, it’s not no costume, on summer break You’re the only girl I wanna talk to, it sucks (Still in love) [Pre-Chorus] I’m sober for the night, I came to lie Stays plays in my head, doubt I can ride Damn girl, you’re hypnotizing [Chorus] ‘Cause I’m still in love Yea I said that shit, I’m writing down my syllabus Take it to the Oedipus, I’m still in love Yeah, I was hoping they openеd my chest and saw my shit is broken I ain’t’ jokin’, girl I’m still in love, huh Thе kid is wildn’, we thought he would get it down by the third down But this nigga is still in love (On the trampoline) Yeah, he’s still in love (All

Jaden - Summer Lyrics

[Verse 1] Yeah, summer (And I’m sleaze) Holistic garden, tripping till I’m sunburnt (Yeah, I’m ’bout that shit) Got a show in Baha, more and it’s a runner (Bought the mushrooms with me) Yeah, it’s raining, baby, this about to thunder Had a drink but need another, cause it’s summer (Wait, what?) [Chorus] Yeah, it’s summer, I got hitters in the suburbs (I got hitters) You so pretty, nice to meet you, what’s your number? (Nice to meet you) I’ll pop a pill, and then we fuck into a slumber (Poppin’ pillys) And now my handprint on your ass because you sunburnt [Verse 2] I got magic up my sleeve, like I’m Dumbledore Little goodie, two shoes, let’s get in trouble more And we in a bungalow, the hotel got another floor (Another floor) Puttin’ towels on the doors ’cause it’s summer (Yeah) Kyle told me “Jaden, get back on your Philly ting” (Shouts out Philly) If you ain’t poppin’ in the streets, then you ain’t doin’ shit Rainbow diamonds in my teeth, so now I’m fluent with it (Rainbow drip) And th