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Mad Tsai – killer queen Lyrics

There was this girl The most beautiful in the world She had all the boys in town wrapped ’round her finger She would walk the halls And everyone would whisper and talk ‘Cause all the girls in town wanted to be her But behind those emerald eyes She’s a devil in disguise The prom queen has blood on her hands Every boy and girl she dates Disappears without a trace So be careful when she asks you to dance She’s a motherfucking killer queen A psychopath at seventeen A beauty in a blood-stained dress She’ll fill your heart with kerosene And light you up ’til you can’t breathe If you cross her path you just might end up dead There was this girl Who was broken by the world ‘Cause everyday at school they’d push and shove her But she had a plan One day she would get her revenge And those cheerleaders and jocks would be six feet under But behind those angel eyes Lies a devilish surprise The prom queen has killed for her crown Every boy and girl she seeks Never comes back in one piece So be carefu

Mad Tsai – heartbreak honeymoon Lyrics

This song is for boy who played me Here’s our break-up I never got to say Here’s all the things you gave me While we were dating Alphabetically arranged A is for all your half-assed apologies “B” is for breaking up at my birthday party Couldn’t I see that I would be catching you cheating on me? D is for drunk and dialing me to drive you home “E” is for evidence I found on your phone so Fuck you for making me feel like a goddamn fool Goodbye to the guy I knew Hello heartbreak honeymoon I’m more interested in me Joke’s on you and your jealousy This song is for the boy who kissed me I hope you’re listening Learn your ABC’s Never thought I’d catch you cheating Gave me 26 reasons You’re alphabetically deranged “K” is for karma, for kissing him in front of me “L” is for lying saying “I love you I’d never leave” You’re mistaken if you think you can manipulate me one more time “N” is naïve to never notice your narcissism O is I’m moving on to optimism Played me like a puppet but I’m pulling ou

Mad Tsai – lover boy Lyrics

I can be a lover boy Call me in the summer Bright little light Dancing in the suburbs High school fight Wish we could stay like this You could be my lover girl Chase me through the winter It’s our world Kissing near the bleachers God it hurts Knowing that we’re going home I could be your dream boy I could be just what you need Every now [?] your voice I can finally fall asleep You don’t need to worry Come and kiss me on the beach Call me till’ [?] battery You don’t even have to leave We’re psychos, running through the isles Even when we’re sad we got smiles Nothing ever gonna compare to this moment Oh yeah, we’re best friends, we don’t even gotta pretend Gotta keep these [?] on weekends I can be a lover boy Call me in the summer Bright little light Dancing in the suburbs High school fight Wish we could stay like this You could be my lover girl Chase me through the winter It’s our world Kissing near the bleachers God it hurts Knowing that we’re going home Summer nights, last to the pric

Mad Tsai – stupid games Lyrics

I think I kinda got a crush Don’t want to say I’m in love Cause I don’t know if he’s into guys Don’t know if I’ll ever be his type But a boy can dream his heart away That he’ll find a boy who swings his way Sometimes I wish that I was straight I wouldn’t have to play these stupid games Like analyzing the way he talks Does he watch football or watch Ru Paul? What I really guess I’m trying to say Is would you like to be my date? Or are you straight? Is my gaydar broken? Am I too late? Is your schedule open? Sorry for ruining the mood I had to ask ’cause you’re so cute Oh, are you straight? Hey-Ey-Ey-Ey Should tell him that I like him (Like him) Don’t know what if you date a guy like me (Guy like me) Hey, do you got a girlfriend? (Grilfriend) Or do you walk the other street? (Walk pass the street) Do you wanna kiss me? (Kiss me) Or am I now thinking straight? This all just wishful thinking ‘Cause I’m hoping swing away I’m tryna be nice But I can’t help I wanna be yours But I can’t tell Th

Mad Tsai – that friend Lyrics

Well, I guess I’m that friend The one walking three-steps behind ’cause the sidewalk’s not wide enough, and my friends talk on by Never included in the conversation I’m the king of my plane of existence I guess I’m a ghost Alone and my friends and I aren’t close ’cause they think I’m a burden, so I don’t let my feelings show They forgot when it was my birthday At least the tears in my cake were gourmet I’m tired of being last pick Treated like the side chick Background character for all of my life Well, I guess I’m that friend, and my friends just pretend that I’m somebody that they like I guess I’m that friend The one who hangs with the group that ain’t close enough to anyone to have someone to talk to I got friends, but I’m still lonely If we played the quiet game, I’d win all the trophies Well, I guess I just exist I’m not missed, no one even seems to even notice that I’m listening, I’ve got feelings, and I ain’t very outspoken They forgot to invite me to the party Got a text like,

Mad Tsai – boy bi Lyrics

When my friends ask me ’bout my sexuality I choke up and joke that the answer’s not easy Like I’m watching a Disney movie and the couple gets it on But who should I look at, is it Shang or Mulan? I like boys and girls but I still don’t know why I couldn’t get either one if I really try I’m switching my preference like an on and off switch If I had a dime for every crush I’ve had I’d be rich Like boy, bye, girl, hi, new guy, I’m bi? I cry every time I try to decide I guess you’re right, I’m bi, just without the sexual I’m too scared to date so I’ve just been by myself Like I’m watching a Disney movie and I slowly start to sweat Is it Jasmine’s dancing or Aladdin’s open vest? Oh, it sucks sometimes to be right in the in between I’m too gay for girls, too straight to be a drag queen I’m just playing, I’m just saying, I’d like to be clear I don’t know what the hell is going on here And love can be hard for someone who doesn’t know what they want I’m missing a part for all of my life, got a