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NAV – Count on Me Lyrics

NAV – Count on Me Lyrics I look great on the surface, but I’m not doin’ well (Not doin’ well) Get to where I’m goin, I put myself through hell Not the happiest person, but nobody could tell ‘Cause I never cry for help, I’d rather cry by myself (Yeah) Can’t let what someone say about me make me down (Woah-oh) Thought I did this shit correctly, but still they don’t respect me I wonder why they hate me now (Hate me now) Why don’t they accept me? They just keep on rejectin’ me and It startin’ to break me down When my problems get the best of me, forget about my blessings I don’t care if they take me now (Yeah) I ain’t scared to die, I’m scared to live too long Don’t wanna find out which friend gon’ stab me in my back Don’t wanna find out who my ex with when she moves on Don’t wanna find out when I’m workin’, I’m tryna relax I don’t wanna know when I’m fallin’ off I don’t wanna know who not gon’ take my calls I know I’ll only be around for so long (So long) But when they count me out, who c

NAV – Baby Lyrics

NAV – Baby Lyrics Baby Lyrics by NAV Let me hold some cash, can you cover the tab for me, baby? (Baby) When my bills come in, can you put up half for me, baby? (Yeah) Can you buy me a new car, put 200 on the dash for me? (Skrrt) Talk about who I smashed, can you put that shit in the past for me, baby? (Baby, baby, baby, yeah) Take another half, you just gotta sit down and relax for me, baby When they shit on my name, hope you turn up to the max for me (Turn up) Protect my heart, can you promise to play your part for me, baby? Fly me out first class if you wanna see me And if I ain’t got my shit straight, you gotta believe in me Could you hold me down and build me up? No, you can’t Could you pay these bills all by yourself? Let me know if you got some bands (Let me know) I never put you in regular shit Fuck up, say sorry, I give you a kiss Diamonds like popcorn, they pop on your wrist Smoking on runts every day ’cause I’m rich Swapped out my ho, I just upgrade my bitch Compared what I

NAV – Dead Shot Lyrics

Dead Shot Lyrics by NAV & Lil Uzi Vert Yeah, yeah, yeah (Aye, aye, aye) Let’s go Shoot out with vest but that boy, he still caught a headshot Bro can shoot from down the street, his nickname, yeah, is Dead Shot Bro just chased a opp until his legs stopped I just fucked his thot and I just hit her with that leg lock, yeah My chest hurt when I be tokin’ ’cause I’m smokin’ dead opps He think a shotta, hit his top and take his dreads off And I got these Perkies in my pocket like I’m tryna get these meds off Me and Lil Uzi stackin’ up so much guap, we’ll pay the feds off Every time I do something right, they try to say I’m dead wrong I can fuck your lil’ bitch in my whip, I treat it like my bedroom Pulled up in that coupe, no, I didn’t have no headroom My n***** about that murder game, I call it red rum She let me hit in the car, you know my backseat got some legroom I just took half a pill from Pluto and I went to Neptune When I’m lacking confidence, my diamonds comin’ to the rescue G

NAV – Demons in My Cup Lyrics

All I need is some ice, I’m pouring my demons in my cup (Skrt) Smoking on biscotti, I just told Scotty to beam me up (Beam me up) Walk anywhere with my chain ’cause I know I’ll never get touched Think about the people you love in your life ‘fore you think about beating me up (Yeah) I’m a big dog, you a pup (Pup) Riding around with sticks, baby, I’ll slap shots like a puck I’m staying away from suckas lately so don’t even try dapping me up You can ask about me in my bank lately, they gon’ tell you I’m running it up (Running it up) Park a brand new coupe and I hop out My ice on gliss when I pop out Go electric on Tesla, I rock out Take a perc for the pain and go black out Fucked a bitch of the Henny and pulled out My girl in her place, I put my foot down With no seasoning, beef getting cooked now Tryna play with us, he gettin’ put down Feel like every day land on a pay day When I’m drunk I be counting on DayDay Play me music whenever they see me My car new and it can’t play a CD Catch a

NAV & Don Toliver – One Time Lyrics

You buy the drink at the bar You want to fuck in the car I’ll show you just who you are You took a bite of the bar I guess it’s right if it’s wrong Girl, I see, yeah, I see It’s a one-time hit for a n****, for a n**** like me Girl, I see, yeah, I see It’s a one-time hit for a n****, for a n**** like me They come in the ceiling when you fuckin’ with a star Girl, just drop a pin, I’m pulling up to where you are Everything I get it come with options ’cause I’m famous Had a special moment, still can’t tell you what her name is Plug to your socket, let me be the one in charge I can be your mirror, I can show you who you are Can’t be seen in public with you, I’m taking a risk Every time you use your phone, I think you’re being slick Focus on the moment, don’t know how long we’ll live I know that she goin’, she got tats on her ribs There’s not a lot of people that can do what I did Damn near suicidal, almost slit both my wrists Soon as I pull up, it’s just as fast as I’m gone I’ve been going

NAV – Weirdo Lyrics

(Wheezy outta here) Wake up in the mornin’, I’m already high by the time that I get suited up (High) Only here and I’m doin’ this Preston, I leave bad impressions, I stay booted up (Booted) Your favorite rapper act like a weirdo, every time I talk, he keep on blinkin’ at me (Weirdo) Eliantte on my bracelet, two-carat eyeballs keep on winkin’ at me (Bling) Sleep by myself, but I cuddle my Glock I’m my own boss, I don’t punch on the clock (No way) Know some people got money, they still droppin’ dimes Got pain in my heart, screamin’ “Free all the slimes” Call a hit, a convertible chop off his top They tryna find out how much money I got I just called up my bank and they told me “A lot” (Racks) When I buy land, the only time that I plot (Let’s go) Opps talkin’, but I still ain’t hearin’ em Send a message, I stress back the fear in ’em If you got more bread than me, you livin’ delirium Deal that you signed, I got it in Ethereum Walk in my closet, I put that shit on When I’m in my city, I mo

NAV & Lil Durk – My Dawg Lyrics

You my dawg You my dawg You my dawg You my dawg Told you that I got you, you my dawg forever I know you broken and you tryna keep your shit together Pull up on me, I can get some bands together (Pull up, bands) Right or wrong, I told you that I’m down, whatever (Whatever) My girl a brat, I’m not a rat, I don’t fight over cheddar (No way) Leave the key, I let you stay up in my spot whenever If you cold and if I could, I make them change the weather ‘Cause when we punch a opp, it’s like we glued our hands together Yeah You my dawg, told you, “I got you” It’s like we glued our hands together My dawg, you my dawg, my dawg, told you, “I got you” You my dawg, you my dawg Need some drank? I’ll pour you up until you feelin’ better (I’ll pour you up) Anytime we have some beef, I’m always down to settle Both our blocks had lots of gangs that didn’t last forever (They didn’t) We the ones that got our weight up, movin’ pounds together We were broke, you picked me up when I was fallin’ over (You pi

NAV – Don’t Compare Lyrics

(I know you been goin’ through it) I look for you when I’m done acting crazy (Save me) I think you can be the one to save me It’s like even for they own problems, everybody blame me (They blame me) We start to grow apart, I’ll never be the same me (I’ll never be the same me) Girls be saying that they love me, it just feel like lust I could get a thousand girls and still no one to trust Every time we go out, we be going up Help me count up ’cause I count on you to show me love When I ran into her, I’m like, “Where you been hiding?” Just like all my flights, all her pages on private Try to give her space but she stay on my body I know you been going through shit for me lately (Lately) But it’s worth it ’cause I know how seriously you take me (I know) She tell me that what these people say will never break me Only you see my real side, these people get the fake me (Only you get my real side, my real side) If it ain’t you, then I don’t want no one (I tried comparing but you don’t compare t

NAV – Loaded Lyrics

I just poured a 4 in a Fanta, I feel like it’s the perfect potion Get geeked stay up all night, I work like I’m tryna get a promotion I made a lot of mistakes and all my business out in the open I made some permanent decisions off temporary emotions Try to stay high all the time (All the time) Everyday I get loaded (All the time) Everyday I get loaded (All the time) Everyday I get loaded All it took was a little time Then all of my pockets exploded All of my pockets exploded All of my pockets exploded Anytime I go outside, I’m getting money so I show it I’m getting money so I show it I’m getting money so I show it I’ve been ignoring the signs I live the wrong way and I know it (Know it) I live the wrong way and I know it (What) I live the wrong way and I know it Pass that shit I’m staying up, I put another half in my double cup Get high like I’m partying but my demons the only ones showing up I’m so fried give myself a hug, I don’t need no one to show me love Wake up and I’m coming dow

NAV & RealestK – Lost Me Lyrics

Now I can’t love and trust you again So you lost me and you lost me ‘Cause you gave it all up for that man Now I can’t love and trust you again So you lost me and you lost me ‘Cause you gave it all up for that man (Yeah) I hate when you frown, but to tell you the truth, I’m not settling down Can’t believe you can vibe with someone else, I’m starting to look at you different now You letting him take you shopping but I’m the one that really gave you your style (Yeah) Whole time I thought you had heart, but I swear you loving seeing miserable now (Whoa) I can’t be replaced, just look at your face, I made sure diamonds crushed in the dial These other girls can’t do nothing you did, got me craving your physical now (Got me craving) Everybody told me not to trust you, you acting real typical now (Yeah) Every time I leave the town, you keep posting shit to kick me while I’m down (Yeah) When I’m going to sleep and I wake up, I think about you every day (Every day) I gave you lots of shit up fr

NAV & Bryson Tiller – Reset Lyrics

Can we just reset? (Reset) Can we do it over from the start? Ain’t no need to be pressed (Be pressed) ‘Cause we in the same game playing our part Need you to give me yo’ best (Yo’ best) I got lots of options that’s still available to me I’m not like the rest (No way) I look at ’em like they on a lower level to me Glitch in the matrix, I dodge all the hate coming at me All of my budgets no limit, they never gon’ cap me Every time I break your trust, I go to bed like, “Here we go again” Fuck all these hoes, make you number one and get rid of all of them I’m tryna hold it together, I don’t wanna be apart (Be apart) Please tell me who you know better than me that gon’ play my part (Play my part) You wondering why I be stressed, can’t get back the time I invested Don’t keep ignoring my message, girl, you just blocking your blessings I got problems, my intention is never to break your heart (Break your heart) You should know how you should deal with me when I show you all my cards (I show yo

NAV & Baby Face Ray – Mismatch Lyrics

Please don’t judge me by my past if I consider you my friend I could show you how to turn a million dollars into ten I was laying in the grass, I sniped a model and her friend I can’t talk hot on the phone the situation that I’m in I keep driving home drunk and I keep fucking up my rims They just took my left hand, now I’ma live without a limb We could have the same Carti’, shit look different through my lens Mismatch, I just did the Dior with the Prada Big plaques walking through my crib, I got a lot of My block is hot, I walk through and I’m scared to step on lava My lil’ homies proud of me and still be sellin’ product I be flossing, valet runnin’ to me when I park up Took her shoppin’, got that girl a kit, it was a start-up Expensive gas, they smelling my aroma when I spark up Don’t take me simple, I’m the wrong tree that you should bark up (Yeah, Wheezy outta here) Please don’t judge me by my past if I consider you my friend I could show you how to turn a million dollars into ten I

NAV – Destiny Lyrics

Rolling, I don’t need to eat Pills turn me into a monster, I been a beast I’m who I was meant to be Getting my racks, fulfilling my destiny Drip, I got sauce on me Study my formula, they want the recipe Keeping my Glock on me ‘Cause protection don’t feel like a vest to me Turned to an opp and we sent that boy up to god and he keep on blessing me I don’t worry about blogs, I can see through the fog with these LED lights sitting comfortably My neck like a shore, I get plenty of whores, man, these Elliott diamonds do something to me Opening doors, why would I keep giving you more if you still don’t do nothing for me? Christian Dior Marble my floors Step like a pimp when I put on velour I poured a 4 Think I need more Count all my racks until my thumbs get sore I give my bro my code to my safe I stay with my dog like a shoe and a lace Deal with my problems, never evade Tapped with the mob as a man I’m made Living my passion, the money a plus Least I know I could go shopping all day Respect

NAV – Ball in Peace Lyrics

Fuck twelve, man, I know they did it, can’t believe they really just took my mans Shit was good while it lasted, we had some fun, now New York will never be the same again You was whoopin’ people ass, got me banned from Little Sister and I didn’t give a damn Never thought that I would see the day, they put your Maybach inside an ambulance (Yeah) I’m hurtin’, I miss my sleeze I hope you ball (Ball), I hope you ball in peace Can’t get you off, can’t get you off of my mind I wish I could call (Call), I wish I could call you one more time What were you runnin’ away, runnin’ away from? (Runnin’ from) I’m proud you made it out a long way, where you came from (Long way) I’m tryna find someone to take out this pain on (Pain) I wish I could turn back time so I could hold on (I can keep you close) I see you in my dreams, fallin’ away from me (I can keep you close) I never met someone as loyal, I’ma just keep shit immaculate for you I always made sure that you ate good when it’s time to eat Had a

Lil Tecca & NAV - ABOUT YOU Lyrics

Lil Tecca & NAV - ABOUT YOU Lyrics  [Intro: Lil Tecca] Yeah, we be on this side, yeah, we be on this side Yeah, yeah (Hahaha, Nick, you’re stupid) Yeah, we be on this side, yeah, we be on this side Yeah, yeah (We love you, Tecca) We on this side (Internet Money, bitch), yeah, we be on this side Yeah, we be on this side, yeah, we be on this side [Chorus: Lil Tecca] How you get cropped out the picture? Doin’ shit you ain’t ever seen, my nigga (Yeah) And she be off a bean, no filter Tell me what I gotta do to get that mixture Everything seems so smooth, so cold Know I’ma stay real but I don’t know about you Yeah, I don’t know about you If I go M.I.A, just know it’s not about you [Verse 1: Lil Tecca] Bitches, they be flockin’ to the left side And all the birds, they be flockin’ to the bread, right If it don’t work first, do it ten times Before you see that green light, you see that red light I could text them, yeah, I won’t text send And I won’t love a thot, yeah, that’s what Tec said

NAV - Slide Lyrics

[Chorus] Slide, when you gon’ slide? (Tell me when) You’ve been runnin’ laps around my mind (Around) Tryna bridge the gap between you and I (Come through then) Addicted to the chase, it’s my vibe (Tryna get your girl) Slide, slide, slide, when you gon’ slide? (Slide) Time, time, time, today I got time (Time) Slow, slow, slow, take it slow (Slow) Go, go, go, I don’t go nowhere to go (Nowhere to go) [Verse 1] Promise me, yeah (Promise me) You gon’ help me kill my anxiety, yeah (Shit gon’ slide) Hit the THC and drive (Drive) Hit the PCH for a vibe (Let’s go) Lonely, does rick orange look good on you? (Ricky) Don’t care about my friends, they still want you (Want you) The feelings that I feel, I hope you feel them too (Yeah) All this shit gon’ slide, I bet you never gon’ come through (No) Stop playin’ games with me, you know I got a lot of hoes Match me perfectly, is like she fit my mode PTSD, I gotta keep my savages with me Fly you out, I can show you I’m the man in my city (I’m the man)


No question, ima ride out for my bros The money turned me to a savage on these hoes I don't need nobody, I could do this on my own Fuck everybody, born alone and die alone I got a cougar bitch, and we get along 'Cause my cougar bitch look like Nia Long You can tell I'm gettin' money 'bout what I got on Supreme, Gucci, Louis, Fendi, and some Saint-Laurent No windows in the studio, don't wanna see the sun You know I'm killin' shit on every beat I'm on I might fall asleep and crash my car, I'm drivin' home 30 milligrams, I'm focused, you can't take me out my zone I used to hold my tears when my bro was in a cell He came home, I gave him all my Bape and now he fresh as hell Wanna ride out, got your back until we die and go to Hell Wanna ride out, got your back until we die and go to Hell He's got a check, they say I'm crazy 'cause I'm sharin' all my wealth Rather spend it on my bros, don't care to