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RZA & Bobby Digital – We Push Lyrics

All that you see is not what you see There’s more to the story This shit ain’t easy We push (Push) We push (Push) Take it from me The Shaolin M.C. We get all the money But we get no sleep We push (Push) We push (Push) One nation under god Indivisible Approached wit a force That seems invisible We drink gold nectar and make a miracle The keeper of the gate of your heart Is Bobby Digital N**** mortis, y’all stuck wit’ n**** mortis It’s like you got walking talkin’ rigor mortis Headus – corpus We gotta bigger office A Sunseeker in the ocean chasin’ swordfish We study ants and plants And given grants to kids And then a chance to live inside a mansion And make it better so when they go into the meta They ain’t gotta worry about that food clothes and shelter Alpha, sigma, delta Gama, phi, beta We build our mind and bodies To make our lives greater I multiply a particle, molecules, and plasma So from my simulation, real life is mastered All that you see is not what you see There’s more to the

RZA & DJ Scratch – Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater Lyrics and Tracklist

Artist: RZA & DJ Scratch EP: Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Date: March 4 Year: 2022     RZA & DJ Scratch Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater Tracklist 1. Intro Lyrics 2. Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater Part 1 Lyrics 3. Pugilism Lyrics 4. Never Love Again Lyrics 5. Fate of the World Lyrics 6. Fisherman Lyrics 7. Kaiju Lyrics

RZA & DJ Scratch – Fisherman Lyrics

No one knows for whom the bell tolls. Or how many souls does the hell hold? You find a soul it’s more precious than gold. Some get bought some get lost some sold but. No one knows for whom the bell tolls. Or how many souls does the hell holds. As we strive for these diamonds and Gold A lot of lessons unfold. The Great Fishermen the fisher of men Try to make a remedy for the elixir of sin. Premonition, we need Divine Intervention The whole world is staged so it’s time for intermission. In the middle of the Congo Jungle there’s a combo Of concentrated elements that makes the world phones glow. But they got a small zone for the phone though. We use to communicate banging on the bongo. When the village was more motherly and brotherly And the Dutch came through and killed them off for the rubber tree. King Leopold, city built from a sea of Gold. The Rza rector still trading on a silky road. Someone told us to grow up and get your doe up So uh we invested inside the blow rush. That was the l

RZA & DJ Scratch – I'll Never Love Again Lyrics

I’ll never love again No no You were not my friend. You were not my friend. It’s crazy you know You meet somebody try to be somebody. I’ll never love again Backs faceless Chick jumping out sex faces chasing me back to the crib. She’s a dominatrix and she like to play tricks Jack like hide the aces. I tied her to the bed post with wide shoe laces. Candle wax on her ass cheeks she can’t speak from the pain. But wanted more she’s a total freak. And I’m a total geek for it drink smoke or eat for it. I could choose to lose sleep for a week for it. Like we was made to do it I’m not afraid to do it. Pssh I do it for free. she gets paid to do it but Vinny never really spends a penny on any. Why should he when they have so many. Laverna, Sherly, Thelma, or Penny, Mork Or Mindy, Louie or Fendi? Gucci or pucci? Genie or lucy? Her nose twinkle like bewitch. Not a wrinkle or a glitch like Smith and James. I wanted to get hitched. But then everything switched, Marilyn Monroe the 7 year itch. Tssh li

RZA & DJ Scratch – Kaiju Lyrics

Mosura ya Mosura Dongan kasakuyan indo muu Rusuto uiraandoa, hanba hanbamuyan, randa banunradan Tounjukanraa The Rza Rector, amongst the protectors. Of the moon and Makeeba and all true believers. Volcanic eruptions weapons of mass destructions. How to fix man was a book of instructions. Incoming y’all best to run to your dungeons. For plundering the earth. The ancients have summoned. Titans of a pantheon, from a far land beyond, the borders of Florida or shores of Bora Bora. Ancient as a rock formation in the Appalachians. Older than Neanderthal pagans homosapien. In a way we are Super-Saiyan. What I’m saying is we get strength from fasting and praying. War of the Gargantuas. Bobby made of titanium. abnormal size erection 4 heads and cranium. Moving like the northern Moors. Civilizing Spain and them. Once the Titans are unleashed there is no restraining them. Mosura ya Mosura Dongan kasakuyan indo muu Rusuto uiraandoa, hanba hanbamuyan, randa banunradan Tounjukanraa Horrific beings fr

RZA & DJ Scratch – Pugilism Lyrics

The Shabama lama hammer grammar slammer nothing new to this. Shaolin kung fu Wutang pugilist. Yellow blue diamonds, black buddah beads circle wrist. You attack me from the back … that was foolishness. We move together as one like a school of fish. Poison needle shot you tried to block. It went through your wrist. 18 low hand stance this is laughing buddah fist. Butterfly knifes lighting striking like a cumulous. Overthrow your quote trap your throat like tuberculosis. 2020 quarantine I developed perfect focus. Winter Green limousine rhinestone denim jeans. Use to play with triple beams now I’m into simple things. Army issued m16’s blow your ass to smithereens. Have your crew twitching like they fiending for that nicotine. Watch out watch out here she comes up! she’s a man eater Rappers are a bunch of ants and I’m a hungry ant eater. Consume that poisonous dead meat its tumorous. All that poison in the airwaves I’m immune to it. You striving for a car and lab I got numerous. You thought

RZA & DJ Scratch – Intro Lyrics

Once upon a time, there was a hip-hop b-boy warrior whose body was possessed by two egos. One very holistic and narcissistic but operated at a high level of fantastic scientific expressions. He mastered electronic and atomic gadgets. Sporadic lyrical acrobatics transposing himself into a multi rare persona, known as BOBBY DIGITAL.. digital.. digital.. digital.. digital.. digital. On the other end of the spectrum was the ego composed of righteousness, mindfulness, Super logical, Shaolin philosophical. He sought to acknowledge himself in a perfecting artist expression. Stressing lyrical content should be laced with lessons. They called him The RZA.. Rza.. Rza.. Rza.. Rza.. Rza. Both egos have a Kindred enemy. The weak wack micro-bots watered-down hip-hop bots. Who wanted to control the airwaves and make mental slaves of the hip hop generations. After laying the foundation to awaken the hip hop generations. Both egos went into creative hibernation. During the hibernation period, the micro

RZA & DJ Scratch – Fate of the World Lyrics

The fate of the world is in your hand Is in your hand All praises due to Allah Respect to all my Christian brothers out there All my synagogue brothers All my haire krishna’s Let’s build together Let’s go Left, right come together Left, right come together (Let’s get ’em) Left, right come together (Let’s bring some light to it) Put your hands up, WuTang is forever A thousand years of darkness The world got struck with sorrow Hollow be thy name We need a better tomorrow Rejuvenate the blood through tendons and the bone marrow Light always shine we just trapped inside the earth shadow The Sky is God’s eye, the sun, the pupil, yes The wise recognize the fool is unscrupulous A coward dies a thousand deaths A liar lose a thousand breaths We learn to breathe right until the last breath is left So what’s left besides for us to do what’s right They breed mythology Social consciousness not being taught in sociology But sexuality being taught in today’s biology Your psychic powers being dumb dow

RZA & DJ Scratch – Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater Part 1 Lyrics

Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater Part 1 Lyrics by RZA & DJ Scratch   Saturday Afternoon Kung-Fu Theater! Mommy, It’s Saturday Afternoon Kung-Fu Theater. (chanting) What’s today’s special feature? Todays’ special feature is Bobby Digital versus the RZA and the pit full of snakes. Turn my mic up a little bit Yo, Bobby Digital (ha) Ayo I could take a rain drop Turn it to an icicle Pull off in that blue escalade You still rockin’ tricycles. Michael Myers mask on my face Copper filtered in N-95 edition boy I’m a virus killa Try to quarantine me My chi increase like akira. Money coming in the mail I got cheese like quesadilla. You’re generic prosthetic pathetic Your rap is too synthetic You can’t cope with me kiddo This is verbal athletics Thirty-six pressure points we choose hit that fatal Aikido blow tae-kwon-do Whirlwind kicks, tornadoes Bobby Digital Back in black shampoo It’s like ah, animal house national lampoon (haha) Gag em up with a spoon I got the bag in the other room I bou