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The Weeknd ft. Tyler, The Creator – Here We Go… Again Lyrics

Here We Go… Again From Dawn FM the fifth studio album by Canadian singer and songwriter the Weeknd. It was released through XO and Republic Records on January 7, 2022. The album is narrated by Jim Carrey, and features guest appearances from Tyler, the Creator and Lil Wayne. Strike a pose with my kinfolk Front page of the billboards Suit and tie and cigar smokes Macallan shots till it burn throats We still celebratin’ Superbowl Catalogue lookin’ legendary Ring froze like it’s February XO, that’s a mercenary A quarter bill on an off year Used to sing on lofts But now we cruising on a yacht, we clear, yeah Yeah, said you wanted your boyfriend jealous with a couple pics And you didn’t expect to fall for me once you got this dick The city dark, city dangerous Your girlfriend’s tryna pair you with somebody more famous But instead you ended up with someone so basic Faceless Someone to take your pictures and frame it And my new girl, she a movie star My new girl, she a movie star I loved her r

Snoh Aalegra - NEON PEACH Lyrics

[Intro: Tyler, The Creator & Snoh Aalegra] Yeah, yeah You know that’s right Can you turn me up? That shit crazy I don’t know One, one, one [Pre-Chorus: Snoh Aalgra] I don’t even try to Bring up and remind you All the things that you have done So put the past behind you You’re livin’ in a lie too The present time has had enough [Chorus: Snoh Aalegra] It’s the things that you do (Do) I know, we’ve gone too far (Too far) When I think about the things that we do (We do) And you know, you’ve gone too far (Too far) If you think about the things that we do [Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator] Yo, ah Girl, why you talkin’ to him? (Uh?) He ain’t gon’ bite you, you balkin’ again You got better shots but you blockin’ the rim (Yeah) You too scared to work it out ’cause you locked in thе gym I throw you the keys if you ride with thе boy (Ayo, woo, woo) I’ll holla when I’m down at your pad (I’m downstairs) Hop in, we can drive to your joy And peel off like the top of this cab, listen [Pre-Chorus: Snoh

Tyler, The Creator - WUSYANAME Lyrics

[Intro: Tyler, The Creator, Ty Dolla $ign & DJ Drama] Something real, yeah Baby Hold on now, we don’t do that back Haha, that’s my pick up line and shit Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I got your bitch movin’ Call me when you get lost [Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator & Ty Dolla $ign] Aw, you look malnourished (Malnourished) Let’s get some bread, fry the egg yolk and drown it in syrup (Drown it in syrup) You pick a spot, I pick a tail number and we can be tourists (Ooh, yeah) Let’s go to Cannes and watch a couple indie movies that you never heard of (Baby) Listen to bands, groove and we dance Disco in France, smell some perfume, head in the wind (In the wind) We can switch off I can show you how you can really exfoliate skin If you got a man, you should cut him off Get your passport ’cause we runnin’ off (Run off) We can sit and talk You can tell me everything that’s on your chest, baby, get it off You are my type, you a bright light I’m like a moth, this is not a game (This is not a g

Tyler, The Creator - WILSHIRE Lyrics

[Intro] Mhm, fuck, yeah [Verse 1] Met you on a Saturday, knew it was somethin’ soon as you spoke it Eye fuckin’ across the table, don’t think anybody noticed You asked me if I was comin’ the city you from Maybe we should kick it, I was interested, that would be dumb If I denied long legs, good ears, great taste Smell good, sense of humor, obvious a good face And we clicked, we was at each other’s hips I ain’t even wanna fuck ’cause your presence was enough You and I make sense, you stayed back at my telly We was chattin’ ’til mornin’, the vibrations was heavy I wasn’t drownin’ or yawnin’, that’s when I told you my feelings You told me you felt the same, but you got homie you dealin’ with Damn, I didn’t know, that’s a bit unexpected But I get it, it’s whatever, least I can do is respect it We still gon’ kick it and check-in like nothin’ could ever stop it The problem is he my friend, but if I’m honest, I’m really hopin’ you drop him It’s morals I really have, it’s lines I could never cr

Tyler, The Creator - SAFARI Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Drama & Tyler, The Creator] Destination: remote We done been everywhere Only thing we ain’t traveled Is time (Yo) [Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator] The boy records smell like bleach I can travel where I want I’m accustomed clearin’ customs It ain’t custom, I don’t come Flee the bird to the truck I said “au revoir” to the stewardess Border control, that’s some stupid shit Stayin’ at home, I hate Runaway love but I’m no Ludacris Sippin’ on mint tea, take my shoes off Then we take off then I snooze off Until I land where I’m foreign And I wake up, have to droop off Got my passport in my weak hand I’ma cool off, get a sweet tan Loafers filled with beach sand We climbed ’til we found the peace sign Fuck all the checks and the calls, get a passport See the world, open your eyes ’til your back hurt Niggas get bread and won’t leave, shit is backwards Start with your feet then a car then a airport Get our your bubble gum Blow up horizons, sun Sled in the Alps or go tube in Missoula O

Tyler, The Creator - RISE! Lyrics

[Intro: Tyler, The Creator] Whatever your shit is, man, do it Whatever bring you that immense joy, do that, that’s your luxury The greatest thing that ever happened to me was Bein’ damn near twenty and leavin’ Los Angeles for the first time I got out my bubble, my eyes, just wide My passport is the most valuable— [Chorus: Tyler, The Creator] Massa couldn’t catch me, my legs long than a bitch Got too much self-respect, I wash my hands ‘fore I piss They try to talk me—, ehm, I’ma just go [Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator] Yeah, when I turned twenty-three that’s when pubеrty finally hit me My facial hair started growin’, my clothing ain’t really fit mе That caterpillar went to cocoon, do you get me? See, I was shiftin’, that’s really why Cherry Bomb sounded so shifty My taste started changin’ from what it was when they met me But first impression is everything, ain’t wanna let me go Always curious as a child and askin’ questions, so I ain’t give no fucks, if, and, buts if they accept me Yo, my

Tyler, The Creator - MANIFESTO Lyrics

[Intro: Tyler, The Creator & DJ Drama] Lil’ white bitch gon’ say “You need to say something about that” “You need to say somethin’ ’bout black—” Bitch, suck my— Yeah Go time [Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator] That ain’t in your religion, you just followin’ your mammy She followed your granny, she obeyed master Did y’all even ask her? Questions, it’s holes in them stories Is it, holes in your blessings? Yeah, I’m bold with the message I know I ain’t got the answer But I ain’t gon’ cheerlead with y’all just to be a dancer I’ma groove to my own drums, sunlight in my shadow, baby Move ’til my soul comes, let them serpents rattle, baby [Verse 2: Domo Genesis & DJ Drama] Crackin’ like broke porcelain, bitch We ocean deep if you just pour us in a portion of shit Them people try to twist my view on some contortionist shit I had to reevaluate what was important and shit (O-F) Finders, keepers, when you creep inside my mind it’s madness (Yeah) If I see peace, I’m like a fiend (Ooh), uh, gotta

Tyler, The Creator - LEMONHEAD Lyrics

[Intro: Tyler, the Creator & DJ Drama] Y’all niggas know what’s up You say, you say pandemic? (Yeah) Oh, you wanna see a pandemic? (Bunnyhop) Well shit, remove us from the game I don’t lean Then shit’ll really get crazy I don’t lean Gangsta Grillz (Yeah) [Verse 1: Tyler The Creator, DJ Drama & 42 Dugg] I don’t lean but my house do Off the hill with the mean view (Yeah) Nice house, if you look out You can see some eagles and a few yachts Got a roommate, he won’t move out If you want smoke, he the cool aunt And he drill shit, got the tool out It’s the Wolf Gang, Brooklyn Zoo out (Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah) Nigga, Wu-Tang, you get chewed out When we woo-hah, this is Flipmode And thеy know you’re pussy like the douchе, ah Bitch, I’m cuckoo and his mouth wet (Cuckoo, cuckoo) He a pool now, used to stage dive, but they sue now I was too hot, TLC waterfalls on my chest help me cool out (Ah) Got too many cars, shit a go-kart (Yeah) They’re catchin’ dust, won’t even start (Yeah) Earlobe

Tyler, The Creator - HOT WIND BLOWS Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Drama] Ladies and gentlemen We just landed in Geneva Yeah, that’s in Switzerland We on a yacht A young lady just fed me French vanilla ice cream We all got our toes out, too Call me when you get lost [Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator & DJ Drama] I’ma travel the globe, you keep the block hot Driver, open the door for me, my hand hurt Finders, we playin’ hide-and-seek with the passports Where the fuck we at? Oh, the pilot gotta remind us, yeah The luggage is pilin’, I need a close-to-us (Woo) So many stinky sit in my wallet, look like a folding chair (Yeah) The Cartier so light on my body thought I floated here We boated here, it’s Tunechi and Tyler but call me Baudelaire, yeah Out in Switzerland, travel with my bitch (Nigga), yeah, we kissin’, dawg I love when she let me rub her like Michelin (Skrrt, skrrt, facts) A hundred grand to sleep on a bird, the wings are whistlin’ like— Man, they ain’t listenin’ Cross the line like immigrants and benefit from it Keep on stuntin’ on th