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Coi Leray – Mountains Lyrics

Mountains Lyrics by Coi Leray (feat. Fivio Foreign & Young M.A)   Ayy You can have the highest mountain, yeah You can have all the money in the world Yeah, shit don’t mean shit Drink in my cup, might drown in it Yeah, I been puttin’ in work (In work) The Rollie gon’ bust, but the grind got no time limit Bitch, I get money in my sleep, it’s easy Yeah, big trendsetter, most these bitches treeshy I don’t chase n*****, SBs ain’t got not creases Yeah, CEO, lil’ bitch, just left this meeting I told the label they trippin’ I had to fight for this shit, they don’t get it Yeah, I had to step in and play some positions Yeah, still gotta check on the shipment (Still) Ayy, ayy, yeah, pack just landed in the trenches (We got it) Ain’t talked to my bro in a minute Yeah, my hustle so different (Different) We really rap ’bout what we livin’ (We livin’) Everything that they doin’, just know that we did it Pull up with twin to pop on a bitch She with it, I’m with it We spinnin’ your block and again,

Young M.A - Don Diva Lyrics

Intro: Young M.A] Hey, shawty thick, you know what I mean? Ah-ah Let me show you what’s up mama? Ayy, ayy, ayy [Verse 1: Young M.A & Rubi Rose] Little cutie-o with the booty, yo She like to do her, I said, “Do me though” Lil’ bougie hoe I told her I’m a Big Dog like I’m Scooby though And I keep a Glock ’cause it get spooky though (Grr) I don’t know that lame bitch I’m like, “Who the hoe?” (Who that?) Big ice VV’s, just call me Coolio (Ooh, ooh) The Big Don, 1942, Julio (Uh, uh) First I beat a nigga up then beat the coochie though (Ooh, ooh) Big drip Louie though (Ooh) Yeah, she bad, but she Gucci though (Okay) I could make that pussy sing like the studio (Yeah, uh) Sing it to me, baby (Sing it to me, ayy) I’m tryna Uber Eat the pussy, bring it to me, baby (Bring it to me, baby, Yeah, Rubi, yeah) [Verse 2: Rubi Rose & Young M.A] Yeah, it’s Rubi, baby (Rubi, yeah) I’m tryna fuck you with this mask like a goonie, baby (Uh, uh) Know you bumpin’ all my tunes like a looney, baby I’m

Young M.A - Nasty Lyrics

[Intro: Young M.A] Oh, oh (Benji he got Benjis) Oh, oh Oh, oh Oh, oh [Verse 1: Young M.A] Uh, I’m off the yak’, it’s on (It’s on) That pussy callin’, shh, no talkin’, girl, just take it off (Just take it off) I know you anxious, I’m impatient, don’t wanna wait at all I know you a freak, mm-hmm, don’t try to play it off Ayy, come take a ride on the other side (Mm-hmm) And with this tongue, I’ll make you cum unlike them other guys Know how to treat it, when I eat it, look in my fuckin’ eyes Teach you a lesson, we ain’t just sexin’, I will fuck your mind I know the pussy real well, girl, I can fuck you blind She said, “I love you”, I said, “Heard you and I love the [?]” I’m off this yak’, it got me feelin’ like, “Na-na, na-na” When she ride my face, I call hеr my lil’ ride or die [Chorus: Max YB] Nasty Girl, I love thе way you lookin’ when you ride it Every time I got that pussy, I was all in And I love the way you fuck me, wildin’ It’s just me, you, Hennessy, that’s how I like it And you