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Young Thug ft. Juice WRLD, Young Nudy - Rich Nigga Shit Lyrics

[Intro: Young Thug, Young Nudy] Juicy (Yo) Nav-y Yo Pi’erre, you wanna come out here? (Ayy) [Chorus: Young Thug & Juice WRLD] Rich nigga shit, calamari (Ow) I done pump faked on a split, I’m so sorry 1996 Benz, Tyler Perry 1996 rims like Atari (Ayy, ayy) Brown diamonds on, bitch, I’m Nessly I don’t play the radio, I’m not Gretzky Chicken bock-bock like a nest king I keep Wockhardt on my belly (Yeah) [Verse 1: Young Thug & Juice WRLD] I just spent your salary Walked inside of the exhibit and bought the gallery (Uh, uh-huh) I’m so wealthy, I done bought out on my cavities (Uh-huh) Havin’ sex with your old lady, I lost calories (Uh-huh) Rich shit, I’m playin’ Louis ping-pong with my bestie (Uh) Made a TV show with some lesbians (Uh-huh) Like the TV show, I done next’ed (Uh) G-Star, pull your thorns out your carat Bought my dawg a new kenel, it’s a palace Hunnid fortune, and the winners wanna bash me (Slatt, slatt, slatt) I rock minks when it ain’t December ’cause my diamonds Women

Young Nudy - Battlefield Lyrics

[Intro: Young Nudy] (20Rocket on this bitch, so it’s gon’ knock) Shit, ooh Goddamn, that motherfucker just hit Good God Almighty, uh Ooh (Damn son), you got a blunt then go roll the fuck up with me mane (Damn slime) You rock out [Chorus: Young Nudy] Cutthroat Paradise East where it’s real (Ooh) Nigga can’t be sweet, niggas get killed (Uh-uh) Bouldercrest Road, turned that bitch to a battlefield (Yeah) Niggas get hunted like deer ’round here (Baow) Hit a nigga up like a mountain (Mountain) Disappear a nigga like a phantom (Phantom) This a Kel-Tec, this is not no banana (Nah) This a new bitch, this a new nasty dancer (Yeah) It get to hummin’, that bitch want some answers (Mmhm) It get to bouncin’ and movin’, control (Yeah) Bullet just twirl, they twirl (Yooh) Nigga got put on thе curb (Ooh) Damn, they ass got served cold Damn, his ass got curtains closеd Damn, they walked down two of those Damn, we popped like five of those We don’t take no L’s, they know (Uh-uh) [Verse 1: Young Nudy] We

Young Nudy - Can’t Clone Me Lyrics

[Intro] See a lotta motherfuckers don’t see shit I feel like, “Why they been [?] us?” Slackin’ a buss, nigga (And when they [?]) Be in this motherfucker quick (Been in your heart) [?] I feel like it’s hot, though (COUPE) My motherfuckin’ dawg, nigga Know this shit for life, nigga Yeah (talmbout being 4L) Motivational, nigga (That’s your brain speakin’) You tell ’em [Chorus] Lockdown, get that bitch smacked (Ooh) Hell yeah she be on that, suckin’ she on that (Yeah) Gettin’ money ’cause I’m on that Pussy nigga, man, you niggas can’t clone me (Can’t clone me, uh-huh) Real nigga real big homie (Damn) Rich nigga and I’m never not phony (Yeah) Getting money never phony (Nah, haha) I got more haters now (Yeah), I got more paper now (Yeah, paper now) I got more shooters, don’t make me go call ’em out (Ooh, yeah) You niggas gon’ ball or not (Ball or not) Came in the wrong field and you found out (Yeah) All my niggas, yeah, they here to wild out Never have no fear, when you hear gun sounds And w

Young Nudy - Green Bean Lyrics

[Intro] Nigga know how I’m like Flew through like a muhfuckin’ bird, nigga (Yes, sir, yes, sir) How you comin’, slime? (Yo) Yeah (Yo, yo, phew) Yeah, yeah Yeah (Yo), yeah (Yo), yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah (Yo, Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?), yeah Yeah, yeah (Phew, you wanna come out here, nigga?) [Chorus] Ain’t shit green but that lima bean (That lima bean) Ain’t shit green but that gun on my beam (Boo-boo-boo, that gun on beam) Don’t get ate up like some collard greens (Like collard greens) You know I’m always trynna drop some green (Drop some green) And this shit crazy when they want some bread (Some bread) Shawty gotta go feed the streets (The streets) I’m spreading the word, you know I be spreading to eat (I be spreading to eat) You know I am evil, when I can’t have it, but I be praying to Jesus (But I be praying to Jesus, yes, sir, big God) Big God, He blessed me, tryna get me out the streets (Tryna get me out the streets) But the streets be callin’, sayin’, “Slimeball, we need some

Young Nudy - How They Label Me Lyrics

[Intro] We don’t respect you pussy ass niggas We only respect the real niggas, you feel me? 4L or nothin’, nigga, say somethin’ pussy (COUPE) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Chorus] (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) How you think that shit make me feel when they label me a thug nigga? (Label me a thug nigga, yeah) (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) How you think that shit make me feel when they say that I’m a drug dealеr? (Say that I’m a drug dealer, yeah) (Yеah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) How you think that shit make me feel when they say I am a grim reaper? (Say that I’m a grim reaper, yeah) (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) How you think that shit make me feel when my money come back, it ain’t even (Money come back, it ain’t even, no) [Verse 1] Real vacuum seal, real vacuum seal, ran off on a fuck nigga (Ran off on a fuck nigga, yeah) Hell yeah, this shit real deal, want your money, better catch up with us (Money, better catch up with us, yeah) And I got my steel, kee

Young Nudy - Money to Spend Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah (Yeah), uh-huh (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah), you know how I’m comin’, nigga (I’m tellin’ you) I’m slime, I can’t [?] (Wow), this shit in me (Yo, Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?) This shit is on me, dawg (Wow), I’m tellin’ you [Chorus] You don’t wanna be no victim, nigga, nigga, let me know (Nigga, let me know) Tryna give you niggas some fame, you wanna be next to blow (Wanna be next to blow) They’ll kill you ’bout my name, nigga, I’m tryna let you know (I’m tryna let you know) And you know I love my gang, you know they love big bro (They love big bro) We got money to spend, pull up on a nigga, spin (Wow, wow) Beef shit, just begin (Yeah) Shit get mеssy when it’s close to the еnd Heart bent, ’cause we comin’ again (Ooh, yeah) Step on nigga, yeah, we marchin’ again Pop some, make you park your car (Park your car) Valet with a body, I got a key I’ma put him where he need to be (Need to be, yeah) [Verse 1] You never bite the hand that feed you unless you don’t need ’em, slime ’em out

Young Nudy - No Disrespect Lyrics

[Intro] Fuck Go crazy then, nigga Mucho [?] Some type of, some shit (COUPE) Yeah [Chorus] No disrespect, but when I touch I feel like your city mine No disrespect, but if I grab her, man, your bitch is mine (Oh yeah) No disrespect, but if you disrespect your ass is dyin’ (For real) No disrespect to all that money you got, but it ain’t nothin’ like mine (Like mine) [Post-Chorus] I was on my grind, niggas was dyin’ In the hood, niggas was slime Open the door, niggas was firin’ Faa-faa-faa-faa-faa Niggas was shootin’ so much, man, the car wasn’t parked That motherfucker still in drive Got my stick, relayed it to the car Man, that motherfucker tryna ride (Oh yеah) [Verse 1] So many bullets inside So many bullets wе dump in they ride Boom, homie gon’ pull on the side Roll down the window, they uppin’ they ride (Baow) I got some real niggas who down 4L and not scared to die So when it come to murder shit, you know we not scared to try I’m in the hood, you niggas gettin’ bread or not? Niggas

Young Nudy - One In The Head Lyrics

[Intro: Young Nudy] (Ayy, Mahd, tell ’em turn that noise off) I, I, I told you Now we comin’, hit ’em up, fuck [Chorus: Young Nudy] One in the head, damn, you know that he dead (He dead) Damn, you know that his people is scared (They scared) You know that they runnin’, they know where we at (Where we at) Pussy, you know who be bustin’ them heads (Bust them heads) Niggas be scared, we leavin’ the lead (Leave the lead) Whole lotta shells on they scene (On they scene) Give a fuck ’bout a body, what the fuck you do mean? (Huh? hahaha, uh-huh) [Post-Chorus: Young Nudy] Bitch, I’m like the boogeyman, you do not understand Nigga, I’m comin’ to get you (Comin’ to get you) Hidin’ up under your bed, I know that you scared, my nigga (I know that you scared, my nigga, ooh, pussy, ooh) Niggas be knowin’ who with it, you know that we soldiers, had a nigga in the closet Tie a nigga up, prepare for the coffin’ (Hahaha, huh) [Verse 1: Young Nudy] Have you ever seen a nigga shakin’ and he shittin’ Dead

Young Nudy - Trap Shit Lyrics

[Intro: Young Nudy] You rap niggas pick and choose You bitch niggas, I’m finna bruise (Yeah) You niggas know I come to win (Win) You niggas hate, you finna lose (You lose) You ain’t come in with no strap (No strap) You know I came in with my strap (My strap) (Yo, Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?) You playin’, your ass gettin’ clapped (Get clapped) And this right here ain’t no rap (No rap) [Chorus: Young Nudy] My lifestyle ’bout this trap shit (That trap shit) I been doin’ this shit ‘fore this rap shit (Yeah) I’m known for bustin’ and clappin’ (Clappin’) I’m in the trap Saran Wrappin’ (Wrappin’) Yeah, I like to tote, I like to tote, this smoke, I blow (I blow) Yeah, you is a hoe (Yeah), you is a hoe and your partner’s a hoe (They know it) I get the money, you know it (You know it) I got the racks, too much money to show it (Show it) I got the money to blow, I spend this money, they spinnin’ your folks (Your folks) I got no type of heart (Uh-uh), no type of heart, and ice on my chain (M

Young Nudy - We Do Not Give Up Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, sticked up the worst way (Oh, Lord, Jetson made another one) 4L gang, nigga Pull up gang [Chorus] Now too many sticks, no runnin’, knock ya leg down (Ooh) We be aimin’ for the temple, hold your head down (The truth) You don’t wanna beef with me, better get your bread up (Nothin’ new) You don’t wanna beef with gang, better get that lead up (Uh-huh) Nigga know what’s up with us (Yeah), we don’t give a fuck (Nah) If you know you know we will not give up, fuck (Nah) Ooh, I like to get them niggas hit up, fuck yeah, yeah, yeah (Hahaha), yeah, word [Verse 1] You put your all into these bitches, I know (I know) I put my all into my wrist, I know (I glow) And now my trigger finger itchin’, I know (I know it) Don’t make me smoke you like I’m smokin’ my blunt (My blunt, nigga) Last nigga tried to stomp, he got his head rolled in my blunt (My blunt, nigga) Last nigga tried to play tough, he got his head puffed up (Puffed up) Last nigga tried to pull a bluff, he got his folk shot up

Young Nudy - Wicked For The Money Lyrics

[Intro: Young Nudy] (Coupe) Ayy, talk to y’all pussy ass niggas, stop playin’ with me I’d rather see you in a body bag than anything else, anything else, hell you talkin’ ’bout? [Chrous: Young Nudy] Man, shawty havin’ lick-man money, real hitman money (Yeah, real hitman money) So much money, I could spend it real silly fast, money (Real silly fast, money), yeah And I’m in the kitchen whippin’ crack real dummy (Real dummy) ‘Cause I got a nigga in the spot, he don’t know ’bout nothin’ (Nothin’) And I got a shooter in the spot, real crash dummy (Real crash dummy) Yeah, shit will really get wicked for this money If I snap my finger (Yeah), dead man, fuck you sayin’? You ain’t talkin’ ’bout nothin’ (Nothin’) Yeah, shit will really get wicked for this money (Phew, yeah) [Verse 1: Young Nudy] Last nigga said something, he got gunned for that money (Step on him, yeah) Went up, did it for the free, homie trigger finger itchin’ That the way that shit go with Slimeball (Murder) Bad business, hell

Young Nudy - Addicted Lyrics

[Intro] COUPE 20Rocket on this bitch, so it’s gon’ knock How y’all doin’ today? I’m Slime, I’m Nudy You know, my government is Quantavious You know what I mean? And I have a problem I can’t help it but here I’m here to stay [?] [Chorus] You know I am addicted to the gun violence (Violence) My lifestyle is these sticks and bells and money, I’m all in (All in) You know I feel like [?], the streets is callin’ (They callin’) And yes I am a trapper, I am a trappaholic (A trapper) I never thought I’m ’bout to be on the trap shit (Trap shit) Then I switched it up and then I came to rappin’ (The rap shit) But all this shit started when the gunnеr robbed me (A robber) I always gеt that money, I ain’t never starvin’ (Never) [Verse] Yeah, jump up out that Hellcat, I got hell up in that pussy (Okay now) Hope a nigga lookin’ ’cause I know that nigga pussy (Damn, nigga) [?] what I’m doin’, I’m not a rookie (Uh-uh) And I’m havin’ money, nigga got plenty (Plenty) Blue hunnids, stick ’em in these skinn

Young Nudy - Old School Lyrics

[Intro] Ayy, man, for real, for real, look, man, I came from poverty, man I came from nothing, bitch For real, look, I got like, I got, I got a hundred on me right now in the booth, bitch, hahahahaha (Yeah) Ayy, shawty (You see my money?), come here Big racks, a ho, like, bitch, I would’ve killed the nigga for this, I would’ve blowed that shit (Yo, Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?) [Chorus] Two Hellcats and a Demon, that’s nasty (Two Hellcats, on God) Old school SS, Corvette motor (Corvette motor) Got a bulletproof truck, man, that bitch 130 (130) And this shit on my wrist, this a cool 150 (That’s a 50) And this Glock on my hip, it hold 19 (It hold 19) Put a 50 on that bitch and I can take a team (I can take a team) Wrong nigga with the money, boy, this shit get mean, for real (This shit get real mean, nah, for real, nigga, hey) [Verse 1] Nigga droppin’ shit off like I’m Big Bird (Phew, phew, ayy) Nigga, come and pull up, you can get served (You can get served, for real) In and out my

Young Nudy - Revenge Lyrics

  [Intro] Big Bad Slime (COUPE) Sippin’ on mud (Sippin’ on mud) Shit same color some blood (Blood, brrt) Double cup seal (Seal) Filled up to the rim, ooh (To the rim) And these pints I got, some of ’em I sell, they is not sealed (Not sealed) Take somethin’ off that extra, I like extra money, that’s just real (It’s real) Hit ’em with the remix (Remix), goddamn, I just slimed for real (For real) Say that boy just want some green, you know I filled it with NyQuil (Goddamn) Damn, shawty, you still know what you doin’ when you be out here? (Goddamn) Still there sellin’ squares, you got bags, you still got them? (Well, damn) [Chorus] You still trickin’ niggas out they cash when you out here? (For real?) Hate to be one of them pussy-ass niggas, I am not them (I am not) Try to trick Big Slime out that cash and I got him (I got him) Nigga thought that shit was over with ’til them folks had dropped him (They dropped him) Money, it gon’ always get you bitch-ass niggas out here (Out here) Oh, you

Young Nudy - Perc 30 Lyrics

  [Intro] Nigga be really havin’ this money for real, for real, like a lot of this shit, nigga, like Rich shooter, bitch (COUPE) [Chorus] Chopsticks and a blick, I got ’em froze like some animals (I got ’em froze like some animals) Perc-30 and a 30, let’s go out and handle somethin’ (Let’s go out and handle somethin’) An untamed gorilla from the 6, they cannot handle him (Nah) Trap beat in the A, I got blocks, make a play (Make a play) And my ho protect the spot, won’t go, no way (Go, no way) Too many shooters in this bitch strapped up, it’s too many K’s (Too many K’s) Everybody gon’ do what I say (Yeah) Every word that I say is law (Law) This game, I play too raw (Raw) That’s why I keep my gun on me, beam just like Rudolph (Rudolph) [Verse 1] Ridin’ with the roof off (Roof off) I’m tryna knock your roof off (Roof off) I don’t care ’bout what you ’bout, ayy, what I’m ’bout, don’t talk ’bout (Nah) Yellow tape, bring that chalk out (Chalk out) Give me somethin’ to smoke on (Smoke on) He

Young Nudy - Mini Me Lyrics

  [Intro] Yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, man If it was a shootout, my youngins did it (Fuck you mean?) Yeah (COUPE) [Chorus] Look in my eye, man, you know I’m gon’ spray (Yeah) Nigga didn’t know, but today is the day (Bah) Slimeball full, I want his lil’ plate (Big Slime) Bitch-ass boy, know your ass gettin’ ate (Big Slime) I got all these hoes at the base (Yeah) I got all these pills we ate (Ooh) Twerk that ass, bitch, make that shake (Twerk that ass) Smokin’ ooh-wee, I feel great (Ooh-wee) I’m so high, can’t feel my face (Can’t feel my face) Only thing I felt when I was nuttin’ on that bitch face (Ooh, ooh) Ooh, that shit there was so great (Fuck) Brought her to my amazing place (Wow) Came a long way from Section 8 (I did) Yeah, okay (I did) But it’s still hood like Section 8 (Woo) [Verse 1] We send hits, nigga (Hits) My youngins do the shootout, that’s they shit, nigga (Shit) My homie put a potato on his four-ten (Four-ten) Ain’t nothin’ but headshots every time he go in (Go in) Get paid rig

Young Nudy - Child’s Play Lyrics

  [Intro: Young Nudy] Yeah Fuck my dead opps, and all they homies that’s livin’ I want y’all niggas to know that That’s how I’m feelin’ On God (COUPE) Fuck a dead opp, yeah In due time, in due time, in due time [Chorus: Young Nudy] I’m like Chucky, nigga, I do my thing I creep up on a nigga, pow, bang Send them lil’ evil motherfuckers They got the mask on, they gon’ Jason your gang Big knife on the stick make a nigga slaughter your gang (Yeah) All this money that I’m gettin’ make a nigga slaughter your main (Yeah) Send them hollows, nigga, ooh, yeah Send them hollows, nigga, I’m in the 6 Lookin’ for me, nigga, I’m in the bricks Chains on my neck, man, I look like a lick (Look like a lick, yeah) All this money in my pocket Hangin’ out, this shit is sloppy (Sloppy) On the block by myself, I ain’t worryin’ ’bout shit, I’m cocky (Cocky, pussy) [Verse 1: Young Nudy] Spin somethin’, drill somethin’ Fifty thousand make ’em kill somethin’ (Woo), shake somethin’ Take a chain, nigga, make someth

Mp3 Lyrics: Young Nudy - DR. EV4L

 Young Nudy - DR. EV4L Lyrics [Intro] Ooh-wee, Slimeball (Huh) Yeah, Slimeball (Ayy, Mahd, tell ’em turn that noise off) Okay, I’m doin’ it one time (Ooh-wee, slimeball) I ain’t—I ain’t—gon’ do this shit no more my nigga (Slimeball, slimeball) [Chorus] Nigga want smoke, your nigga can’t get it back (Yeah) We up four bodies, they not feelin’ that (Nah) And that pussy ’bout me, I don’t talk about it I don’t entertain, I get nigga whacked (Whacked) Mention my name, that how it go down (What) I get nigga splat, they know that they jacked (What) Niggas sayin’ that they lookin’ for me, might not look hard enough You know where I’m at (Know where I’m at) Fire with a middle finger, know that blatt (Huh) I got a gun, you playin’, you splat (Yeah) Turned into a mеmory, nigga, had you on a T-shirt, could turn to a tat (Tell ’em) Everything I’m sayin’, know that it’s facts (Facts) Big bankroll on mе, ‘member white-facing niggas but they know that I’m Black And I’m racist because I like to get that

Young Nudy - Yellow Tape Lyrics

[Intro: Young Nudy] Yeah Mayday, mayday, mayday, mayday 911, it’s a man down (20Rocket on this bitch, so it’s gon’ knock) Yeah, whole lotta, whole lotta [Chorus: Young Nudy] Money get involved, niggas gettin’ crossed out (Yeah) Thought that was your man down, ooh, that’s a big plot Got you niggas’ life in my hand, time’ll get you shot You ain’t even gotta sell work, drank get on my nerves (Damn) That’s why I just sip all this syrup and I just think ’bout murder God sayin’, “Please don’t do it to ’em,” devil sayin’, “Hurt ’em” Murder, murder, kill on my mind, I just wanna murder Always keep the steel on my side, shells than a turtle [Post-Chorus: Young Nudy] Yellow tape, yellow tape, yeah, yeah Yellow tape, yellow tape (Yeah), 911, it’s a man down (Yeah) Yellow tape, yellow tape, yeah (Yeah) Yellow tape, yellow tape, yeah, 911, it’s a man down (Yeah) [Verse 1: Young Nudy] Four-fifth or the tre-pound (Ooh) It don’t matter when it go down (Yeah) Get down or lay down It don’t matter, nigga

Young Nudy - You Ain’t Hard Lyrics

 [Intro] Yeah [Chorus] Can you forgive me for my sins? (Yeah) I shot a lot of niggas, not pretend (Not pretend) I don’t fake niggas, I don’t need friends (I don’t need friends) I shoot a pussy nigga at the fuckin’ end (At the fuckin’ end) End of the gun lyin’ a bitch nigga (It’s a bitch nigga) At the end of that trigger is a rich nigga (Yeah, I’m up now) Don’t show no love, got a cold heart (Got that cold heart) Shoot you in your face, I show you you ain’t hard (You ain’t hard, nigga) [Verse 1] I heard a lotta niggas say that they up, huh? (They up) You know Slimeball, he don’t give a fuck, yeah (Know Slimeball, he don’t give a fuck) I be up in my fuckin’ own lane (I be up in my own lane) You come up in my lane, I put you in the dummy lane (Dummy lanе) Crash dummy (Yeah, uh-huh) Crash niggas, uh I got young niggas that pull up, they’ll smash, nigga (Smash) You got ten thousand to your namе, that ain’t no money, nigga (That ain’t no money, nigga) I put two thousand on your head, my shoo