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Dvsn & Ty Dolla $ign - Can’t Tell Lyrics

[Verse 1: Daniel Daley] Ooh, I hope you’re on your way Ooh, you said you’re on your way Ooh, pullin’ up old messages, memorizin’, ooh Don’t wanna forget a thing, we talkin’ that shit and I got to admit it, the thought of you on top of me Gets my curiosity, in different way Than I’ve ever had before, ooh [Chorus: Daniel Daley & Ty Dolla $ign] I make you be down as hell, hope that you wearin’ Chanel I got unusual needs, I’m hopin’ that you can help Are you as freaky as me? I don’t know, I can’t tell with you (With you) Fuckin’ you up like a G You better not be a tease Tell me ’bout your fantasy I take it seriously Are you as ready as me? I don’t know, I can’t tеll with you (Oh-oh, oh, oh, oh-oh) [Verse 2: Ty Dolla $ign] Thick with a whole lotta ass Stoppin’ the pic’ with the flash I might just sеnd you a flight I might just do it tonight Walk in that see-through dress Showin’ off ass and breast Swear it’s way more than the sex You told me, “Boy, you a mess” (Ooh) I like all them pics

​dvsn & Ty Dolla $ign - Don’t Say A Word Lyrics

Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, yeah-yeah Oh, oh-oh-oh, yeah Oh, oh Bitch, you lied to my face and I believed it Ooh, I believed it, I believed Said no matter what I do, you'd never leave me Huh, never leave me, never leave And now you're gone, uh So long, mm Now she's gone So long, woo I put my foot on the gas as soon as I heard the news They say that I'm creepin' on you, told you that shit ain't true Where that same chick been textin' me and Facetimin' I was actin' like you buggin' just for askin' 'bout it Say it ain't real, please say it ain't real You say, "These men ain't loyal" Never thought that I'd be one I put you on top, I ice out the watch You know I showed you off VS your neck, we run up a check But none of that matters at all, oh You said, "What are we?" I said, "We all meet up with friends" You told me put some respect on your name You said that I was too grown for the games You told me I