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Benny The Butcher & Harry Fraud – Thanksgiving Lyrics

Lyrics Thanksgiving – Benny The Butcher & Harry Fraud
You anything like me
Them hand to hand sales made you
I’m one of them hustlers
You gotta tell thank you
Got advice from my dawg
I accept it ’cause it’s love
He said, We did the work
You giving too much credit to the plug

That was us on that corner
Montana and Genesee
When n**gas couldn’t sell it theyself
They was hitting me
I was one call away
I pull up with the drugs with me
And you don’t know the pressure
Of owin’ the plug fifty

Got a jail call, he told me
Stay dangerous, take it easy
Was in the day room and couldn’t believe
He seen me on TV
He spent money on his b**ch
Every time he got work through
Caught seven years
And she only visited the first two, damn

Rappers in my genre wanna be me still
I’m too far ahead, it’s easy to feel like
I’m cheating when I read these deals
You talk and you live like this
It’s gon’ make them hate you
This what fueled them to get off they ass
I made ’em greater

At the table, racking my brain like
How I’m back in the game
Went and did that lil’ bid
Now my h*es ain’t actin’ the same
Stressing, I did them sentences
Without stacking no change
Getting high inside, knowing my pride
Ain’t matching my wage

Let me take you back to that blue building
Back in the day
Where I trapped them two for fifteens
Plus that was my age
From that lil’ stage, two or three years
I mastered my ways
We’d be the Jacksons of yay
If they gave out plaques for the game

Let me take you back to that lil’ pot, that lil’ flame
Brick to a sports agency, we respect grinding
I’m signing offensive linemen and BMX riders
You want a meeting with BSF, then be a check writer
In therapy, learning to walk again, four of them in a ‘Rari
They shot me, I’m back cocky in the jewelry that I bought again
They want me to post when I slide, they say I’m gangster
Trust me, it won’t make Instagram, it’s gon’ make the papers

Thank us
Tell me thank you
Y’all n**gas should tell me thank you
You should thank me, n**ga
You should thank me
Somebody tell me thank you
Y’all n**gas should tell me thank you
Somebody tell me thank you…
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