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Elijah Akintunde is an anointed Man gospel Singer who is respected for his unique style of singing. Akitunde, who has been singing for 19 years started his music career as a choir master in his church where he developed his gift till he attained his current position.

Elijah Akintunde a.k.a Voice of Elijah was given birth to on July/14/1906 at Okemesi Ekiti, in Ekiti State. he gets the inspiration for his music from the Holy spirit, holy spirit gives him the meaning of what is happening around him and he would compose his songs from there.

Education Background

He Went to Igbonnibi High School, Ila-Orangun: September 18, 1986 - 1992
He Studied at NCE Ila-Orangun: September 20, 1996 - 2000
He Studied at Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA): September 18, 2006 - 2011

He graduated from Federal university of Technology Akure Futa year 2011, he said that his experience since he has been singing was terrible and difficult but grace kept him moving until God intervened in his matter.

“It was not easy when I started, this talent is not what I learned or got from anybody, it is what I received from God, it is inbuilt so I count a lot of the challenges as one of those things.

“My goal in music is to use my music to transform people’s life and make heaven at the last day of my race.

“Despite the fact that wrong things have crept into gospel music industry yet I assure you that we still have children of God, those who are ordained by God that are singing what we need now.

“A lot of gospel artists have derailed because of money these days, when you sing godly message songs, people will not listen to you but when you add those  worldly messages, people want to hear. You may get money from it, but I can tell you it will not last”.  - Evangelist Elijah O. Akintunde.


Lives at  Osogbo Osun State Nigeria

Relationship (wife)

He is Married to Opeyemi Adeniran Akintunde, their marriage was blessed with a beautiful daughter Motilola Akintunde


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