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Wiki - Patience (feat. Antwon) Lyrics

[Hook: Antwon]
I be where the gang go
In the car with the windows down
Smoking on that good dope
These niggas hating on me, got the squad on me
Finna get your ass broke
In the car with the windows down
Smoking on that good dope
These niggas hating on me, got the squad on me
I be where the gang go

[Verse 1: Wiki]
Don’t ask me shit if you ain’t looking at me
None of your nasty fuckery is getting past me, you glass B
I see through you, you wear an invisible mask, B
It’s funny how me tryna match me, I’m pass P
I live every syllable like Max B
I’m almost at the pinnacle
I'm aggy, mad as fuck, pass me something... a blunt
In the physical they laugh at me
I spit spiritual they grab at me
You sad Sally of swag valley
Swig Bally’s in a bag in a alley
Live proudly, you did doubt me
Now you can’t live without me
Peep yo pouty face in the strip when we in the whip
And I see it on the ave when we drive past
It’s in the rear view in a flash and that’s facts

[Verse 2: Antwon]
I be on the block with them bullies dog
You be in the house with the moccasins on
OG wildin' like he thirteen
Young nigga killing for some Jordans and a three piece
Fake rap nigga, keep your day job
Paying for the studio, you don’t even rap live
Coward ass nigga want that rap life
Til they heard the bars now I’m who they wanna rap like

[Hook: Antwon]

[Verse 3: Wiki]
How you been, how I been ridin' rims
Yeah every whip got rims, these kinda thin
Pretty little on this whip that we ridin' in but the system bump
And time and time again got a big old blunt in the driver’s hand
Gettin' hype on the bass like we sliding in
Then I hit ‘em with the proper flow
Then once I drop the flow they be like where the doctor go
I heal people, we real people, don’t feel equal
Most times don’t feel people
But I’m really just talkin’ the truth
And y'all think that I’m talkin' bout you? You selfish
Fucking user, a loser
Don’t forget about your city in them fuckin' Ubers
Don’t forget why it is pretty up in sewer city
‘Twon Wike
Don shit
'Twon sick on the couch in my apartment
Wik sick at the stu’, Highland Park shit

[Hook: Antwon]
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