10 New Love Poems 2021 by Jason Sturner

10 Love Poems by Jason Sturner Free pdf

About Love

We do not need thoroughfares

when love seeks the heart

Such is the way of love—

always destined, never sought

We do not need gold coins

when love comes without cost

Such is the value of love—

always priceless, never bought

We do not need a wise man

when love speaks through art

Such is the beauty of love—

always instilled, never taught

And we do not need a ruse

when love surrenders to us all

Such is the enigma of love—

always mysterious, never caught 

Fresh Morning

Talk to me in the comfort of fresh morning

when a bird's song I may enjoy

as the cold of night surrenders to the warmth of dawn

and there comes no sound from the telephone or door.

Hold me close as the sun plays with shadows

when the curtains of our room blow wide

as our hearts beat ever so quietly to the pulse of day

and seagulls scavenge across the falling tide.

Know me when the day is newly born, my love

when the spirit within this aging body is content

as I steal gentle kisses from your soft lips

and inhale the subtle fragrance of this moment. 

I Love You

I see more than you know

about all you are,

and through my observations

and from my analysis

I've concluded that

I love you.

Not a theory

quite simply a fact—

I love you,

and that's that. 

Holding Hands (a simple pleasure)

I sit at my desk this morning,

turn my head from the computer

and stare at my hands.

The aroma of hazelnut coffee

swirls around me.

And I think—

My god, these hands have really accomplished.

They’ve done a million interesting and uninteresting things;

they’ve been to so many places.

Suddenly, I’m walking along the lake,

watching seagulls coast over the waves.

And then, with the softest of touches,

my hand is taken and I return to her.

The aroma of spring love

swirls around us.

I look over into her beautiful, adoring eyes,

and it occurs to me that simple pleasures

are nothing short

of miracles. 

A Holiday for the Heart

There's a batch of romance

now simmering in the heart—

add red wine and it's very sweet,

the degree of love determines its heat.

There's a pink perfume sunrise

waiting patiently for its turn—

its rays are bright, though bittersweet born,

a thread for mending hearts torn.

There's a book of poetry

blown open by the wind—

a million words the poets have said,

always a favorite: Roses are red…

There's a day reserved for love

bearing cards and cliché—

the candied tradition our hearts

know as Valentine's Day. 

When I am Loved by You

A silky aura

surrounds me

when I . . .

Lavender dreams

visit me sleeping

when I . . .

Golden extravagance

fills my every moment

when I am loved by you.

My nerves

come to ease

My tensions

are of no attention

My heart beats

with subtle integrity

when I am loved by you.

Morning Rain

This morning there was much rain,

forcing the birds into trees,

the butterflies beneath leaves.

I stand at the open window,

listening for the cool silence

between raindrops.

I begin to wonder

about time machines,

about being fully absorbed into the future:

The full view of a sunset

from our porch chairs,

a cat resting at our feet.

Faces aged, a hand

holding a hand.

And the wind

comes down from flowered hills,

filling the home with fragrances.

Everything is golden orange

like a softly glowing jewel.

I blink and turn from the window.

Another routine day begins.

The echoes of my heartbeat

will mingle with the rain. 

These Things

I have longed to be

the quiet, fading light

that helps you sleep;

and sunrise through the open door.

I've stayed awake for hours,

wondering how I could channel

the most beautiful things

through your eyes,

and into your heart.

I have wished to be

the warm, child-long summer

that stirs your playful curiosity;

and dreams across the long winter.

For a time I doubted

I could be any of these things,

or the myriad others

that fill my head each day.

But the stronger my life

bonds with yours,

the less I doubt my abilities,

the more revealed is my part.

With love, all possibility follows;

it follows me, it follows you.

And all these things wished for

are already true.

Love and Words

There awoke in me, on a night enlightened by

magnificent starlight, fancies for poetic pursuit in

the name of love. And of this, an autumn-haired,

spring-eyed beauty of sweet unawareness.

I became a romantic, for all intents and purposes,

and bowed as a knight to his maiden in waiting.

I was taken. I was subdued and held prisoner—

I was willing.

In her heart were the moist soils of Eden, full of music

not heard since the day love was cast upon the world.

I took her hand and splashed the grass with my melting,

saw angels under the gospel of her voice.

I was no longer just a man, but a vessel for poetry.

And I finally knew what it was to be alive:

To inhale love, to exhale words, to truly breathe—

like a sonnet venturing from the page.  

Could You Stay the Night, Forever?

Wrapped in the fireplace

of your arms. Warmed by

the trust in your smile.

The night and our love

Are acquainted. You cuddle close

and feel my heart. I brush your

hair away from your face.

The window and the rain

Are old friends. Soft candle

light washes over our skin,

soft music over our repose.

The ambiance and timing

Couldn't be better. I look

down at you, you're falling asleep.

I kiss your forehead

and whisper, Sleep well.

With eyes closed, you sigh

and reply, Then don't go.

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