Big Sean - Big Sean Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #122 Lyrics


Big Sean - Big Sean Freestyle

[Verse 1]

Look, I was with Kobe last January 1st

Trapped inside a year that just can’t get no worse

Present traumatic stress got me damaged and hurt

I’ve been in the gym tryna lift off a curse

That’s been on me since my family tree was planted on earth

Swear my seeds gonna have a new advantage at birth

I stopped hoping for the best now I’m demanding it work

I handle my dirt if good karma don’t land on it first

Relentless how I give it all but never give in

Just like NBA players in my girl’s DMs

Steady shooting shots that’ll never go in

Fuck it I’m focused on making money we nеver gon’ spend

My whole lifе is like my blessings queued, right on schedule

I still hate seafood but love the oyster perpetual

Ayy never cheat yourself, that might be God testing you

Rocky roads I pedal through, when niggas switch I never do

Even when lights behind me was red and blue

Million times my revenue soul is unsellable still

My mind get conflicted as a Palestine border

My grass greener I spray it down with alkaline water

Big fucking checkbook and yeah I’m the author

Not just from learning but applying what life taught you

That’s why I’m done confusing peoples opinions with facts

And getting sidetracked by people who life not on track

Done did a song with every artist I respected in rap

Bitch and they ain’t charge me shit cuz they respected me back

So give me that first, hit like black church, Tyson bag work

I just heard Nipsey last verse recorded by Hit

Ain’t nothing in the world more important than this

Half a ticket on me like I already boarded some shit

But they been exploiting us ever since we got off the ship

Trust issues with the world man that I gotta clear within

But how I’m supposed to after the Tuskegee experiment

Where they took four hundred blacks, snuffed ’em syphilis

Knowing that they might die never see or hear again

Land of the free where nothing’s free

And you ain’t really free until you free within

But they don’t teach you that they rather keep that for them

Let me chill before the Secret Service pull back up here to speak with him

Man I’m in too deep with them again

It already happened once

But tryin’ to school y’all on some shit that they don’t teach in them

You know we’re saying too much

But I can’t get up here and say too little either

[Verse 2]

BIG, all my deals match me

White collar business without the scam bleach

I got ten LLC’s, pay tax dues and fees

Every dollar an employee, my money working for me

My auntie passed while I was performing overseas

That’s the price I pay on top of paying for everything

But when you the backbone of your family

They only stand as tall as you standing

Even when your feelings and your actions ain’t matching

And you carry everyone baggage

You just haven’t found the right time to unpack it

And the schedule steady packed in

And you front line for the back

And all the walls you built up are the ones you get trapped in

And somehow you fall right back into your worst habits

Man too much pain soaked up I have to spill

No wonder I’m doing songs with Nas, I got Mass Appeal

A problem solver cuz money and problems a package deal

I break the bank over and over, give it no time to heal

Just like they did my heart

I got my family out the dark and out of debt

From laying my life on the line and taking risk

Probably why I relate so fucking hard to that Squid Game shit

Except I would have got on the plane at the end

‘Cause I know that family comes first, especially over revenge

You only get this type of reach when you overextend

A lot of y’all overpretend

I ain’t going out for advice, I’m going within

Everybody want the credits but I take the cash

‘Cause we all know that credits is the shit that roll at the end

And we ain’t nowhere near it

No matter how far away from home I go

I know they always cheering

And when I quiet the noise around me I can always hear it

What has the game done to you, Sean?

A lot of songs I wrote for icons

That I still ain’t even get publishing on

And some of them up more than me

I don’t know how they sleep at night knowing they wrong

No happy endings where I’m from and that shit rub me wrong

Sean you been in love too long it sound like all your hunger gone

I’m fucking starving

I saw a sunset on the way here so colorful and vivid

It reminded me that God my favorite artist

And the fact I woke up today and saw it

Reminded me that I’m winning regardless

For real


[Verse 3]

My life get chaotic as Dennis Rodman’s

Stars intertwine my soul back to alignment

If we don’t have the same vision, no point in exchanging contacts

Only ex I love running into is at the end of my contracts, yeah

Bottom line, I’m seeing through your mask and its fake

Like we’re at the Comic Con, I point ’em out from time to time

Yea Speaking of time, me and my aunt been gettin’ closer

Either I took her for granted or didn’t know her

Or is it I’m getting older?

Or is it Luke is finally turning into Yoda?

New beginnings, no such thing as overs

We should have just stayed friends

That never opened up and needed closure

God, give me directions like Noah

Fuck all that hopeless romantic shit

But it was cool to see Ye get back with Hova

Lil bitch, this the new chain of command

Might bring the pow chains back like me and Ye in Japan

Cudi back at it, I’m saying

Everything I know now could’ve been added to then

Nothing better than having it all

Except having it all losing it all then getting it back again

No writing on the wall but still I know how to read a room

I don’t need a casket when I die I need a tomb

My focus back active now I’m getting consumed

Yeah I’m awake with the moon

Mother Nature, so when I die and I’m buried

What that mean, I’m goin’ back in the womb?

Planned parenthood couldn’t planned it

Donda had signed my advance checks

Stuck in the rooms I ain’t panic

You only as good as your plan is

I can’t debate the semantics

You gotta live with my antics

My life is ruled by the planets

God message still is in transit

So I’m expanding my bandwidth


[Verse 4]


Dirty or corporate I get a check in assortments

You better clean up your energy ‘fore you come around

‘Cause I pick up on shit and absorb it

I did not come to your house to come look around

I came in that motherfucker to torch it

I used to show love and peace

To people who ain’t give a piece of love

Now I’m right back on that warship, making somebody important

But you not important to them is like motherfuckin’ torture

Some niggas bitch made, it’s in their chromosomes

DNA, blood in their veins that’s coursing

If you a real one, gotta stand tall

‘Cause right now it’s a shortage

Niggas be wanting their flowers

I’d rather go get my hands dirty and go pick my own, shit

Lil bitch, only nigga with the chain gang

‘Cause I know if the Ms was Os, they’ll still do the same thing

Lot of y’all living in the past ’cause you can’t do this shit again

Me, I know yesterday’s scores are not the one to win today’s games

Black card, black mask, black pride

My whole life is monochromatic

I don’t be wearing no skirts and dresses

But if it’s an issue, I drag it, hey

G-lock on me and that motherfucker came with attachments

Just like my last bitch, nowadays niggas is more into reading the caption

Than into reading the passage

Hold up, the fuck is that?

Hit it then I splat

Ayy that’s how I step on niggas

Your favorite rapper my motherfucking doormat, look

I go at their necks and hearts

That shit you was building forever, I tear it apart

Me, I’m a stepper for real, since from the beginning

I mean I was born in March

Shoutout to Nardo but fuck it, a OG

I’ll probably slide to the Bee Gees

I mean I got a old soul for real

My past like probably go back to the BCs

Been going platinum since my first was my last

And I was there dancing with CB

You got your first plaque from streams

I got mine from selling a CD

Hometown hero for real

They might as well put me on Marvel or DC

You gotta look up to reach me, look

And it’s one, two, three, four million at the label though

Five, six, seven ways besides rap I’m getting paid

We started broke, didn’t break

First in my gen, I had to generate

Verses like I’m Johnny Cage

I’m the boss, meet me on the final stage

Lil bitch, hey

The fuck is that?

Fuck is that? hey

Nigga that’s IRS, hey

The biggest gang is the government nigga

I was hype ‘fore we got the new president

Then I realized, really what has he ever did?

Niggas still dying and crying in reverends

Bullets still flying and churches still candlelit

Type of life make you get fucked by the candidate

It’s lot of questions that still need some answering

I had to cut off the ones that was cancerous

Swear the flow came with batons how they ran with it

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