Bryson Tiller - Bad Timing Lyrics

Bryson Tiller - Bad Timing Lyrics


Oh, oh-oh

Oh, oh, oh-oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh

[Verse 1]

Last on her list, oh yeah

I used to be last on her list, oh yeah

‘Til she heard I’m back on my shit

Now I lister to her tease, tease, brag in this shit, oh

That’s the type of shit that get a nigga pissed off

I hit her like twenty times, it was missed calls

Been sufferin’ from flashes and withdrawals

I upgraded to the motherfuckin’ Bent’, dawg

Look who showed up tryna get reinvolved

Been wrong shawty, you was sleepin’ on me then

I was tryna turn your brothers to my kin, to my inlaws

Pitfall, I was stuck inside the trenches

Needed your assistance, you was pleadin’ fifth and

Didn’t even hit me on my birthday for instance

I could tell that you was full of hurt and resentment

Should we pick up where we left off?

Had you on a pedestal and you stepped off

Kept the space for each other, baby, that’s love

Some reason I feel like we ain’t there at all

Sometimes, me, I feel like that ain’t fair at all

You don’t care at all, then you care the most

I had hella hoes, prayin’ that we kept afloat

Ship sinked, that was your doin’, you better know

I was down bad when you ghosted me

Didn’t you hear? You can’t fold it

Thinking about times you loved me

Didn’t even see the signs you showed me (The signs, the signs)

Now baby, hope they don’t ask, I’ma say you ain’t my baby

You can stay gas, honey, I’ma break mine, baby

I’ma break mine, baby, I’ma break mine, baby

[Verse 2]

They say it wasn’t a waste of time if you learned somethin’

I still feel like you wasted mine, tryna/time to burn one

Stressin’ out my mind, turn this demons to a furnace

Gettin’ out the wine, it’s [?] demons through the curtains

I can’t, tryna take care of a queen and her burdens

Fiend for it, I can’t even leave all the urges

They hit and stay, unlike you leavin’ and workin’, you busy

Always busy, this shit is killin’ me, [?]

Make the time for me, fuck with me

Pray the flight cancelled, then you’ll be stuck with me

Keep that shit a hundo, keep that shit a buck with me

You cuffed with another, why you in a rush with me?

Summer feels just like the sauna, oh, it just hit me

A hot girl tryna havin’ fun, it’s good [?], it’s my girl

Shit, well maybe not, you convinced me, it’s fine, girl

But you know damn well I’m lyin’, all this passion, it’s blindin’ (Oh, oh-oh)

It’s always bad timin’

Afraid shit was fine for a short amount of time (Oh, oh-oh)

You was sort of kind of mind, drew me out the borderline but then I crossed it

Remember when you spazzed and you lost it? (Oh, oh-oh, oh)

I told you, I should’ve been better bein’ cautious

[?], I don’t got it, you ain’t gossip but toxic

Check that if they put that as an option, I’m locked in

Wrote this, had to get it out my conscious (Oh, ooh-woah)

I don’t know what the time is, Patrón is runnin’ dry, get my— (Oh, ooh-woah)

Phone is runnin’ dry, said, “Come over, been a while”, but you know what my reply is (Oh, ooh-woah)

“I’m over them phases” (Them phases)

Wish you need for my lowests and my highs

But it’s only for the highs and you know that shit is wild (Wild)

None to say but shit you know that shit is wild (Wild)



Oh-oh, oh (Nah, nah), oh, oh

Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh

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