Babyface Ray – Palm Angels, Palms Itching Lyrics

(Reuel, stop playin’ with these n*****)

Man, don’t talk me to death, I was taught by the best
Ain’t nobody hold my hand, had to walk by myself
I got hunger in my face, I got diamonds on my chest
Never know when they on you, so I set it on my left
They don’t got it when you need it, but they got it in they raps
Man, I got it out the mud, fucked it up, and got it back
I left a dime off in Neimans, n**** still went down to Saks
Rap cap-ass n****, you must be a college grad (Cap)
Ooh, ooh
Man, I made a living off of YouTube (Damn)
I don’t fuck with thug, but Boo cool (He cool)
2130 just for two shoes (Chanel)
Ayy, put your city up
Feel Jesus in me now
I got a text from lil’ mama, “Can you beat me down?”
Pussy last, money first, that’s what we about
Boy be fuckin’ up a bag when you see him out
It’s a Lam’ if I lay, goin’ HAM, MIA
Know that every other bullet, it gon’ jam if you spray
Thinkin’ I’ma get a knot, I’ll be damned if I wait
Never had to sit at spots, man, I started off with weight, yeah

N**** like me ain’t even had to pick the mic up, man
I had a promising future in this bag shit, you hear me?
You around this shit, this shit ain’t—
Can’t make this shit up, n****
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
(He cool)
Ooh, ooh

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