Kat Von D – Vanish Lyrics

Vanish in the world around me leaving ash and bone
This crown of thorns it shows no mercy but it’s my own
I grace these walls with all my failures
What have I become?

I think it’s time for my forgiveness, lick these wounds to heal
A loveless crime with no conviction, left behind the wheel
I know it’s time, lay down surrender
Someone take control

‘Cause I’m afraid to love
‘Cause I’m afraid I’ll leave
I’m living with these lies that only I believe
And I don’t want to walk
And I don’t want to run
‘Cause I’m afraid of falling in front of everyone

Hold me down and hurt my feelings, I won’t do the same
Locked away my heart unwilling, I’ve taken all the blame
The darkest hour always finds me
The story ends the same

‘Cause I’m afraid to win
‘Cause I don’t want to lose
‘Cause I’m afraid of falling under your review
And I’m afraid to live
And I’m too tired to try
I fall behind these shadows and killed off all the light

This never ending longing feeling waiting to be loved
I’m still believing in forever but it never comes

And I don’t want to walk
Don’t want to have to run
‘Cause I’m afraid of falling (I keep falling)
In front of everyone


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