Tory Lanez - Miss Me Lyrics

DJ Ill Will

Ok and startin' off the record I be fresher than you ever are
If I leave your girl tonight I bet she'll be forever scarred
Yeah my engine purrin' and her permit with an extra R
I walk in the room and got your woman on in extra awe
She ain't never felt this way before
I only go to eat out got a beach house by the shore
And we out with our feet out bumpin' me now that's for sure
And we out VIP now King of Diamonds got these whores
I'm a [?] and you haters knee high
How your money long if it ain't longer than my Levi's
Shawty let my man in baby we can call you Eli
If you niggas claiming that you hot I'm Costa Rica
Sayin' that I'm young and just amazing
And no I ain't the greatest
To say that I'm that greatest is a fucking understatement
I guess I'm fucking underrated but I'm never under payment
But some heffers love to claim that this the freshest they done seen me nigga
Yeah, aight nigga yeah
Hate a nigga shinin' with these diamonds in my ear (Bling)
Her ass way thicker than the tires in the rear (I know)
My flight arrive at 9 and I feel flyer than a Lear
I got my nigga [?], my nigga [?]
She asked me what I wanted
I say "give me the works"
She call my nigga Jay, she love that nigga Rimes
And we just love to see her 'cause we hit it every time
You mad because your baddest chick is probably just a 9
My money is so 3-6-0 it's never in a line
I get so much green I feel like I live in a vine
I eat the instrumental up like it was dinner time
You ain't talking to a nigga like me though
Grind like Nino
Women know a nigga hard to find like Nemo
Ask me why I do it, I do it for the T.O
Coming through and get your Jackson no Tito
Ladies put your flyest stuff it on me
All my niggas hit the floor poppin' bottles of Patrón
You know it's a celebration 'cause they keep the Henny on you know we gon' get it on
And we gon' throw some cash up in the air
We just celebrate the fact we here
'Cause it could've been worse, so cop that Mr. Peterson on January 1st

And I'ma do it to 'em like that every time baby
You know me
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