Tory Lanez - Unstoppable Freestyle Lyrics

Uh, yeah
Now normally I'll...
I usually start rappin' on the first verse, yeah
But you guys gotta understand is that, uh
I'm the motherfuckin' man
And I do what the fuck I wanna do
Yeah, ahahaha, yeah
Sing to me, yeah
Nah, I'ma wait 'til the next chorus comes in
And I'ma bang 'em out the Chevy, hahahaha
Yeah, uh
Man, I mean I gotta be the hottest if it isn't you, right?
Yeah, haha
Sing to me

I got to be unstoppable (Yeah)
I got to be unstoppable
Ay-ay-ay-ay, you don't lie (Man, y'all ain't ready)
Ay-ay-ay-ay, you don't lie (Ain't y'all)
I got to be unstoppable
I got to be unstoppable (Yo Rimes, turn my mic up a lil' bit)
Ay-ay-ay-ay, you don't lie (Nah, I'm dead serious, a'ight there it go)
Ay-ay-ay-ay, you don't lie (Yeah)

Look, my name is Lanez, I'm fly as fuck
I'm mean I'm flyer than anybody flying up
I ain't got no swagger up, but I got my dagger tucked
Catch a nigga with the .9 nine times, when the skyline shine yo' time is up
I'm back, nigga, do you know what that is?
That mean that my swag is much sharper than any cactus is
I got some actresses, couple of mattresses
So if you wanna get it crackin' we'll get back to biz
Niggas can never see me, I am all around the globe
Got some women in bikinis that I picked up at a show
And much a teenyboppers see me magazinin' so they blow me like Katrina or a smoker blowin' trees out of his nose
Know T.I.P. is where I be, you P.I.E., that's if you hatin'
Thinkin' I get phony, homie must got me mistaken
Superman cape, yeah, I'm apin' like bathing
On a skyscraper, chest beatin' and I'm screaming

I got to be unstoppable (Hahahaha, uh)
I got to be unstoppable (Aha, aha)
Ay-ay-ay-ay, you don't lie (It's check)
Ay-ay-ay-ay, you don't lie (Turn the lights low)
I got to be unstoppable (I mean)
I got to be unstoppable
Ay-ay-ay-ay, you don't lie
(Aha, it's the part where I talk a lot of shit)
Ay-ay-ay-ay, you don't lie

Look, yo' name is hater, my name is Lanez
I come through and I take your dame
Nah, I'm joking, hahaha
I ain't even freestyling
You know what I mean? Aha
Understand the T.L 2 T.O mixtape's coming out
This summer, yeah
And y'all niggas talkin' shit behind your lil' computer screens, kill yourself
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