Curren$y & The Alchemist – The Tonight Show Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
La-da-da, la-da, la-da, la-da, la-da, la-da

N****, the crib got the twelve person staff
Security in the grounds keep an armed hand
One of the illest n***** on, off land, asphalt or soft sand
I been as fast as The Flash, a lil’ class and pizzazz
Prefer that water for crystal over your wine glass
This a different bracket, the ones who really have it
This the James Worthy and New Balance
Brand new Converse on Magic, the goggles on Kurt Rambis
Showtime, whole row of Rolls Royces and the first one mine
One of the living legends, rep the Eastside
Shots fired, claim lives, youngins abandoned they G-ride
They set that bitch on fire, the bounty on your head was high, like
Finna cash that bitch in, it shine
That shit a shame, but that shit be happening all the time
They don’t know how to cry because them boys desensitized
Ambitious and ready to ride, anxious, ready to slide
Angry and they outside, we hanging out, we too high
You gon’ get picked like fruit
I’m in New Orleans where the killers got the juice
And some suggestions say it might be best I move
But if I dipped, who else gon’ bring them spaceships through like I do?
My car collection special, Jay Leno of the NO
Kept every car I ever bought, each of ’em sentimental
Represent the hard work, each one is a symbol
Of when I started making real dough for wrecking venues
Smoke session continues
Eeny, miny, mo, and pick something cold to slip up into
I get with you

Yeah, yeah
Keep the E in it, Chevys on switches
Girl, we smoking weed in it, don’t post me in your pictures
If you can keep a secret, we can always kick it
Baby, rule number one, don’t talk about me ’round your n****
Shit, you gon’ have that n**** suspicious
We hitting switches on Chev, highway dipping
Loose lips sink ships and my ship ain’t sinking
I still got my little hood shit in me, you know what I’m saying?
I don’t really like to be around lot of motherfuckers, you know?
I just like to stay to myself or with my immediate n*****
And it’s kind of hard to do, uh, if you in the limelight ’cause they’ll look at you like— you know what I’m saying?
You gotta really, you gotta play the role
You gotta smile up in motherfuckers faces, you gotta go places you may not wanna go, you have to do things you may not wanna do
And it was hard, it’s still hard

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