dndSection – 24 Days in Lagos Lyrics

Been in my city for a week now
Most days I roll a jay and meditate
Some where in Lagos on a beach house
Smoking dope until I see clouds
I’d rather be a rich n****
I don’t need clout
Mama called my phone
And told me meet her at the market
Been spending time alone with different vibes
On a couple different continents
But still find time to show love to all the projects
My mind is full of concepts
Too many ideas feel like Alex with the content
I can not be content
With gatekeepers tryna stop my progress
Cuz I’m a Barriers warrior
Shout out Barter that’s my dog dem
Got pressure with the boy
We gon pull up with the problems
Why these broke ass OG’s tryna treat me like a rookie
Anthony Edwards type numbers
But get paid like Devin Booker
I’m what you n***** couldn’t
That’s why ya spot got tooken
Guess who got the last laugh
Oh my gosh
Think it’s time to switch the program
Cuz y’all lost
Now let’s talk about the Diaspora
777 ways to create some bad habits
With some girls out in Houston who all plastic
And all above average
You can not imagine
What’s really going on
I call TJ just to crunch the numbers
I was tryna turn a dime to a 100
Moving dimes in my college
And still ain’t lose the hustle in me
I was posted in Valdosta
They was fucking with me
I been posted with the dawg dem
And we sippin Henny

All day, our way
Gotta find a way out
All day, some day
Gotta find our way out
All day, some day
I’ll find my way out
Just hope I find my way out


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