Lil Bean – sold out dates Lyrics

Stop borrowing chicken on no bitch if she like cough syrup
If a n**** touch my chain he gon need palm bears
It’s like 2 hunnid round my neck i had to ball for it
Why bring my name up to a bitch that shit ain’t called for
Can’t leave the house without your strap you know that shit can smirk us
I’m tryna stuff a whole 40 ball up on my purples
Free my cousin out that slam i told him do his burpees
The shell fo the scene without you lately i been hurting
These n***** checking hang with snakes keep ‘em out yo circle
Brotha said he seen them n***** ain’t gon show no mercy
I give a fuck i fall off rapping you know i been through worse shit
Last time i checked i ran up 50 and i was all on verse flix
Yeah, it was nice to meet you
Label don’t know i got my gun while we at the meeting
I know a bitch who up a bag she be swiping visas
Gave bro the pop and you get caught you ain’t never seen me
Yeah, told em free the family
I’m so tired of fake love keep that shit from round me
I’m so tired of fake hustling and all these fake cousins
I know they see me on that screen they like he fake buzzing
Rest in cartier, got me shining bright
Can tell he got on fake Ds they ain’t shining right
Don’t ask me did i fucked your bitch shit i probably might
So many chains tangled up they be tryna fight
Yeah, sold out dates
Shit i’m sorry i missed your call we was out of state
I don’t got so good at it i can spot a fake
Everybody got a gun watchu tryna take
Everybody got a strap, everybody toting
This bottle got the heads up n**** don’t be loafing
I don’t post up in the gram less i’m showing trophies
Remember i was on my ass tryna stay in motion
I know a n**** who a fiend he gon score the potion
I know a n**** who a fiend tryna score opponents
Who said the bip dying down n***** window poking
My hood told me in the one so i’m staying focused
My hood told me i’m the one so i’m staying grounded
Who said beaner changed what bitch thats how they found me
Who saying beaner changed up how is n***** sounding
If i put on all my ice she might think i’m drowning
Yeah, sold out dates
I said i’m sorry i missed your call i was out state
I done got so good at it i can spot a fake
If you ain’t put yo n***** on i cannot relate
Yeah, sold out dates
Said i’m sorry i missed your call i was out of state
I don’t got so good at it i can spot a fake
If i standing next to you n***** i feel out of place
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