Jane Lai – Age Carry Lyrics

I’ll do it if you’ll try, we’re only seventeen a life
I would do it
I’d listen far away, in your parents’ living room, playing high school violin, waiting for the day to end
show me told slant on tape, burn onion rings in the microwave
Map your world at fast-food drive-thru
Drive your car round cul-de-sacs
And learn what makes us sad

How would we see
world’s begun tearing us free
Carry cigarettes you quit
To the funeral that killed us
Try long distance for a while
Till a while eats up three new years
And the goodbyes feel like waking up
In line at the d-m-v

It seems like we
cannot find another place
we grow older, watch your friend cry, let my friend die, watch news to get by
Don’t you know a guy who knows a guy
Who believes in something called forgiveness
He says it’s too late to take it back
But he keeps you in backseat of his mind

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