Kalan.FrFr. – On My Mind Lyrics

On My Mind Lyrics by Kalan.FrFr. (feat. Maeta)

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Whenever I hit your line, you don’t come through
Baby, where you been I’m tryna see you
She left me on read, she left me blue
She give me that head that make my knees (Wooo)
I caught a vibe with lil shawty and she caught a vibe for me
She said I know you be out in these streets, boy, you ain’t gotta lie to me
We just be kickin’ it, we just be chopping it, we just be fuckin’
You say I got bitches, but you be just playing just pushing my buttons, huh

She know I got all the pressure
Know you like bitches just how I like bitches, I’m joking don’t gotta be extra, no
She don’t be trippin be all in my business, ain’t worried about who I be texting, no
Gas her ups like texaco, oh, girl, you so flexible
And I want to put you in all these positions and all these conditions, kill the pussy
I got God as my witness, feel the pussy it get wet as the dishes, oh yeah
Ain’t no titles ain’t no rules we just cool, yeah
Tell your friends that you my bitch and I’m your boo, yeah

You been on my mind, yeah
You been on my mind, yeah

You know how it go, when I’m all on the road and I’m doing these shows and in front of these hoes
We just be chopping it, I just be popping It, it ain’t no pressure just playing my role
If lil momma bad, I’ma give her the go, and if she wanna go I’ma get in that throat
We might be fuckin’ but it ain’t the same, when I’m fuckin’ with you (Oooh)

If you fuck with me, know I fuck with you
Pulled up on me in the late night spot and you was comfortable
Let me take you out, let’s get caught, let’s get personal
Working you out, all in them guts, let’s just surgical
You been on my mind
I won’t waste your time
I won’t tell no lies, no
You so goddamn fine
I can’t goddamn lie, you’ve been on my mind

You know I beat it up, beat it up, beat it up, whoa, whoa
Eat it, up eat it up, she on my plate, you know I’ma clean it up, whoa, whoa
I’ma get deep enough, then I’ma slow it down, and I’ma speed it up
Slow it down then speed it up, speed it up, then beat it up
She keep It G enough
I put ‘lil momma in the Bentley truck and then Chanel fuck the whole Fifty up
Pussy drippin’ like a sippy-cup and she ride around like giddy-up
Drive her on top of the dick and then lil momma gone pick it up

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Boy, I never thought I’d find someone to love me
Now you’re the only one I want in my life
The special touch you give comes from you only
I guess that’s why you always on my mind, Yeah
Thinking about you all the time
Thinking about all the time
Thinking about all the time
She know I got all the pressure

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