Lord Jessiah & Bronze Nazareth – Designer Cloth Lyrics

Designer Cloth Lyrics by Lord Jessiah & Bronze Nazareth (feat. Solomon Childs & Salute Da Kidd)

Uh yeah, uh yeah, uh yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

The concept of a scorpion king
I don’t book flights, the G4 lay on the west wing
Bonified thug no offspring
I’m fatal like a hamstring
Still the closest thing to Biggie Smalls
No play thing
Because I aint blow yet,
My grandaddy say I should that I should say fuck everything
Where the headquarters?
I’m with the group killa, snowstorm
Where your chinchillas?
Shit that arthritis, that new world thriller
N***** always talk behind your back
Perpetrating to their broads
Lying over they tracks,
Wishing my team could see setbacks
Cause they trying to do what we do,
But it’s never the same impact

What’s the gimmick
It’s my house, y’all play the tenant
Tried to sell it
But poor minds couldn’t even rent it
My event to descent moving up in direction
Uncommon when I’m bombing,
Known to wipe out a section
Like infections untreated, detrimental to health
Moving stealth rich mind drowning in wealth
Circumstances relapse caused a few mishaps,
Had my springs off course but I bounce right back
Hood source, made a fortune from throwaway scraps
Jeff Gordon of recording, how I lap around tracks
Blue magic in the veins make the buildings collapse
Sip acid phony as they jewels when they rap
Victimize fools, same rules, roaches and rats
When I spit I bleed on the cut only facts
If I had a million dollars, you know the saga
The weight of the dollars estimate more problems
Hot as lava, navigate with nothin but kings
Crush dreams, swing through a series – Wings!

Neighborhood n**** all day
Fog smoke, car stank
I just gotta take the backwoods to Fort Wayne
Probably got my pipe n****, Coltrane
Almost got bagged Pennsylvania slow lane
Lo Mein blow your town down, cocaine
Audio leaked through a slow vein
It’s a tell all clip, the bullpup front row sing
World cup kickback, Black Lois Lane dame
On my lap it rains
Jumping off of plane wings
When Kush fogs my brain lanes
Stay in yours, I’ll filet a boar
Decimate the core, guess I ate it raw
I’ma trade in, my lawn for a hazel shore
Bezel Ice skating let the water pour
Basil flame Versace with the corduroy
Watch me hoard a ploy, Horticulture boy!!

My come up, sort of a nice Vic
Kinda of crazy
A few ice cubes short of an ice pick
Yvette your bottom dollar that my knife sticks
I just Yolo’d a 100 grand on a stock tip
The Sun is Righteous
The Champion to Leonidas
Yet my shoulders are still chipped from being
Here on out address me as ya highness
The highest views are lovely
But the spending is priceless
There’s no one amongst us without the same hungers
I offset losses and rearrange numbers
One of one and this hard copy
Cooking books frying pages like I’m Chef Degrassi
The Essence of Greatness
With blessings over flowing Godly
Proudly broke the generational curse of poverty
They want the money and the fame Paparazzi!
They used to say I could never do it
But now they watch me
The Great Mahdi, Ski Mask and a Shotty
I’m all in to kill these n***** kamikaze
So Until the next realm I’ll be signing off
I’m the business and the brand like designer cloth

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