Lord Jessiah & Bronze Nazareth – Rotten to the Veins Lyrics

Rotten to the Veins Lyrics by Lord Jessiah & Bronze Nazareth (feat. Ty Farris & Recognize Ali)

I’m coming up fresh off of my knuckles
Pillow’s full of despair
Finding comfort in my struggles
A breath of fresh air’s like splitting hairs
“I can’t breathe”
Still on my feet
Game of Musical Chairs
This assed out route
All too familiar
Like deaf clings to the hearing impaired
Some blinded by light
But feel me in braille
When buried in blight
It’s minimal cares
Then the max allotted guns get beared
Gillette edged
This the cloth cut from gangsters thread
Move in silence
Nothing said
Green-lighted with just a sleight of hand
And not a finger lifted for the job
Man of business
Just thumbing through the bylaws and plans
State your interests
The lions don’t mingle with the lambs
Get strung along, puppeteered
Led off to slaughter
We just a bunch of thirsty fish
Surviving off sips of water

Facts, it’s a new Sherriff in town with a revolver to match
Dirt under my claws still applaud
Its no flaws in my raps
It’s crunchtime the bully’s back
Slappin plates in the lunch line
Got em runnin out of breath
Like they spittin Big Pun rhymes
Rapid fire last survivor of the crack suppliers
OGs raised me violent
Grab ya teeth and snatch with pliers
Black attire with harsh realities attack the minors
You either sink or swim
A death match in the path of tigers
You look real fly my guy tryna dance with spiders
I delegate with young Russian soldiers in the back of diners
Oblivious to poverty, thought this life was normal
Packin knives was formal
Didn’t know these nights destroy you
In this living no intermission
‘Less you sit in prison
Fuck a car and some Cardis I got a different vision
Embrace the race the devil here to play mental chicken
Keep your foot on the gas
And you never gon crash

Pardon my eyesight
I’m seeing what I want to see
Enemies on my six
Triple dark canopy
A foolish man moves randomly
This chess not checkers
A King’s never used as a pawn
Unless you wreckless
When fate’s tested
You back peddle
I press forward
More aggressive
With little effort
Crowns get strung upon my necklace
White chalk outline body sketchers
Too much nonsense from non-factors
Who going out the world ass backwards
Until we tilt your axis
We make it look easy like target practice
I stray away from error’s margins
You copping pleas and begging pardons
Cowards buried often
Guns on the ready with blades sharpened
Golden rule
No general eats when soldiers starving

Me and Wisemen inseparable
Greenfield the best to do
This rap shit I check a fool
Spread the food, and attackers shoot
I hope you got your vest with you
This what you get for thinkin that you could test a goon
My dude, you already know what the bizness is
I send a shot your top pop like a Guinness lid
I don’t think you want it with the biscuit king
Leave you six feet and I aint talkin social distancing
Recognize is pro though
I’m sure you know so,
So all them talks about how they gon pass me that’s a no no
Still the flyest motherfucker since Louso
Young with a Oso, I bring death like So So
Yeah, ride with a weapon like the grim reaper
I’m a gem to find me they have to dig deeper
Smoke the henny and I sip the reefer
Everything about me fire bitch I spit ether!!

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