Walter Martin – Hunters in the Snow Lyrics

Hey Tommy I’m so far away
Up in these hills the tall trees sway
As hunters haul their fallen prey
And the snow falls on the lane
And I’m shivering once again

Somehow my friend I fell asleep
And tied my ankles in my sheets
Awoke so slow to snow so deep
No but I can’t run away
To my horses and my sleigh

Oh now I know I’m home
Yes now I know I’m home

Oh Tommy tell me how you been
I heard you chipped your chiseled chin
And sea salt burned the broken skin
As the thick ice melted thin
Now we see the end begin

Well isn’t it so strange to think
How down in the ground our bones will sink
And fill the holes where blind moles blink
But we somehow find our way
To the palace in the clay

Oh now I know I’m home
Yes now I know I’m home

The little girl’s a silhouette
Against the the evergreen she set
In summer when the ground was wet
Now the roots have found a hold
And they’ll protect her from the cold

Well I’m just city boy, my friend
But I know where the winter ends
It walks away as spring begins
And dies beneath the rain
Then this whole mess starts again

Oh now I know I’m home
Yes now I know I’m home


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