Elf Power – Undigested Parts Lyrics

Pausing on the way out of the house
Chewing up the food inside your mouth
The shadows forming into piles on the ground Walking in the heat all the way to school
Sweating in the street with all the other fools Another day of being punished by the crowd Amalgamations of everything left behind Enclosed the area left all of it inside
Spitting out fragments all the undigested parts Vague simulations in a mirror in the dark Getting locked out from the other side
Felt the limitations of the design
Held by the barrier, unable to go through
Slowly pulled off from the outer layer
Fading like a dream in the open air
Evaporating from the pool in which it grew
Ideas regenerated, found along the climb
Events occurred and then they disappeared from sight
Spitting out fragments, all the undigested parts
Still felt the beating of the artificial heart
Undiscovered in crevices waiting, discarded off to the side Eaten up in the bodies of strangers, wandering off into the night Shadows of the motions invent the day
Covering the crowd that had turned away
Like a celebrity unnoticed in disguise Everything existing becoming new
Getting realigned to another view
Relived the memories that grew old and survived


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