Tasman Keith – CHEQUE Lyrics

CHEQUE Lyrics by Tasman Keith (feat. Genesis Owusu)

Just can’t tell at all
Just can’t tell at all

Me don’t talk to you nice
I won’t do advice
I don’t shake your hand, no
That shit too polite
Her wet on my stage
I blame it on the hype, uh
Forty-five minute all I need to take your life, psyche
I don’t cuff (Aye)
They sit down when my name call
Lil power-puff (That’s mine)
Sugar spice I like ’em tall, like half an hour up
See the envy in your talk
I can’t fuck with a beaten down mental, what you thought?

(We need, we need a saviour)
(We need someone that’s going to come down to this earth)
Oh yeah
(And just do something for us)
It sounds so soulful, don’t you agree?

My words made a cheque, my words made a cheque
My mama finding peace, I curved on my ex
My words made a cheque, my words made a cheque
I just meditate, close my eyes and I’m the best
I wake in my sleep (Sleep), see nothing changed from dream (Dream)
See vision on my face (Huh) like its Gucci ice cream (Uh-huh)
I lean, I lean
I rock with that Eileen
She just sent a pic to my new device screen
I told her, “Watch ’em ego trip,” I bust their ego lip
I pull up in a new old “don’t complain” fit
Don’t know who they came with, but they ain’t game fit
I hit ’em with the one, two, three
Yup, Kane grip

You know I mean, I mean
I showed up just to leave
My shoulders not to lean
I put-put on your sixteens
You don’t rub up next to me without an invoice, price and fee
I can smell your jeopardy
AOTY, who’s Genny please?
I can’t tolerate him, I slaughter ratings
No moderate
My conglomerate is the dominate, I can’t fall away
I done toured away and I tore the wave up
ARIA, 8 noms isn’t enough
23 sold out off of my cuff
You calling my fall, I’m calling your bluff
You put your name next to mine, the audacity
Turn down your release, you disturb my sleep
I don’t like you n***** I just tolerate ye
I don’t like you n***** I just tolerate ye

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