Abby Roberts – Lovefool Lyrics

I’m tired of the stress
It’s my fault for staying up, I guess
Hate the body that I’m in
I still refuse to go to the gym
Try to be positive
But I’m not the greatest optimist
I still wear the biggest smile
Don’t wanna show what I feel inside

I’m a paramaniac
I’m a paramaniac

I’d like to romanticise my whole life
Oh, I’m sick and tired of sick and tired
Oh, have a love that really lasts
Like they do in the TV shows
Maybe I could be a little bit sweeter
When did I become so hard to please, yeah
Must be nice for it to come so easy
I can’t complain, it’s me, I should change

(I’m so shit)

I’m a paramaniac
I’m a paramaniac
I’m a paramaniac
I’m a paramaniac

My failure of a love life
The fact I’m never satisfied
I’m quite shit at the guitar
I know that’s only my own fault
I wish strangers liked me more
Social media’s a bore
Might be best if I just quit
Does that make me a hypocrite?

I’m a paramaniac

I’m a paramaniac
I’m a paramaniac
I’m a paramaniac


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