Episode 12

©Miriam Edem

I called back the number and it was my friend who recently got married. She cheered me happily and that was when I recognized her voice,

"My mrs, how you dey! She shouted and I just smiled. 

"I'm fine, I replied. 

"Yesterday you just disappeared na, but I met momsy and she gave me the gist. She even said you'll be having your honey moon in America ahhhh i jealous you o, she said.

"Eh? She told you that? I asked. 

"Yes na, omoh i wish I attended the wedding, I missed o but your tradition eh, I have to give you hi five. God really love you o and he just honoured you that way, you need to hear everybody praising you up and down, chai girl your levels don change don't forget me o! She kept shouting on phone but I could not say anything. Beatrice is suffering and no amount of praise can quench the pains I'm feeling inside.

"Hmmmm how's your husband? I asked. 

"We are managing o, God is pushing us small small and I know when next you visit the village I won't recognize you again, she kept talking about me. 

"Okay since I will turn to a chameleon no problem, I said and she laughed. 

I asked about the church and everybody, I just missed everyone despite I just left the village. At that point of my life I appreciated poverty because it was better than what am passing through right now.

I ended the call and remembered my husband warning not to talk to anybody except my family. I ignored and went into the bathroom to have my bath using the warm water there to press my legs for relief. 

I got down changed and met Godswill on call,

"Okay I'll call you back, he said and stood up. 

"You took long, what were you doing? He asked. 

"Pressing my body to relief me of the pains, I replied. 

"You call pleasure pains? Didn't you love the way you cried and screamed my name? That was orgasm isn't it? He asked. 

"You call that pleasure? That's wickedness, I replied. 

"Wickedness? What do you want me to use on you next? A Cutlass huh? He sternly asked and I gasped.

"You're evil! Escaped from my mouth and it got followed by a slap from him that sent me falling on the sofa. 

He raised me up holding my hair as I held his hand in pains scared of my hair uprooting,

"Yes you're married to an evil man what will you do? Pray and cast on me huh? He asked

 "Please let me go I'm having headache, I cried. 

"You'll have more of that if you can't keep your big mouth shut, for once listen to your mother she really know what's good for you, he said and released me. 

"Meet me on the dining, he said and left and I breathed out. 

I met him on the dining, despite how good looking the food was, it looked like maggots to me. 

"Eat! I heard Godswill voice so loud as he hit his hand angrily on the table because I was just staring at the food for some minutes with no appetite to eat. 

I quickly took my spoon and ate crying with my nose running while he hummed eating. 

He made sure I finished the food before he left the dining. I felt like throwing up and my heart was heavy, how long will I endure this torturing was what I could not tell.

After clearing the table I returned to my room and locked it up crying to God for mercy. 

I was confused if I should pray that God should change my husband or deliver me from this hell.

 I thought about what people will say if I leave him, of course they will mock me as they have been doing to others and my mother will be very disappointed in me. I'll be among the group of divorcee and I was ready to live with that than to waste my life here, but how will escape from this bondage was what broke me more as I cried bitterly.

At 11am I heard the phone beeping and when I checked it was an alarm with the title "outing with hubby". I quickly remembered I had somewhere to go and went in to wash my face. When I came out it was now a big problem on what I will wear. I thought of using the clothes I came with but the door opened and Godswill walked in,

"Still like this? I don't go late to any function, he said. 

"But....but ermmm..... I said scratching my head and he took a hanger from the bed and threw it on me. 

"Put that on now, he said cutting me short and I looked at the gown. The back was totally open until it got to the waist, it was so short and transparent also and I can't put on a bra with it. 

"This? I asked him and he just looked at me. Even though he didn't say anything, his eyes was speaking and he was not looking as if he will leave the room either, I just slowly took off the towel I had on me and wore the gown. 

He drew close to me and wore me a long gold wig which made me very uncomfortable as it poured on my back. 

"Sit, he said drawing the chair backward facing the dressing mirror and I obediently sat and he opened a box and did my makeup. 

I can't describe how I was looking when he was done arranging me the way he wanted,

"Not bad, he said turning me around and pushed me in front to the door as his own way of saying "let's go.

When I stepped down from the jeep when we arrived, my eyes were just everywhere in awe. 

Things dey happen sha and people dey. I watched him hugged his colleague and they congratulated us all over again even those I recognized were in the wedding. 

They all came with their ladies too, beautiful and sexily dressed as they sat on a very big and long table.

"Take whatever you see and don't embarrass me... And errmmm, you look more sexier, Godswill whispered in my ears and I swallowed. 

Four ladies on a striper outfit with terrible makes ups walked in wheeling glasses of wine to serve us. There I knew that Beatrice today you are tasting alcohol and nothing will stop you. 

"Smile, Godswill whispered again smiling when I got the wine.

"To our newly wedded friend and his beautiful wife, we say a big congratulations to you. Cheers to marital blissfulness! A man shouted when everyone got a glass and they all stood up cheering as Godswill crossed his hand around my waist with his Pretentious smile. 

They sipped and I sipped and coughed hard. 

"Are you okay? Godswill asked pretending to be so loving..

"I'm fine sorry, I replied clearing my throat and forced a smile. 

"Okay friends, can the ladies please excuse us? The man who was just in the middle of the table asked and Godswill turned to me same other men to their ladies asking us to excuse them. 

"Okay ladies there's a corner for us let's go, the lady who was With the man said and we left with our glass of wine to another hall very beautiful with dim lights. 

I just sat on my own looking for where I can pour the wine I was holding, that strong thing can't enter my mouth after it almost choked me.

"Hey, one of the ladies said and sat beside me but since my name is not hey I didn't even looked at her face. 

"Mrs Godswill am talking to you, she said and I looked at her. 

"Yes? I asked. 

"Wow, that's rude, she replied. 

"Okay, I said and faced my front. I had more important things to think of where I was sitting,

"Just wondering how you got him when you're not even pretty, she said and I smirked. 

"You want him huh? Please you can have him, I said to her. 

"You're really so dumb, you want to give your man away? You really don't know who you have as a husband. Hey girls listen to this village girl, looks like she's not happy to have Godswill as a husband! She shouted calling the attention of others. 

"Excuse me, hope you're not talking to me? I asked and she laughed getting up and adjusted her breasts proudly..

"I feel insulted talking to you anyway, she replied giving me a Mockery look and wanted walking away but I quickly stretched my leg for her and with her high heels she slipped and fell heavily on the ground with full force. 

"How dare you! The ladies shouted on me but where I was sitting, I was waiting for any unfortunate human being that will touch me. I was ready to unleach my frustration on whoever it will be and soon the men came running In to know what's going on. 

"Baby what happened to you? Her man asked holding her passionately. 

"She pushed me, she pushed me love, she cried pointing at me and Godswill looked at me. I kept a face like I didn't know what was going on,

"I'm really sorry I take the blame please, Godswill quickly said. 

"You're sorry? My babe just broke her hand, who the hell did you get married to! The man shouted. 

"I understand and i'm really sorry, I'll pay for the damages, sweetheart I'm sorry, he apologized touching her. 

"Calm down man he has apologized, it's a ladies thing, the man Who sat at the middle said. 

"You're just sitting down there saying nothing what's wrong with you? Godswill said to me and I heaved and stood up from where I sat,

"I feel cheated here, she insulted me, she called me a village girl, I replied. 

"What! You disrespected my wife and I was still apologizing to you huh? Godswill angrily asked her. 

"I..I... She's lying, the lady said. 

'You owe my wife an apology, does she looks like a village girl to you! He shouted dragging me to their middle and I was like "what kind of a two edged sword did I got married to??".

"Our bad we apologize. Sorry mrs Godswill, the ladies said and I looked stupid. 

"Its fine, was all I could say.

Minutes later we got home and I quickly took off my heels and wigs first even before entering the sitting room.

"What just happened there? You wanted embarrassing me huh? Godswill asked and I looked at him. Hiannn was it not someone that was defending me there minutes ago? I thought confused. 

"But she insulted me, I replied. 

"Shut up! Do you know who she is and is she wrong you village girl! He shouted. 

"But she started it when I was on my own, I replied and had one slap on my face.

"You feel insulted being called a village girl right? Yet you disobeyed me! You think I won't know that you spoke with someone else on phone today? He asked and my eyes bulged out. 

"But...but...she's my friend and I didn't tell her anything, i said holding my cheeks. 

"I don't care! Come here! He shouted dragging me upstairs as I cried and apologized never to do it again. 

"I swear I won't pick anyone calls again! I kept shouting as he threw me on bed.

"I know how to punish you, he said and left the room locking it outside. Hey God I knelt down in bed praying all sort of prayers because I didn't know what's in that beast head. 

The door opened and two of his guards walked in with him. My saliva went dry as I just looked at them with my face bathed with tears,

"Please...please have mercy I beg you, I cried going backwards and leaned on the wall. 

"Catch her and tie her up with her legs spread apart, he said throwing them a rope and I screamed my head out..............



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