Episode 15.
©Miriam Edem

Just when the lady was done with the braids, Godswill walked in and kissed me on my neck as I still sat on the chair there,
"You're looking beautiful my love, he said but I just kept an angry face looking straight into the mirror.
"Why what's wrong? What happened to her? He turned and asked the lady who just shifted aside.

"One of the guards hit her, she replied and he saw the wound on my mouth.
"He did what! He shouted and with just one hand he raised me up from there screaming their names as he dragged me outside with full rage.

They all came out and stood before him as we got to the sitting room,
"Which of you hit my wife? He asked and they all looked at themselves.
"Him, he gave me a blow, I replied pointing at the guard.

"Who gave you that right? Godswill asked going close to him.
"Sorry boss she was proving stubborn, he replied taking off his glasses.

"And then you hit her! He shouted and passed him a blow below his belt area and he bent touching it,
"I'm sorry boss, he said and it shocked me.

"What exactly is wrong with Godswill? Is it that he's the only one that should hurt me and no other person? I wondered as I saw Godswill raised him up and pushed him forward to me.
"Kneel down and apologize to my wife, he said and with my cro cro eyes the guards I feared so much knelt down and asked for my forgiveness.

I could not say anything for some minutes and he remained that way waiting for me and I cleared my throat,
"Its fine, I finally said.
"If any of you dare touch my wife ever again, I'll skin you alive and force you to eat it. Now get out of my sight! Godswill shouted and they bowed and left.

Godswill turned to me and gently touched my face,
"Let me get ice for you okay, he said and left and I tapped my head to be sure its real life.

The hair dressing lady, Nkese slowly walked in after Godswill dragged me out from the salon,
"What happened? She whispered and I gave her a wait sign and Godswill came out with a plate and saw her.

"Oh you're still here? He asked and she nodded.
"You still have the same bank account right? He asked.

"Yes sir, she replied.
"I'll send your pay then when am done, he said.

"Thank you sir, bye ma, Nkese said.
"Bye and thank you, I said and she smiled and left.

He made me to sit down and he brought out an ice from the plate and touched it on my mouth,
"Does it hurt? He asked.
"You've done more hurt to me than this, I replied..

"They have no right to lay a finger on you, you don't belong to them, he said.
"You're so confusing, one minute you act lovely and the next second you're turned to a terrible and dangerous deity, I said and he smiled.

"Can we still go out? He asked and I looked away with a frown and he laughed.

"Common let's go, he said holding me up and looked at my dress,

"Let's change up, he said and carried me on his shoulder.
'Put me down I want to walk, I said hitting his back but he didn't answer me.

He changed my dress and did a light make up on my face to cover my wound which he also showed me how to do it on my own. Then he touched my face and was quiet,
"Can we go now? I asked when he was not saying anything and he nodded.
"Yes yes, he replied and we left the room. He took me to an eatery but refused to buy me any food but snacks,

"You need ice cream, try this you'll love it, he said.
"But I want to eat fried rice, I said to him.

"You ate that this morning, he said and I breathed out.
I was very quiet and admired the couples I saw around but mine was different, I don't trust him one bit neither do I know how he will suddenly turn to a lion the next minute,

"Hey, gotten a new catch already? He asked and I looked at him.
"Just admiring how couples should be, I replied.

"You think am different? He asked.
"Its not what I think, you're evil, I replied and he nodded.

"If you can just obey me and make me happy, things would have been so easy right? He asked.
"How should I obey someone who can't touch his wife? What kind of a man are you? I asked.

"Its not in your place to argue with me, this is me and that's how I make love you should respect that which makes me happy, he replied and I scoffed.
"How do you plan of having children? Will your rod make me concieve? I asked and he smiled shaking his head.

"You already want children? Betty let's enjoy ourselves first we're still very young and am not in a hurry okay, he replied and I rolled my eyes.
"I want to ease myself, I said.

"Okay you can, he said and I stood up and left. I quickly stopped a lady and asked where I can locate the toilet so that he can hear and she pointed the path for me, I thanked her and walked away while i felt his eyes on my body following me. When I was out of sight I breathed in and leaned on the wall with my eyes closed to catch a breath. Where will I go to? I had no money on me just my phone and who will I call when I have no contact with me?.
I opened my eyes and checked my phone but to my surprise the id!ot was already low, I almost smashed it on the wall but I just breathed out controlling myself.

"Excuse me please, is there any other exit from here? I stopped a lady.
"Oh sorry I don't know, she replied.

"Thanks, I said nodding and walked away.
"Sorry what are you doing here? A lady who dressed like a worker stopped me,

"Please help me, is there any other exit from here? I really want to leave this place, I replied her.
"Is there a problem? She asked.

"Please there is no time, I have to leave this place please understand, I replied and she looked at me for a while,
"Come with me, she said and opened a room and I got in,

"Let me go get the keys for you, I'll be back, she said closing the door and left.
The place looked like a store room and I quickly placed my head on the wall praying hard.
"Please hear me God, please take me out of here safely, I really need your help, I said shivering scared Godswill may notice that I've overstayed in the toilet.

The door opened and the lady walked in and I anxiously looked at her but Godswill entered also and my mouth opened.
"You're trying to run away from my boss? The lady asked and the measure that my heart pounded as I went backwards was something else.
Godswill was just looking at me as he leaned on the door folding his hands and tears streamed down my face,

"Meet me in the car, he finally said and left the room and I bent down touching my stomach so pained,
"Why did you do this to me? I asked the lady.

"He owns this place, do you want me to lose my job? She asked and I just left the store covering my hand on my mouth and met him in the jeep.
He said nothing to me and drove off but in the car I was crying bitterly until we got home. He left the car first and I slowly followed him behind and was scared to even look at him when I got in,

"You wanted running away right? Just when I was beginning to trust and open Myself to you, you've just dug your own grave, he said and I looked at him shaking my head.
"No Please I'm sorry, I didn't know what came over me, I said and attempted to touch him but he slapped me hard on my head. I fell and stood up again,

"If you dare touch me Betty I'll strangle you, don't come close! He shouted but I knelt down begging him,
"I'm sorry please, its the work of the devil, I cried as he paced around biting his lips.

"You embarrassed me to my staffs right? I'll make your life a living hell I promise you that! He shouted and went upstairs.

I just sat on the floor wondering why God hates me so much. I was very close in escaping but I just made things worst for myself.
Minutes later he came down and was looking as if he wanted going out and I stood up from the floor I was,

"I'm sorry please, I whispered and he just looked at me and was about to walk away but I hugged him.
"You can hit me, slap and punish me as you want am ready to take it please forgive me, that was very stupid of me, I said as he tried taking me away from him but I insisted.

"Betty stop it! He shouted and I sniffed leaving him.
"I have a meeting, let's talk when I get back, he said and left and I cleaned my tears and smirked. When I sat on the floor was when I refused to give up, despite I failed in running away, at least I got a pen knife from the store I was before I left. Its time to show the drama queen i am and I was ready to play along until the right time,

"Keep hurting me Godswill and teach me how to stick this knife on your head without feeling it, I said peeping through the window as I watched him drove off......

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