Stunna 4 Vegas – Fashion Killa Lyrics

Stronger Lyrics by Stunna 4 Vegas (feat. NoCap)

Fashion killer,
Take me one out in designer.
My opps rap too,
I get my shooters to go & sign em.
A n**** just lit foreal,
Don’t tell me that I’m famous.
I flew a bitch to the crib,
She ain’t even speak my language.
I grinded a lil harder
& my knots got bigger.
I’m balling like I’m Harden
On you soft ass n*****.
My n**** jack sons
Like he M.J… thriller.
The rapper gotta step
Cause we took all his hitters.

I drop a lil ticket,
They popped that n****.
Better play with yo kids,
I am not that n****.
My Younging hit where his top at,
We GTA living,
Somebody get shot at.
I bet somebody get stripped,
We ride with them sticks in the whip.
I hang out the window and hit.
Ain’t dissing I’m sending a blitz.
Won’t mention,
I’ll give em a shirt.
He play?
& we put his dick in the dirt.
Bet he lay
& somebody feelings get hurt.
I live what I say in a verse.

I was dead broke,
I was hurting.
So I put my pockets on surgery,
Ran it up fast like a cheetah.
Remember it used to come turtle speed.
They with me,
They sliding like major leagues.
I’m still in the streets,
Ain’t no saving me.
It get harder to stick to the strategy,
They shoot but them n***** ain’t bagging me.
My K’s, they be Russian,
I be rushing to the paper.
I left that lil bitch ugly,
Cause I didn’t want to make up.
First I had wanted to save her,
Got my nut off
Then my mind changed.
Before I blowed up,
I was hurting.
I guess you can call it,

We smoking opps out the whole thang,
She a thot,
I can’t tell her my whole name.
Give me top,
Hit they block,
We tryna knock off the whole gang.
My lil n**** want bodies,
He insane.
I pay for the homi,
He get ate.
We drop em off
Then skips states
Got the streets in a lock
Like an inmate.

I drop a bag on ya cheap ass,
Speck in here sleep with a ski mask.
They counted me out,
I need that.
I cry to the bank,
I don’t laugh.
I pass that hoe to my n**** like Steve Nash.
Aye, whole gang hustle like Tip.
You don’t understand how I live.
Believe when I tell ya it’s real.
I was standing under rain drops,
Loaded off roxys.
I smoke a P,
Ima master,
These n***** ain’t bout it.
Really you n***** just nobodies.
None of yo n***** got no bodies
We drill everything and go quiet.

None of my opps be outside.
We tryna hit everything,
When we go slide.
This 4 time 16
Pop an opp
He get dropped like a 16.
Mama telling me I’m moving too risky,
Leave em smelly if he moving fishy.
My killer get in his zone like 2 3.
Drop back with that 9 like Drew Brees.
We left his friend dead,
He oozing.
Before the fame,
These bitches was choosing.
In investigation, I’m clueless.
Them folks woulda thought I was stupid.
She heartbroke,
No Ruth Chris.
She gave me more brain than a student.
I make em take tips like a tutor,
Glock clip longer than a ruler.
I learned the finesse from Scooter.
Out here playing chess,
We’ll do ya.
Ima Great Dane, he a poodle.
These n***** be shrimps in a shark tank.
We stank em,
Give his mama heart aches.
I used to be broke,
I get money on off days.
Now I hit a hoe and we part ways,
We beat down his block like an earthquake.
Nowadays I wanna gain and maintain,
& free all the bros out the chain gang.

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