Baby Teeth Lyrics by Joel Baker, Jordy & James Vickery

Baby Teeth Lyrics by Joel Baker, Jordy & James Vickery

I look above to know
What you leave behind
And I’ll find my way, back to sunlight
I’ll go so fast you’ll chase me
My baby teeth were once mine
The Light it always finds a way
Heights warn me of my climbs a stray
Still I climb still I yearn still I strive away
No brakes yet I pedal this race
All my hero’s are dead or disgraced
Potential in my mind
Foreign coins in a drawer
I know they’re worth something
But unsure of what for
I’m hard to cancel
like a free trial
But my hang ups about my self
And my art aren’t afraid to redial, meanwhile
I’ve been breaking eggs for some sunny thoughts
When will I learn stillness harbours all I hurry for
Give to caesar what is caesar’s
When the money talks
But my greed is so uninformed
Lift the lid on my love and there is hate beneath
All my dreams fell apart but they were baby teeth
Yeah there’s bigger to come
If I listen to some
Give me the wisdom to stay
Or the wisdom to run
I’ve been Fast asleep
My mum spent her whole life planting trees
The shade of their leaves she never sat beneath
That’s the meaning of life
I’ve been left shipwrecked now I’m seeing it right
What’s climbing ladders,
When you know that kindness matters
My friends are my wealth Now I know that My friends are my wealth
Been trying to be a better friend to my friends and myself
Sometimes I feel older than people that are my age
Man are talking ‘bout the wave but they’re in the sunken place
I’ve been on many a stage showcasing all my ability
I’m better than them lyrically I guess I’m just not gimmicking
The truth though
So I’m still managing
But you know how the truth goes
N****s can’t manage it
My n****s doing up OTs in other territories
I been OT in the booth doing up melodies
That’s two for one to keep it on a truthful one
The best rapper I know
Don’t rap he’s got a move to run
I don’t tryna be grateful and tasteful and keep my karma clean
I don’t wanna get shadeborough’d into a drama scene

Credits & Song Knowledge
Song Title: Baby Teeth
Performed by: Joel Baker, Jordy & James Vickery
Written by: James Vickery, Joel Baker, Jordy Mukeza, Maths Time Joy
Genre: Alternative Rap
Album: Single
Release Date: 8 July, 2022
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