Story: HIDDEN MOTIVES Episode 21




Maria said it more like a warning.

"I'm not going back on my word Jerome, I need you to start looking for a place to move into because this house will be leased out immediately I'm done with all the business that brought me back. all my properties will be for rentage and leasing out to the rightful property agents. You will have to sign the divorce papers or I will leave you with nothing and you will not get the chance to see your daughter grow up. I'm done with you, I'm done with this marriage and I'm not looking back in my decisions..."

"I won't sign anything Maria, I'm not letting go of my family without a fight. I messed up but who haven't messed up before? We all makes mistake Maria. I owned up to mine and said I was sorry...I am sorry. What exactly do you want me to do... I'm really sorry Maria, please for the sake of Jasmine the strongest bond we got, Please try to see reasons. You understand where we are coming from, no parents, no relatives. Our stories are relatable. You are from a single Mom who put you in the line of wealth, my parents got separated and I grew up without my both parents. I never wanted such to apply to me and I'm sure that's not what you want too...not for Jasmine. Let's try to avoid history repeating itself please... don't be so harden. You are never like this, you're loving, forgiving and a friend of all. Kago wasn't missing words when he said those sweet things about you. You have loved and cared for me all this years. You spent carelessly on me, you bought me my first, second and third car. All I have you gave me even a beautiful daughter too. I can't let go of you Maria...I just can't because I know I will never find anyone on this earth like you again, please... I'm sorry. I'm on my knees begging you..."

Maria was quiet for sometime as Jerome went on his knees pleading.

She was quiet for a while before she finally speak.

"This is never how I fashioned my life, no... this is never how i wanted things to go. I did everything to make sure my family never lack anything good. I loved you and respected you. I never take any decision without including you in it and asking for your opinion. You're my husband, my business partner, my friend and the one I beg to massage my shoulder and feet after a hectic day. I loved you with all I got and put you in charge of my empire and all my company financial state because I trusted you... offcourse I have to trust you hundred percent to take charge in my absent because I know that what is mine is yours and you will definitely handle it like yours. But seeing that you have so much in your custody you decided to do giveaway and folding my company in the process. I have to pause my program, leave my little girl with a friend just to fly down and apprehend the culprits before they escape. Already I was doing that and even put them in a house arrest before coming back. I was speaking with Jasmine on a video call through my friend's phone this morning and she was asking me when I will come over because she miss her Mum. I felt broken leaving my girl behind because I wouldn't want her witnessing all this drama...."

She pause, stare at nothing for a while before she continued. She stared straight at Jerome's eyes 

"...You're actually very lucky that I didn't arrest you and lock you up in cell just like the other two. You have mouth to talk because you're not behind bars grinding with stone and gnashing your teeth in anguish. You should be thanking God for having your freedom and privilege to talk to me and I only considered that because of one thing. Now, I'm letting you to finally go and look for a fair, pretty Lady like Lucinda to settle with. Is obvious you married me because of what I got...not for love. This isn't the first time you have entangled with another woman and I had to forgive and pretend is nothing. Jerome, you're never satisfied with what you got...that is one bad thing about you. You didn't consider our upbringing or where we are coming from before doing all you did. You denied us, I and Jasmine and hide the fact that you're married. You telling me now that family is important to you is exactly what I don't understand. I can't bleach my skin to please you but you can actually get a natural fairness since that's your spec..."

She went quiet again and later continued.

 "....You said you were under a spell, how grand and a getaway tickets for all your atrocities. Is actually too cheap and I'm not buying it. You think I'm a fool to know the fact that you went to meet Kago, telling him what to say so that you can gain back your ground with me. You finished all my Mom and I built for several decades within a very short period of time. You poured it all on a woman, living a carefree life with no remorse. You're free now to do as you please. I'm not in your way anymore. I will help you by giving you 1million to begin your life with. I still care about you and I won't leave you with nothing. So, is up-to you to do as you please with the money. I enjoy the good moment and will keep it as a memory. If you don't sign the papers then nothing for you. I will still throw you out. So don't keep me waiting, once my lawyers brings the papers tomorrow, sign it and get on with your life.. you can rent a small place and start a business, you can get a job. Do whatever you like but I will advise you to apply wisdom so that you don't actually end up in the street. I'm done talking, please move to the quarters, don't come over to the main building because you're not welcomed here anymore. All your luggages have been moved to the boys quarters and by weekend I expect you to move out of my compound finally. you have to start searching for accommodation now... I'm very kind to you, I don't even know why but I guess is in my nature. Go back to your quarters, we have had enough Chic chat..."

Jerome stood up sluggishly and walked out.

He went straight to see Kago and Kago didn't let him in.

"We agreed on something and you end up doing something else, saying all kinds of things that wasn't necessary. Instead of you to find sweet words to convince Maria, you were busy trying to save your own head.You know I'm just looking for a away to get Maria back but you worsen the whole thing Kago. Her mind is made up, she doesn't want me again. I have lost my wife Kago and I don't know if I will survive it although Maria is offering to give me one million, I'm shock that she still want to give me money after everything I did but if I can have her back and everything is back to normal then I will be made for life. I miss my family Kago... I'm not sure if I'm making any sense. My anger is that you have opportunity to convince Maria but you didn't. you really disappointed me..."

Kago looked him straight in the eyes and said 

"You really have the gut to walk back to my house after everything. Please leave and don't come back here next time or you won't like what I will do..."

Kago walked back inside and shut the door in Jerome's face.

Two weeks later, Maria was set to travel back.

Jerome had moved out with the money Maria gave him.

Maria intend staying in abroad permanently with her daughter and will come back if need be. She had handed the company to capable hands and will be controlling things from where she is based.

She later flew out of the country and all her properties were leased out. 

Jerome try to move on with his life but there is no day that passes by he does not regret his mistakes.

He still pray for some sort of miracle but he was not sure if his prayer will ever be answered.

From hero to zero that was how fast his life degenerated.

Kago got married and live happily with his wife.

He helped Jerome secure a good job and they became great friends again untill Jerome started making advances at Kago's pretty wife.

Kago cut him out entirely.

 With no wife, no daughter and no friend, he became sad and lonely.

Jerome, from then onward made up his mind to become a better version of himself by living a straight forward life and hoping he will see his wife and daughter someday but he wants to work very hard so that whenever they happen to see him again they will be proud of his achievement and the man he has become.

He repented totally, surrendering to God. He tried to live a straight forward life as he looked forward to becoming a better version of himself.


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