Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 24

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 24
Episode 24

***Day Five In The Forest***

The four maidens have gone deep in the forest, and at that time obiageli have gained a little strength and have started walking on her own, but she now have one hand, so as they were going, they were quiet, after walking for so long, they stopped

Amuche : Ah... am very hungry and thirsty 

Ifeoma : me too am very hungry and also thirsty as well, please obiageli! Do you still have water there with you, please give me am very thirsty

Obiageli : I don't have any water with me, my water has finish, and am thirsty too

Ifeoma : I regretted why I embark on this journey, if I had known that it will be as tough as this I wouldn't have embark it, and now is too late to turn back

Obiageli : (sad tone) even me too I regretted why I came, just look at me, I came to this forest with a complete body and now I will go home with one hand, am I talking of going home with one hand, if only we will survive this deadly journey

Chika : we will survive it, only if we follow 

Okakamuo's instructions, anyway let's go I think we are almost getting there, where the mystery crown is

Amuche : (Angry tone) which one is let's go, am telling you that am hungry and you are here talking another thing, see if you are not hungry, me am hungry

Chika : Amuche! You think you are the only one that is hungry here, me too am hungry, but there's nothing we can d........ ( She haven't finish her statement, when something from up fell down and it was a ripe mango, so the maidens looked up and saw that they have been standing under a mango tree, immediately Amuche rushed and pick the mango that fell down)

Amuche : (smiling) so we have been standing under a mango tree without knowing, is like the gods know that am are hungry, that is why he allowed this ripe mango to fall, so that I can eat it

Ifeoma : I will climb up the tree to know if there's another ripe mango there (she said and climb the tree, lo and behold there was a lot of ripe mangoes)

Chika : please ifeoma be throwing it down for us, we too are hungry (she said and ifeoma started throwing mango for them, and the maidens were picking it and putting inside their kaaki bag, after ifeoma finished plugging the ripe mangos, she came down from the trees, although she have eaten enough on the tree before she came down, meanwhile chika and obiageli haven't eating their own yet, apart from Amuche and ifeoma who had eaten enough)

Amuche : Chika! Won't you and obiageli eat your mango?

Chika : Ah... Me that will eat mine now, don't you know that am hungry (she took one of her mango and smell it first)

Ifeoma : (smiling) so you want to smell it first before you eat, mango that is very sweet

Amuche : very very sweet I really enjoyed my own

Chika : Hmmm.... This one the both of you said that the mango is sweet, I will eat it to confirm if is sweet as you both said

Obiageli : me I will eat mine too......
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