Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 25

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 25
Episode 25
Obiageli : me I will eat mine too to confir.... (She haven't finish talking when Amuche screamed)
Amuche : (in pains) Ahhhh my stomach, my stomach, Ahhhh.....
Chika : (chuckle) Amuche! You have started that your prank again, do you think that you can scare us this time aroun....... ( She haven't finish her statement, when all of a sudden ifeoma also screamed)
Ifeoma : (also in pain) my stomach! Chika! Obiageli!! my stomach!! Ahhhh... Please you people should help me
Chika : hmmm... So the two of you both plan it this time around right, that was what Amuche did the other time, and now she have started again, and you ifeoma want to join her, see you people can not scared me
Obiageli : (smiling) I know the both of you want to scare us, but you will not get us this time around, chika don't mind them, let's eat our mango
Amuche : please you people should not eat that mango, am serious, am dying here, stomach (as she was still screaming, all of a sudden she fell down and likewise ifeoma)
Chika : please the both of you should stop this, if is a joke
Ifeoma : please you people should believe us, we are not joking, Ahhh.... My stomach! My stomach!! I can't breath very well, I can't breat..( she haven't finish talking when she fell down and started vomiting blood, obiageli and chika's heart skipped)
Obiageli : chika is like they are serious ooo... we have to help them
Chika : Amuche! Ifeoma!! Please you people should not do this to us, what exactly is the problem? (She asked with fear)
Amuche : I think the mango we ate is a bad mango (she said with a fainting tone, immediately chika and obiageli throw their mangoes away, although they haven't eaten theirs)
Obiageli : (with almost tears) please Amuche and ifeoma don't do this to us, we really need you both, please don't leave us
Ifeoma : (fainting tone) am sorry that this have to happen to me all because of my stubbornness, you both will continue your journey without me, because I don't think that I will make it, and also I wish you and chika good luck on your journey, and please be careful and don't make the same mistake that I and Amuche did, just heed to Okakamuo's instructions for your own good, and please I want you to do something for me
Chika : (with tears) and what is it that you want us to do for you?
Ifeoma : Help me to tell my father that I couldn't fulfill my promise to him by bringing the mystery crown, tell him that am very very sorry and also he should stay strong (she said and after that she died, not too long Amuche also died as well, while chika and obiageli cried bitterly for them, after that they left that place sadly)


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