Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 29

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 29
Episode 29
And finally she got to ekeama kingdom with the mystery crown, immediately she got to the village tiredly, uremma was the first person that saw her

Uremma : (surprisedly) chika you are back, you are back, people of ekeama you people should come ooo.... Chika is back (she screamed and in no time many of the villagers all came and surround chika, some were very happy to see her with the mystery crown, while some began to ask her of the other maidens that went to the forest with her)

Mama tochi : (looking around) chika! Where is my daughter tochi, why is she not with you, or have she gone home?

Chika : (sadly) No mama! She didn't come with me

Mama tochi : what do you mean that she didn't come with you, I hope is not what am thinking

Chika : Am sorry mama to tell you this, but tochi didn't make it

Mama tochi : (in disbelief) you must be joking, chika! Where is my daughter?

Chika: Am sorry mama, your daughter tochi died in the forest (she said and mama tochi fell on the ground crying and rolling herself)

Uremma : Chika! if tochi is dead, what about the others?

Chika : (Almost in tears) they died as well

Uremma : No I don't want to believe this, ok what about ifeoma?

Chika : Am sorry, but she died as well

Uremma : Ahhhh.....No no no.... Mazi Nwakor must hear this (she said and ran instantly to inform elder Nwakor)
****In The Palace****
Meanwhile the elders were all in the palace having meeting

Elder odogwu : is been six days now that our maidens went to the forest, and yet we haven't heard or seen them and we have ask Okakamuo about them to know if they are fine and to know when they will return with the mystery crown, but Okakamuo refused to tell us, saying that their coming back lies in their hands, at least he supposed to tell us if they are fine or not

Elder okoli : Am really worried about this maidens, not to talk of their parents of how they will feel

Elder Nwakor : (in a worried tone) my only concern here is my daughter ifeoma, I don't know her condition in the forest, I just wish that she will return

Elder otunno : I think the best thing to do is to go back to Okakamuo's shri....... (He haven't finish his statement, when uremma rushed in)

Uremma : (panting) my elders I greet you, chika is back
Elder odogwu : (confusedly) chika is back? Or you mean the maidens are back?

Uremma : Noooo..... Is only chika that came back, mazi Nwakor! Chika told me that your daughter ifeoma died in the forest, and even the others died as well 

Elder Nwakor : you are not serious, that is a big lie, my daughter ifeoma is very much alive, so I don't know where you heard that from (he said in disbelief)

Uremma : Mazi Nwakor! Am serious ooo, chika told me that your daughter ifeoma died like a chicken in the forest, chai.....

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