Story: HIDDEN MOTIVES Episode 4

Story: HIDDEN MOTIVES Episode 4 


Episode 4


He was on a video call with his wife that morning.

"... I miss you honey, Jasmine is adapting so well with everything here. She's asleep right now, she would have love to speak to you. One of the big issues here is the weather, is mostly cold and just last week our room heater went bad but the landlord has gotten it fixed . I can't wait to be done with my program and come home. Is very tough J, but is just a matter of little time and I will be home to you..."

"Take your time, there's no rush honey" Jerome replied his wife 

"You don't seem to miss us, your tone of voice, attitude is confusing me J. What's going on..."

"Nothing, I really miss you and Jasmine. I wish I can see you both right now. Everyday I wake up, I wish you are right here beside me. I told my friend Kago the other day that I wish I can close my eyes and see my wife and daughter. I miss you much. I'm just trying to cope through every day without your presence..." Jerome said defensively.

"That your friend Kago, he doesn't want to marry? Hope he's not trying to drag you into his kind of single lifestyle? I don't really fancy his person, he looks like a womanizer. But I trust you with my full chest honey. Please, my aunt is having some personal challenge, she will be in the office by Monday. I asked her to come to you for some money. The company is doing very well at the moment that's why I really want to help her. Please, give her something tangible, she was kind to my family after my Mom's dismiss..." Maria said pleadingly 

"Honey, the company maybe doing fine but not so fine. You advised me to reinvest the profit we made from last year and I did exactly that. I understand she's like a family to you but I'm sincerely telling you this is a wrong timing because there's no money to help anyone at the moment. I have to keep the company running you know that..."

Maria insisted that he should try and help her aunt.

Jerome had no choice than to agree to do so.

The following Monday, Jerome invited Lucinda to his office

They sat together talking

"I know you said you don't really need the stipend but you are doing good in your given duty, it may not be much but is something. So, here is a little gift in an envelope for you Lucy..."

She was grinning as she collected the heavy envelope from him "I love it when you call me Lucy instead of Lucinda. It's sweet to hear when is coming from you. Thanks for not really little. You are begining to spoil me with so many monetary gifts. I could have prefer a car or private jet this time, but I will..."

Jerome interrupted her

"Do you want a car of your own...I can get that arranged, what I can't get you is a private jet. What kind of car do you want..."? 

"No... no I was only kidding. Is totally fine Je. Just joking around. I'm grateful for everything already..." Lucinda said.

"I insist, I want to get you a car... anyone of your choice Lucy. I want to do it..."

"What will I tell Silaz, What kind of story will I tell him concerning the car. I was really joking please. My husband will get me my own car whenever he wants. After my car was bashed and damaged last year August, Silaz promised to buy another for me and he will. I don't want him to start suspecting anything..."

"He won't suspect Lucy, trust me. I really want to be the one to buy you the car not him..." Jerome said. He tried to kiss her but suddenly they heard a foot sound coming towards Jerome's office and quickly straightened.

They adjusted their selves and sat opposite each other in an office manner.

A knock came and it was one of the staff, the receptionist wanting to see the boss.

"Excuse me sir, there's a woman waiting at the reception. He said he's your inlaw..."

Jerome interrupted the lady with a wave of hand

Lucinda who was sitting, looked at Jerome and said "inlaw..? 

Jerome made a funny face as if he does not know what the receptionist was talking about.

",Tell the person to wait at the meeting room, I'm coming to see who you're referring to as my in-law..."

After the receptionist left, Jerome said. "The person had probably lied just to see me because that's the only explanation to all this. Which inlaw when I'm not married yet. Please, stay back here and wait for me, let me go and check the person...I will be right back.

Lucinda agreed with a smile as Jerome left.

After attending to the woman who happens to be his wife's aunt, he returned back to his office and lied that it was an old staff coming to beg for money and she had to lie just to get to him.

The following day, Maria wasn't happy. She called her husband and asked him why he gave such a ridiculous amount to her aunt even after explaining her current situation to him.

Jerome in his defense said he already told her that there is no money in the company to start sharing to family and friends yet but once everything is stable he will top up.

After two weeks passed, Jerome surprised Lucinda with a brand new expensive car.

She was shocked at the huge gift. She hugged Jerome and when they were alone in the office they shared a passionate kiss.

Jerome and Lucinda started planning on how to break the news to Silaz without him suspecting anything.

They thought of a way until they finally come to a conclusion.

Lucinda, knowing who her husband is, only hoped that he will buy into the cooked up story and not suspect anything between him and Jerome.

To be continued

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