DVS Mindz - Niggaz Lyrics

DVS Mindz - Niggaz Lyrics

 {Verse 1: Str8Jakkett }
(Nigga who is you?)
I’m on the creek nigga
Gonna sneak niggas
About to catch you sleep nigga
(Nigga who is you?)
I’m a snap out nigga
A black out nigga
A smack mouth nigga
Because you niggas
Say fuck stew niggas
I’m quick to cuss you niggas
So fuck you niggas
Plus you niggas
Think we soft niggas
So violence is my first and final thought niggas

Showboat niggas
Slowpoke niggas
I’m no joke nigga
I’m from nocoast nigga
I’m a gun toke nigga
I’m one broke nigga
A child support nigga
While in court nigga
I’ll abort niggas
I’m a dirty dick nigga
Multiple personalities multiply us into thirty sick niggas
I don’t like blunts nigga
I don’t like punk niggas
I stay drunk nigga
Ready to punt niggas
I’m a 40 ounce nigga
Cause I like beer nigga
I’m gonna fuck the street let’s do it right here nigga

Solid type weird nigga
You’ll be runnin’ from nigga
Shut the fuck up and understand where I’m coming from nigga
A top city nigga
Hit your block with 50 niggas
Them no love niggas
Them close club niggas
Stop being a strange nigga
And find your sac nigga
Let em hang nigga
Behind the back nigga
I’ll crush that nigga
Out of hate nigga
You bow to fake nigga
Out of state nigga
Show respect nigga
Ready to fight these niggas
Give a Fuck if your black ass don’t like me nigga

You got something to prove nigga
What you wanna do nigga
You wanna move nigga
You don’t want me punching you nigga
Make no mistake nigga
My show meet state niggas
And Killa Klan just gonna do away with only fake niggas

Cause only a few niggas
Really some true niggas
Which one are you nigga
What you gonna do nigga

{Verse 2: D.O.P.E. }
(Nigga Who is you?)
I’m a straight thug nigga
At the club nigga
Show no love nigga
(Nigga Who is you?)
I smack more hoes nigga
Two days in a row rocking the same clothes 

I’m a nocoast nigga
A no joke nigga
Don’t act like you don’t know nigga
It’s Dope nigga
A lone nigga
A million dollar broke nigga
Bacardi dark as Sprite I don’t smoke nigga
But I choke nigga
Black your mouths nigga
Up neck nigga red acting wild nigga
A hostile nigga
I take your style nigga
A X to extraterrestrial ex foul nigga
Widen your smile nigga
Like you’re my pal nigga
I’m unsigned so I gotta go these extra miles nigga
But I give a fuck nigga
We can buck nigga
Guns I take your funds now you out of luck nigga
Cause I’m a street nigga
Must complete nigga
Creep nigga
Sneak up on you with a nine ain’t no jeep nigga
I flash the heat nigga
Ain’t nothing sweet nigga
Give me the watch, the bracelet, the stash under the seat nigga
Now you scrub nigga
Looking stuck nigga
I told you the last few bars I give a fuck nigga
Cause I’m a devious nigga
I’m mischievous nigga
I put my dick on the track you better believe in this nigga
So stop dissin’ nigga
And just listen nigga
Or some old cats will find your ass when their gone fishing nigga
Cause you a fool nigga
Wanna be in my crew nigga
With Damian, Barry, Dewan and Stew nigga
But you a whack nigga
Never be fat nigga
Always robbin’ always wanna blaze the sack nigga
Kicking crack nigga
As a matter of fact nigga
Ain’t nothing true you can’t end your raps nigga
Like smokin’ blunts and carrying a nine nigga
We ain’t fuckin’ with my nigga
How you get signed nigga

{verse 3: DL}
(Nigga who is you?)
I’m a I.S.P. nigga
Parolee nigga
They don’t know me nigga
(Nigga who is you?)
I’m a hellhole nigga
Man is anybody fuckin’ with us? Hell nah nigga
I’m a Tom Poe nigga
Bunch of bomb blow nigga
Full gown Indian from Nakaho nigga
They flocking no nigga
Keep it poppin’ though nigga
Automatic shine call it mobbin’ glow nigga
The bud makes me wiser nigga
You’re fired nigga
Now that the Midwest is up in here the livest niggas

Don’t even try it nigga
We’re watchin’ nigga
We’ll start a riot nigga
Start sparking niggas
Put the hit out nigga
Make you a milk carton nigga
Tie you up you’ll have nothing to lose like martin nigga
Y’all some shit startin’ niggas
Play the part niggas
When DVS show up on they dick right of the start niggas
I mean some lame ass niggas
Scared to bang ass niggas
One of them I lay down my gang ass niggas
I’m eleven third nigga
Fuck your word nigga
Show me the bread the rest is for the birds nigga
I’m a closet full of heat nigga
Don’t compete nigga
I’m defeat nigga
Make your head leek nigga

{Verse 4: Killa The Hun}
(Nigga who is you?)
That no fame nigga
That no name nigga
Still getting’ brains nigga
(Nigga who is you?)
That one rap nigga
That blaze a sack nigga
Gone of the gat nigga
Where the mic nigga
I heard you tight nigga
I blow the mic nigga
Then throw the mic nigga
On no night nigga
So how you figure nigga
Cause you bigger nigga
I fill bigger niggas
With slugs and shit nigga
Sticks and bricks nigga
I see you nigga
You can be there too nigga
You drive by niggas
I’m a walk by nigga
Pull the AR-one five nigga
And watch you die nigga
Then kick your crops nigga
With full force nigga
On your porch nigga
Then smoke a port nigga
Cause you provoke niggas
I choke hold niggas
And punk bow niggas
In front of they hoes nigga
That wild flow nigga
Your style’s old nigga
I’m rockin’ shows nigga
With out of control niggas
If you the realest nigga
I’m the illest nigga
Killa the Hun nigga
I kill for fun nigga
Like oxen nigga
A infrared nigga
Who wanna rump I bombaclot niggas
I’m Midwest nigga
So fuck the rest nigga
A rhyming muthafucka straight out of Kansas nigga

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