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This whore!!!. She dares get pregnant and try to lay it on me.

What did you expect from the girl who made you lose everything, my subconsciousness whispered as my fist tightened in rage.

The memories of years past popped up in my head as I stared at the innocent pale face in front of me. Who would ever believe such a girl was a heartless whore.

No, I must not compromise, that ba'tard would never come into this household.

"What's the problem, son? ", My mom's voice jolted me out of my thoughts.

She came to stand beside me worried.

"She's pregnant and I'm not responsible ", I breathed angrily.

How could she be so cheap? How could she be the d'vil's mistress behind those angelic face of hers?

Mom took a step back as she became pale.

"What are you then waiting for? Use it against her and send her away", She spoke sharply staring into my face.

Yes, she cared about me and was against my marriage to that Wench though my dad supported it, but how can't she see from my point of view.

She's quick in thinking, making her take rash actions.

I let my lips stretch into a smile as I lead her to sit, as she seemed unwell. Maybe the thought of that bch bearing a child in my name.

"We can't send her out, she can destroy our reputation and by the way, I haven't had my full revenge of her", I breathed as my fist tightened.

"Tell me, Romeo, what's her deed for you to marry her for revenge. Just send her away with money and get married to, Vera. Your dad would never object this time",

I stood up walking to the window, with my back facing my mom.

"Her deeds are way to hurtful that I can't let her go, and besides, I already told you, I don't love, Vera",

There was silence as mom didn't speak. I heard her light footstep walking towards me.

"Why? Why don't you love, Vera? ", She asked, her voice curious.

How do I tell her that my heart doesn't beat for Vera? Vera is my best friend, not my girlfriend.

I was about to answer her when the chamber's door was opened as a guard ran towards us.

He left on the floor breathing hard.

"Your Grace, My prince, her royal highness is about to jump off the balcony!!!! ",

What? How dare that wench try to take her own life? Only I have the right!!!!!!



I have to end all this right now. I don't see the reason why I should be alive when the identity of my child's father is unknown.

Was fate repeating itself on me as it happened to my mom? I rather die than let it happen.

What do I tell him or her when ' it'grows up? How do I get the courage to tell 'it' that I was rapped? How would 'it' react?

No, I rather die with it in me, for the only one I cared for has disowned me.

My tears wailed up at the thought of she who understands and trusts me like no other.

I must be unlucky to make her lose face. I was a big disappointment.

I quickly stood up as I faced the balcony. Yes, it would be the best way to end such a miserable life, I thought.

My feet moved on its own as I shut and locked the balcony door from outside.

The harsh breeze blew through me as my hair scattered on my face. My body was weak and feverish.

"I won't let you have such experience, baby. Mom gonna end this ", I cried as my palm rubbed my tummy.

I slowly climbed over and stood on the edge with my hands secured around the balcony railings.

Starring downwards, my heartbeat violently as my head swayed at the distance.

I would surely die if I let my hands-free from these railings. Only then would my baby be grateful that I didn't let it suffer.

Forcing out a dry laugh as I saw guards running to the scene like little ants.

These guards had a much peaceful life than I, who has experienced nothing but sufferings and t©rtures, who doesn't know the father of her own child, and who's only family just disowned.

My fingers gradually started letting off the railings. My heart kept threatening to burst anytime soon as my tears streamed down in big droplets.

" Do you think sui¢ide can clear off your deeds, you foolish woman!!! ", the d'mon's voice crept into my ears.

Ha, I would be free from him at last, Leona.

My lips stretched into a painful smile as I remembered he was my husband.

Husband indeed.

"May women never come across a heartless and brvtal d'mon like you, Romeo!!! ", I screamed.

It felt strange hearing his name from my own mouth.

"Break that door down, now!!!! ", I heard his vicious voice command as loud sounds came from the room inside.

"You don't have to worry, I'm doing you a favor of not having my bIood on your hands! ",

With that I let my fingers slide off the railings. I made a step forward as I slipped.

At last, I thought closing my eyes.

A large palm-held my wrist as I almost fell.

"Only I have the right over your life!!! ", The voice screamed as I flapped my eyes open to see Romeo holding me.

"Just let me go. You want to get rid of me right? ", I fired with tears trying to let myself loose from his grip.

"That's true but you don't deserve a quick de.ath as this. Your de.ath should be slow and painful ".

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