R. C. Randy

My tears came down in big droplets as I remembered my mom. How's she gonna react when she waits till night for me to come home and relax her mind that the interview went well, but never saw me?

She must have reported to the police immediately it was dawn. She must be worried right now.

'What about your phone', my subconsciousness whispered.

I rose up from the floor and ran to the cushion where I kept my bag at my first entry, but it wasn't inside it. I searched everywhere but I couldn't find my files or my phone.

Nature must be working against me.

My mom was my only family. We had no relatives as my maternal grandparents banished my mom from the family when my mom refused to abort me.

With only a suitcase and her life's savings of $50,000, she left America for Korea in search of my dad. She was scammed of her money barely she got to Korea by a man who promised to find my dad.

Recalling all this, I broke down again cho¢king audibly. Why has nature decided to suffer my mom this way? Why?

At that very moment, I heard the living room door open as I wiped my tears and got up. Straightening myself I went into the living room.

I froze on the spot as I beheld a beautiful confusion. The living was what I call 'Triumphant confusion '.

Taking almost half of the wide living room were treasures of silk, velvet, lace, jewels, ornaments of every description of the most costly and valuable kind, traveling dresses, hats, coats -all the innumerable trifles that are considered necessary to a young bride of position and fashion.

They were all scattered about on tables and cushions; five maidens were on their knees, busy packing; guards were running to and fro continually with large boxes.

On a side stood an open casket, velvet-lined, which contained a bride jewel.

The chatter of tongues seems to silence at my entrance.

"Good morning your highness "
"May your highness live long "
"Happy married life your highness ", filled the room like.

"Was all this? ", I asked curiously.

What in God's name was happening?

"This is your wedding gift from The King and Queen, your highness. Other gifts from other people are commanded to be kept in the palace until your coronation, by his royal highness", a maiden spoke.

My head now spined as my eyes went over to the numerous boxes. It was much and come to think of it, I was only a surrogate and I won't live with such d'mon as a husband, never!

"Your highness, you can go catch some rest while we take care of this. I'm Vivian, the head maid of your house ", the maiden said again, and bowed.

This can't be happening right? This must really be a dream. Yes, it must.

"Where would you like your jewel boxes to be kept, Your Highness ", Vivian's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Uhh. Emm. Why bring so many? I shall not want them, I can't possibly wear them. There seems enough for seven women ", I said sincerely, scanning the confusion.

I had never been accustomed to such properties in my entire life. It was truly much. It seemed that an entire mall was brought to me.

"Not pack them, Miss! Oh, we must pack them, now they are here. The Queen ordered you have them all".

"Can I help you then? ", I asked, and walked towards the boxes.

The room became quiet as all the maidens and guards halted on their path. It was like I just spoke treason.

"Oh, no, Miss ", answered the maids in the union, with faint looks of surprise.

"We can manage; We are not at all tired. Please take Her Highness downstairs to have lunch ", Vivian altered as two maidens came to my two sides and lead me downstairs.

Walking out my eyes couldn't help but scan my environment. It seemed to be a demi -palace as it was smaller than the main palace. Though smaller than the main palace, it was bigger than a four-star hotel.

Its interiors were beautiful as almost everything was white. Both the paintings and the rest of the furniture and the C stairway.

My mouth dropped as I saw guards positioned at almost every spot of the building. They bowed as I walked past.

The two maidens lead me to the dining room. The large glass table had almost every food variety. It seemed there was going to be a feast.

"Is there a feast? ", I asked curiously.

"No, your Highness. Here sit", a maiden replied and took out a seat for me.

About eight women in inform came to me immediately with sliver covered plates.

"Your Highness can now have a taste of their foods. Anyone you find fault with leaves immediately "

What? I screamed internally at Vivian's words after the women have tasted their foods.

I tasted them all and approved them. They all looked happy while Vivian had the angry look.

I was already full after tasting those ten dishes, so I drank a glass of milk and Vivian lead me back to the room(s)

The living room was back to its normal look. Going into the bedroom, I found out it was just as I left it. I turned towards Vivian ,surprised.

Where was all those gifts. Maybe the agreed to take it back.

"They are in your private chambers, your Highness ", Vivian said understanding my look.

"Chambers? ", I questioned.

Vivian lead me to the full-size mirror right in front of the bed and lo and behold she pushed it in to reveal a spacious and magnificent room.

I couldn't believe my eyes so I pinched myself and it was painful. How could I ever own such a luxury?

A princess of the blood would have been content with such a trousseau.

After chatting with Vivian for a while, I fell asleep, and in my sleep, I dreamt where the man of last night came again, but the prince caught him this time and beat the h'll out of him.

I woke up in a bright room. Vivian said it was night already. If I hadn't went over to the window myself, I won't have believed, because it was just like daytime in the building.

"Call me, Leona. Stop the Highness of a thing. Its a command ", I told Vivian for the hundredth time.

Gosh, I feel uncomfortable with such people bowing and acknowledging me.

At that very moment, the guard positioned outside my door announced that the prince has a message.

"Your Hughness, your mother... ",

I didn't wait for Vivian to finish before snatching the phone from her.

📱"Mom!!!!! ", My tears streamed down again.

📲" How's it possible, honey. How come? ", mom questioned.

I chocked a sob

📱"I don't know mom. I don't understand ", I cried the more.

📲"Its alright honey. You know crying doesn't befit you, especially now you're 'Her Highness' ", I smiled at her words. "The prince came to me today and tomorrow I will be traveling to Dubai as he said. Hope you're well. They're treating you well right? ",

Her question brought back the earlier scenes as my tears dropped the more.

📱" Absolutely well, mom. Here Rita is calling, I will call you later", I spoke fastly and ended the call when she was about to ask another question.

I'm sorry mom but I can't let you worry.

I dialed Rita line and it went through. She picked on the second ring.

📲"Rita Tan on the. "

📱"Rita is me, Leona ", I spoke not letting her finish her introduction.

📲"Aigiooo. What do I owe this call, your Highness? ", she asked.

📱"Nothing fool. How did the interview go? You didn't ask of me and...", I stopped as a thought flashed through my brain.

📲"It went well and now I'm out of the country.. ",

📱"Rita who told you about 'the Highness 'thing? ", I asked cutting her off.

There was silence from the other end.

📱"Rita? ",

📲" Sorry, I have to go now", she spoke sharply and the line went off.

Rita? How did Rita know about my current situation? And she was the one that gave me the direction I followed!

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