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Rita!!! She was the one all along. The job interview was nothing but a surrogate interview. How could I not have known?

Was she the supposed runaway wife? No that can't be possible. How could Romeo(the prince) know of Rita?

"Your highness, is anything the matter?, you don't look well", Vivian's voice jolted me out of my thoughts.

"Nothing, I'm fine. I will rest now before taking a shower ", I replied stretching my lips into a faint smile.

"Yes, your highness ", she breathed and turned away to leave.

'Ask her', my subconsciousness whispered.

"Em, Vivian", I called as she faced me.

"Yes, your highness ",

"What was the name of the supposed wife of the prince? ", I questioned with apprehension.

Should she mention Rita, what are my to do? Though I prayed it shouldn't be her, I felt a part of me praying her name should be mentioned.

"You should come to me directly, than asking your maid, Wifeeee ", His voice as cold as ever as he stretched the 'Wife'.

With a slight gesture, Vivian left. My heart tightened as i felt to be suffocating though the room was spacious enough of occupy a hundred persons, and the air conditioners were functioning.

He stood there still, hands in his pockets as his eyes watched me with only half- concealed earnestness and fury.

I swallowed into nothing as his presence was taking the breathe away from me. How could someone ever be this cold and brutal.

"Answer me!!!!!! ", his voice jecked me from my thoughts as my body trembled in fear.

It was like the universe stopped on his words.

"I. I. I... I'm sorry.I am indeed sorry. It was a mistake ", I shuttered with my head bowed not daring to look him in those gloomy eyes which spat fire at a moment and the other second, its as cold as an ice.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw him smirk as my heart sank. I have known nothing good comes after that smrik.

"Sorry? I used to hold you in high esteem but today, you once again proved me wrong. You think I'm gonna let you off by saying 'sorry'?, If everything can be settled with the word 'sorry', then why would the law and police exist ?, Any mistakes you make attracts a punishment, as well as this one",

I knew it. Nothing good comes after that evil smrik.

"Do you understand ", he said calmly but it still held threat.

"Yes", I breathed.

He has this way - I cannot just describe it- of making people feel small. I cannot tell how he does it he's never gentle or calm. Its either he's flaming or cold. I don't just understand this d'mon.

"Bring them in! ", his voice raised in command as a guard walked in with three shopping bags.

He dropped it on the cushion and left without waiting for a second.

He walked to the cushion and 'fling', he threw the bags at me. I wasn't on alert so they hit my leg. It was painful though.

"Those are your night wears. You must put them on before I come, every night, starting from now", he ordered sitting on the cushion like a king on his throne ordering his subordinates.

I fell to the ground at that instant and emptied the content of the three bags on the floor. My mouth dropped as I held up the contents.

There on the floor was transparent night gowns of different colors with matching G-$trings with a hole directed at 'that' spot.

How on earth would he want me to wear this? It's not gonna work!!!!.

"What's delaying you? ",

"I can't put on this. You don't expect me to dress like a whore before you, Romeo!!!!!. I am your surrogate wife, for Gods sake!!! ",, I yelled losing my head.

What does he think he is to make me dress in such revealing and $educing nighties. Only a wh're would be comfortable in such disgusting wears.

"A surrogate wife that should heed to her husband. Get into those clothes, right away!! ", he fired with his eyes bIoodshot.

He was angry but I'm not going to dress I'm such, so I stood my ground with courage that I knew not where it came from.

"I won't. Kill me if you want", the words escaped my lips at that instant.

He fell back to the cushion looking relaxed, but there was that 'smirk' on his lips. What have I done.

My legs started to tremble as I looked into his eyes.

"Do you think I'm stupid to kll you? How would you suffer then? Oh, I see, your mother can die in your place. Right? ",

The words alone got my system organized, as I took up a red nightie with it's matching G- $tring to the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, my tears streamed down as I mourned my fate and destiny. Why would fate decide to suffer me in such manner.

I stood in front of the mirror as I viewed myself in the outfit I never imagined myself to ever put on.

"I'm doing this for you, mom", I breathed, wiping my tears before going into the room.

There he was he's ever handsome face staring with an unmiistaken desire. He's stare made me feel nked already.

He walked to me and kssed my ear lobe before whispering :

"You're now my sIut, Leona",

It was strange hearing my him call my name with his mouth, though it gave me an unfamiliar likeness.

My body was already betrayed me as I felt a fire of desire, burning in me. A feeling I hated.

I despise and loath him, why do my body yearn for his kss and touch. Why do I always feel like screaming out that he shouldn't stop until he devours me.

At that time, his finger trailer down to that hole and went in. He pushed me to the cold floor.

Iegs spread out wide, he invaded me right there like I was his prey.

It went almost on for three hours as he invaded me severally, that I became sore down there. I thought I was going to faint when he got of me.

"Di..rty woman", he breathed before walking to the bathroom.

Though weak, my body couldn't take the tiles coldness as I got up painfully and lay on the bed.

My tears came again as I remembered a fortune teller saying that I would get married to a loving husband, who would always stand by me. He said our love life was going to be really heard over the generations.

Ha. The seer lied. This is not in any way the love life he foresaw

Not only was I held captive by a d'mon, I find myself being enticed by him!!!!!.

How long I slept, I couldn't recollect, until I felt a hard push and my body fell painfully to the ground.

"You sleep on the floor, where you deserve ", his cold voice echoed.

The coldness felt like knlves which was continually $tabbing me, as my body shivered in pain..

"It is so cold down here. Please let me sleep on the bed", I pleaded. My voice came out as a whisper as I felt sick inside.

"You can go to the balcony instead "


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